Features and Applications of BOPET Films

BOPET film can be aluminized by vaporizing a thin film of metallic elements onto it to bring down its permeability and create it reflective and unintelligible. These attributes are essential in a lot of applications, letting in flexible food packaging and thermic insulation.  Due to its rich mechanistic strength, polyester film/PET film is frequently utilized in tape coatings, specified as the bearer for magnetic tape or backing up for pressure-sensitive adhesive materials.

Non-oriented PET tack can be thermoformed to create packaging trays and bubble packs. If crystallizable BOPET is utilized, the trays can be utilized for fixed dinners since they hold up both freezing and oven baking hot temperatures. Contrary to formless BOPET, which is thin, crystallizable PET or CPET turns black.

When occupied with glass molecules or fibres, BOPET becomes importantly more besotted and more long-lasting. BOPET is as well utilized as a substratum in thin-film photovoltaic cells.

BOPET (Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate) film has fantabulous active properties and is utilized for a wide variety of products. BOPET is a fantabulous water and moisture barrier stuff, creating it widely utilized in plastic bottles for beverages. BOPET film act as the second-largest section (by volume) in the biaxially oriented film market. BOPET is utilized as apparent, co-extruded, or quite often eligible coated, treated, clear-cut, pigmented, or dull film in:

  • Packaging
  • Highly developed and exceptional applications
  • Electrical
  • Picturing
  • Decoration

Features and Applications of BOPET Films:

BOPET film is utilized successfully in an extensive range of applications due to its fantabulous combination of visual, physical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical attributes, as well as its unusual versatility.

  • Optically bright, crystallized appearance
  • Uncomparable mechanical strength and formidability
  • Superior insulator properties
  • Adequate flatness and coefficient of friction (COF)
  • Tear-resistant and puncture-resistant features
  • Extensive range of thicknesses-as lean as 1 micrometer up to 350 micrometer
  • Fantabulous multidimensional stability over an extensive range of temperatures
  • Excellent resistivity to most common solutions, moisture, oil, and lubricating oil
  • Fantabulous barrier against a full range of gases


  1. Packaging Material:

BOPET’s attraction for packaging coatings is its thermic stability; chemical resistivity; oxygen and water barrier (with superficial layer); lucidity; drinkability; beneficial adhesion for applications, inks, and alloys; and its saleability. The material is perfect for little pouches, chapeaux, peel able seals, microwavable food boxing, metalized advanced barrier packaging, tin lamination, tags, gift wrapping, and holographic packaging.

  1. Industrial:

BOPET is used as a glass protective covering layer, sheet metal tribute, coherent tapes and films