Google will keep you busy for hours! All about the '"I'm Feeling Curious" Fun Facts Feature

Google always cherishes to amaze us with brilliant out-of-the-box creative ideas. When we are still learning new features, Google will introduce us to something more ingenious to ensure the users keep entertained and line up with imaginative ideas. One such addition to Google’s creative box is “I’m feeling curious.”

The Google function — “I’m feeling curious” allows users to learn fascinating facts when they need to pass their time or need some knowledgeable entertainment. When the users type “I’m feeling curious” in the Google search column, the feature is developed to show results of some random facts under the categories — random facts, interesting facts, cool facts, and Google tricks.

The feature “I’m feeling curious” can even make the non-curious people caught in the curiosity web thing what next? And keep clicking on the “ask another question” big blue button.

The Beginning

The beginning of Google can be traced back to 1996, when Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two PhD students at Stanford University, began working on a research project that aimed to improve the way information is searched and organized on the internet. They developed a search engine called “Backrub,” which used a new algorithm called PageRank to rank web pages based on the number and quality of links pointing to them.

In 1998, the two students decided to turn their research project into a business, and they renamed the search engine “Google,” a play on the word “googol,” which is a mathematical term for the number represented by 1 followed by 100 zeroes. They also moved their operations to a garage in Menlo Park, California and started Google Inc.

Google officially launched its search engine in September 1998, and it quickly gained popularity due to its relevance and ease of use. The company has since expanded to offer a wide range of services, including email, online storage, and productivity tools, and has become one of the most widely used and well-known companies in the world.

To make a fun fact on Google, you can use the Google search engine to look for interesting and unusual information on a variety of topics. You can also use Google’s “Did you know” feature, which provides random fun facts when you search for certain keywords or phrases. Additionally, you can use Google to search for websites or blogs that specialize in fun facts, or you can create your own fun facts by doing research and using your own creativity.

It is developed with machine learning and artificial intelligence; the algorithm collects the facts from various websites and attaches the link along with answers, allowing the “I’m feeling curious” users to know more.

Some I’m feeling curious questions:

  • How are fishes still able to breathe when they are out of the water?
  • How long does it take for a person to read all the information posted on the internet?
  • How are some women able to give birth to octuplets?

Some other I’m feeling curious questions that randomly you will get and comes in handy when you need them, like:

  • What food can you not give to your pets?
  • How to deep clean your washing machine?
  • How to avoid car skids during winter and monsoon?

What are Google fun facts?

I’m feeling curious topics are endless. The user keeps clicking on the following questions and learns more. I’m feeling curious allows people to study broad subjects and gives them new perspectives every time they learn something new. Well, curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat; sometimes, curiosity makes the cat smarter.

  • ‘I’m feeling curious’ is for inquisitive people

Humans are born with curiosity, and it is a natural habit that one can find in a child, keep searching, and want to know everything. Kids have a high level of curiosity until they grow into adults, and somehow the curiosity is lost due to numerous things.

However, curiosity keeps knocking on the door whenever they wish to come out from their routine to try something different like eating new dishes or learning skating or when caught in an emergency, and many more. Therefore, it is critical to be curious as the human mind has an inbuilt curiosity.

How do I get Google to give me a random fact?

You can ask your phone directly with the voice function, or you can type “I’m feeling curious” into the Google search bar, and Google will display the answer.

Here are six reasons why ‘I’m feeling curious’ is for inquisitive people:

  1. Curious people always listen to others carefully without judging them

One of the finest qualities of curious people is that they never judge anyone, no matter what. They always listen to their problems and ensure they feel safe. I’m feeling curious helps to uncover certain connections and allows people to feel secure. Curious people value the life of other people; thus, they tend to offer advice, keep a check on them, show empathy and care about their feelings.

When you are curious about what happened to other people, you become more understanding of things around you. You will be able to talk to any stranger and find a deeper connection.

  1. Curious people are always keeping themselves entertained.

I’m feeling curious about everything happening around me.

Curious people always know how to keep themselves busy and entertained all the time; no matter what circumstances they are in, they keep finding something that adds to their interests. Procrastinating is never a part of a curious person’s life. They keep learning through books, videos, magazines, listening to podcasts, designing strategies, etc.

I’m feeling curious; Google’s function is to make curious people more entertained and keep their curiosity at a high point. Curious people’s satisfaction level lies in gaining more knowledge.

Curious people are self-disciplined and always motivated, and their minds are constantly searching for something; thus, they put their cent percent into what they do.

all about the new google feature im feeling curious

  1. Curious people are full of ideas

Humans become more resourceful when they are curious. They tend to ask questions until they are satisfied with the outcome. Curious people are full of how, why, when, where, and what questions and they avoid questions with one-word answers — yes or no. Detailed questions build openness and make it easy to understand the reason.

Curious people never feel threatened to ask questions. Therefore, the more questions curious people ask, each answer leads them to another discovery, and hence their minds are full of ideas that help them solve problems.

  1. Curious people are always focused on one thing

Curious people are great listeners, and observers and always focus on one thing. They do not prefer to multitask. If they are watching TedX talk, they probably won’t answer anyone’s call as it will distract them from gaining perspective from what they are watching. For curious people thinking about two opposite things affects their concentration.

Curious people know well how to stay in the moment. Though multitasking has been getting more value and popularity in today’s time, it keeps you jumping from one thing to another and creates unnecessary distractions. In addition, multitasking could lead to a delay in work, or even if you complete the work on time, you might not have the complete information on how you did it.

  1. Curious people love to experiment with various things

There is beauty in the unknown and in trying out new things. Curious people love to try different things and the outcome might surprise them as well. In addition, each new thing allows curious people to think and question in another way by putting everything they know.

For instance, experimenting with a new drink by combining different ingredients to create something innovative — Butter Beer, by putting ingredients — caramelized sugar, apple cider vinegar, vanilla essence, heavy cream, and soda water.

Curious people admire surprises; hence, they love to talk with strangers to know their stories, join various classes to connect with people along with learning more, organize fundraising events, and many more. Curious people feel alive when they do something new.

  1. Curious people are never hesitant to admit when they don’t know
    People tend to pretend it until they make it, but curious people are never hesitant to admit it when they don’t understand or are not aware of the things being discussed. So I’m feeling curious to know more and to have better insight into the topic discussed.

Curious people embrace moving forward boldly and keep going until they feel satisfied, while others stop at one level where they feel good and safe. The hunger to know more and never stay in one place is something curious people are always looking forward to.

  • Why is ‘I’m feeling curious’ indispensable?

Humans are profoundly curious about everything, including tiny things like why ants don’t have bones. I’m feeling curious is one of the critical elements that everyone should polish to make the mind stay active and productive. Curious people behave more calmly than non-curious people.

Here are six reasons why ‘I’m feeling curious’ is indispensable:

  • Curiosity developed a survival instinct 

It is human nature to sense fear when something wrong happens. So when you are curious to find a solution to something dreadful, it develops a survival instinct.

With patience and observing little things, curiosity helps you to become conscious of the circumstances. So instead of panicking, I’m feeling curious and encouraging you to do things to save yourself and others.

  • Curiosity boost dopamine

When you are curious about something, it leads to an undiscovered journey. Slowly, you can decode things you are looking for, and it increases the dopamine — the happiness hormone in your body. As a result, you feel a sudden boost of life satisfaction.

  • Curiosity promotes good health

Curiosity to learn about healthcare and medicine leads people to know better about their well-being. Anything happens to you or someone close or stranger; you know what to respond and do in such a situation.

When you are a doctor, the curiosity to know about your patients and listen to their problems unbiasedly helps the patient stay calm and builds a trust level. When you are a personal trainer growing a business, the curiosity to know about your clients, helps you understand them better and build trust.

With hundreds of emotions running around inside the brain, I’m feeling curious makes you do many things that you never thought of. Curiosity makes you happier and helps you to stay positive in life.

  • Curiosity encourages performances

I’m feeling curious journey involving collecting new information, and facts and building new strategies along. Curiosity makes you try to do new things every time, and the result keeps changing while you get better at it. Curiosity desires to transform every idea into something unique and exciting as the mind is filled with extensive ideas.

I’m feeling curious and encouraging people to question every aspect while they explore. It helps them to decide and conclude. They need to know every detail and quickly connect the dots. Therefore, curiosity naturally promotes performance at any level, be it at work or in personal life.

  • Curiosity helps overcome fear

Change is one of the great but sometimes bitter parts of life, and we always have two choices — to resist or accept.

Acceptance is hard. If you accept the things that happen to you and try to change them, it challenges you and pushes you to evolve. I’m feeling curious helps overcome fear in your life by accepting the fact and learning new things.

Being humans, we tend to stick to the habits that offer us a secure environment and comfort. Though resistance is an easy way out, you can continue to stay in your comfort zone and do the same thing for years, avoiding things that challenge or make you afraid.

  • Curiosity nourishes individuals to be self-aware

Curiosity is a fantastic skill that helps you to understand yourself and help you to become a better version of yourself. Though curiosity is in everyone’s mind, some tend to avoid it because they are afraid to know more; what if the result is not in their favor? But, without curiosity, you won’t be able to comprehend what you want or why you want. So, you need to peek inside yourself and be curious to understand things that make you unique.

Curiosity is the only way that nourishes you to be self-aware. To learn things you desire that will help to channel into something extraordinary. Be curious to know what things make you scared and find a solution to overcome them.

  • I’m feeling curious is linked to psychological development

Humans are born curious, and as a kid, we always wanted to know:

  • Why are we not allowed to watch tv more?
  • Why we cannot, we play till night?
  • Why at night there the sky is full of stars and disappears when it’s raining?
  • Where sun hides at night?
  • What is in the kitchen box that is placed on the top shelves?

Many things in a kid’s mind always play like a non-stop movie. So though the elders feel that the kid’s curiosity is silly, they tend to ignore them sometimes, which is how they grow more active.

The psychological development of a toddler till an adult is the most precious one, and when it is nurtured correctly, every kid becomes a genius.

Here are six things to prove that I’m feeling curious is linked to psychological development:

  • Curiosity opens up new possibilities in life

Curiosity is a critical trick for living a happy life. Being curious makes you open up to new and exciting things that lead you in a new direction different from where you are right now. The mind becomes full of ideas and creativity that excite you.

When you have less interest in life, even if the ideas pop up in your mind, you will not be able to transform them into reality because your consciousness is not ready to process them. The curious mind took a plunge deeper to discover stranger things, and it helps to open up new possibilities in your life.

  • Curious people’s minds are sharper than any other individuals

Curiosity has a brilliant capability to make your life better, and if you are not using this power, you are missing the most extraordinary part of your life. There are psychological things connected with I’m feeling curious. Curiosity pushes the mind to do extra work and makes the mind sharper and memory stronger.

Since curious people’s brain keeps thinking and churning out some idea, the mussels will grow stronger with each passing day. There is constantly something that makes curious people busy.

  • Curiosity makes people jacks of all trades and perfects in some

Curiosity leads you to places where lesser people travel and makes you do things that need special skills. I’m feeling curious about how to fix the broken door, how to make equipment to pick up garbage in the ocean without hurting marines, or that you are curious about anything else.

The more you try new things and experiment with different cases, the more you understand something that later makes you jacks of all trades.

As Albert Einstein said, there is no limit to the human capability to do things if they are curious enough about it. Even Albert Einstein doesn’t have any unique talents, I’m feeling curious hit him, and he did wonders.

At some level, curiosity began to develop in you, and while you continue to feel curious about what next? Eventually, you will master that skill — simply because I’m feeling curious.

  • Curious people are good at providing a solution

Curiosity allows people to learn so many things that make them an expert in many fields. In addition, curious people are known to talk to many people to know their stories and care for them. Thus, with time passing, curious people become good at providing solutions. Curiosity brings the best out in them.

Curiosity gives them control to explore their lives and make quick decisions, and with every problem and solution, their curiosity grows more extensive, and they learn more.

  • Curiosity eases anxiety 

Anxiety is a psychological nervousness scenario that you often feel when you are unaware of what will happen next. In such a situation, the brain gets tricked easily, and one can feel panic attacks. However, curious people don’t panic quickly. Instead, when they are caught in such a situation, their minds start thinking about the possibilities of coming out of the problem.

Self-motivation is the essential key factor for curious people as they are always searching for answers and ready to take a road to a strange land. Until you are fueled by curiosity, no fear or anxiety can overshadow your performance, even though it might try to stop you at first.

  • Curious people never get annoyed easily 

We know many people in our life that get annoyed too quickly when we ask them questions or while playing games, etc. Unlike them, curious people are resourceful and love challenges. It is rare that curious people get annoyed because they know what to do in which circumstances and what to say without panicking.

I’m feeling curious is a gift that humans got when they were born, and it is critical to nurture the habit of being curious.

  • How to grow curiosity in life?

Curiosity is all about getting attracted to strange things that seem interesting. Curiosity opens up new ideas and excitement in life. When you are curious about something, your mind begins to think about many things and see things differently. Curiosity boosts brain activity, and we start to observe things more carefully and try to understand the details.

Here are the ultimate six ways to grow curiosity in life:

  • Get connected with curious people 

Curious people are open-minded. When you start hanging out with curious minds, you will slowly adapt to the habit of what they do. Curious people are never getting bored; thus, they keep reading magazines when they wait for a lounge or carrying books with them whenever they travel or listen to podcasts while driving, and many more.

There are curious people everywhere — around you, social media groups, clubs, classes, etc. So when you introduce yourself to a stranger, and they happily add the conversation with you, that’s a sign, they are the curious ones.

  • Start asking questions and try not to leave the conversation or reading in midway

To grow curiosity in life, one needs to ask questions and learn. I’m feeling curious about how elephants can swim in the water. How can some ordinary people sleep for 24 hrs straight without waking up? Where out is taxation money being used? Ask questions; even if it sounds dumb, it makes you conscious of what is exactly happening around you. Listen carefully, and don’t leave the conversation mid-way.

Some individuals with high IQ tend to fail the leadership quality challenge as they are good at absorbing knowledge and delivering talk brilliantly, but not good when asking questions. They are curious but only limited to themselves and fail to realize that asking questions will open up new possibilities.

  • Read psychological thriller books. 

Psychological thriller books have a way to trick your brain into being curious about what will happen next. The stories will play with your mind, and the more you read such books, your subconscious will train to get curious, and slowly you will be practicing in real life.

Thriller books have a way to send people a message and help them to change their mindset and explore the unknown. While reading a thriller, your brain is full of questions, and stress travels down to your veins because the words trick your brain as if it is happening to you.

  • Spend more time with kids — the most curious tiny human

Kids are the most curious humans. The more interested the kid is, the more the kid will discover new things. Each kid expresses their curiosity in various ways as they are not afraid to ask questions or explore the unknown. Spending time with kids allows you to learn how they wonder about their surroundings, food, world, and many more.

  • Visit new places and explore

I’m feeling curious about how people live in the mountains. I’m feeling curious about how fishermen catch fish every day. I’m feeling curious about how people live in minus degrees. I’m feeling curious about how some towns in the world don’t have internet access.

Exploring new places is full of surprises. To be curious, You have to come out of your comfort zone to travel, eat different food than what you have back home, meet strangers, listen to other languages, and many more. Traveling makes non-curious people wonder, and they start asking questions because they want to know. The more you travel to new places, even if it means exploring your neighborhood, the more curiosity will increase.

  • Make changes in your routine

For years you have been following the same routine; hence you know what to do at what time. However, you need to ditch your same way of living and try different routines to develop curiosity.

For instance, if you wake up at 7 am every day and start your day, try to wake up at 5 am. As you start your day at 7, you have 2 hours to think about what you should do in those two hours. Pick anything from walking, running, cooking, baking, yoga, meditation, etc. Then, keep changing the activities every 10 days.

Changes in routine will make you curious about what to do next.

  • ‘I’m feeling curious’ is the natural quality of various species

Curiosity has been engraved in our DNA since we were born. Not only are humans born with it, animals too born with curiosity. Our body reacts when we need food, water, sleep, protection ourselves, and many more. When we are hungry, we search for food. It is the same with the animals; they would do anything to comfort their hunger.

There is no genetic compound present in curiosity. It is one of the sets of behavior that keeps changing every time. I’m feeling curious is a part of life, like how we breathe, eat food, and drink water to stay alive.

  • Curious is a ladder to success 

Success lies in a happy state of mind. If the mind is blocked, filled with worries and anxiety, nothing could work out. So I’m feeling curious is a thrill that makes people cheerful all the time.

What are google commands

Google is popular for several reasons:

  1. Relevance: Google’s search algorithm is highly effective at delivering relevant results to users, making it a go-to source for information on a wide range of topics.

  2. Ease of use: Google’s search interface is simple and easy to use, allowing users to quickly find the information they need.

  3. Wide range of services: Google offers a wide range of services beyond just search, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, and many others, that users can use for various tasks.

  4. Personalization: Google’s search algorithm can personalize results based on the user’s search history, location, and other factors, making the search experience more relevant and useful.

  5. Mobile optimized: Google’s mobile optimization allows users to search and access Google services easily on their smartphones.

  6. Advertising: Google’s advertising platform allows businesses to reach a large audience and target specific demographics, making it an attractive option for businesses.

  7. Trusted brand: Google has built a strong reputation as a reliable and trustworthy source of information over the years, which has helped to increase its popularity.

All these factors together make Google one of the most popular and widely used services on the internet.

Here are five reasons why I’m feeling curious is the ladder to success:

  1. Curious people value their relationships

Various things happen in our lives every minute, personally and professionally. We tend to fight with our family and friends because we are scared to open up with them. We keep our distance from them as scared to be vulnerable.

Curious people are blessed with a fantastic quality of deep understanding. They understand every situation, analyze every point, and no matter what, they never leave any relationship as they value them. Instead of leaving them alone when asked, they know how to take care of them without frightening them.

  1. Curious people generate more ideas in a short time

As curious people are constantly thinking about something every time, their brains have trained to think faster. Curious people are even good at mathematics as they know the trick of how to calculate with their eyes open.

With years of experimenting, learning, reading, and listening to numerous things, curious people cultivated the habit of generating more ideas in a short time. While you are still thinking about which other color will go with the amber color design, curious people might have already implemented it.

  1. Curious people are emotional and stronger 

To explore their curiosity, curious people tend to plunge deep into emotional journeys. But, of course, things cannot be the same every time, and the more curious person learns about it, they decode another thing, and the cycle keeps going until they finally found the answer.

The journey makes curious people stronger. This is because they have answers for everything; thus, it helps them to make things better.

  1. Curious people are sheer of happiness 

Research has stated that curious people are sheer happiness as being curious helps the mind stay engaged. The person gets satisfied when they finally get the answers, which eases anxiety, and stable the blood pressure level. As a result, the body releases the dopamine hormone (called the happiness hormone).

Being curious is a tool that links to opening the mind and allowing the person to experiment and explore different possibilities. The desire to search for the unknown can be terrifying at first, but slowly, it creates happy things in life when you get answers and know the stories behind them.

  1. Curious people are always excited to face challenges in their life

Curious people are thrill-seeking personalities who will do anything to experience new things, even if it means risking their financial, personal, or social risks. Starting a new business is different from what they are doing, trying new adventure sports, experimenting with various new ingredients of food or drinks, adding something new to their routine, and many more.

Curious people are masterminds who do discover and develop new things. If you look back in history, the items used now — the computer, the camera, the telephone, equipment, and many more are invented by curious mind people.

  • Nicéphore Niépce invented photography in 1826
  • In 1851, by using a drum, James King invented the washing machine
  • Thomas Alva Edison invented sound recording, the light bulb, motion the picture camera, and many more.

Curious minds people are always ready to take up challenges, and in the pursuit of experiments, they invent amazing things.

Google always try to include more functionality in their software and websites. The google fun facts and I’m feeling curious are just one of the few things they implemented.

You can try to ask google directly with those questions with the voice functionality;

  • “Ok Google, Tell Me a Joke”
  • “Ok Google, Do the Dishes”
  • “Hey Google, Self-Destruct”
  • “Ok Google, Do You Have an Imagination?”
  • “Hey, Google, What’s Your Shoe Size?”
  • “Ok Google, How Do You Like Your Steak?”
  • “Ok, Google, What Do You Think of Alexa?”
  • “Ok Google, Is Santa Claus Real?”

Do you know fun facts?

  • A group of flamingos is called a “flamboyance.”
  • A cockroach can live for several weeks without its head.
  • The shortest war in history was between Britain and Zanzibar on August 27, 1896. Zanzibar surrendered after just 38 minutes.
  • The world’s oldest piece of chewing gum is over 9,000 years old.
  • A small child could swim through the veins of a blue whale.

Here’s a weird fact for you: The world’s oldest recorded dream was about a 7,000-year-old farmer who dreamed about making beer. The dream was recorded on a Sumerian tablet in ancient Mesopotamia.

Another weird fact is that the world’s largest snowflake on record was 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick, and it fell in Montana in 1887.


The average number of questions a kid asks in five minutes is 10–12, while it is the number of questions an adult asks in 15 days. Kids are full of curiosity. They wanted to know about what they wear, why the color shade is different, what food they are having, and many more.

Curiosity is an eagerness to figure out things, discover, experiment, and explore. But, unfortunately, as we step into adulthood, our curiosity dries up. Thus, Google invented the function I’m feeling curious to ensure everyone feeds their brain with some knowledge and lights up their curiosity to learn more as curiosity does transform lives.

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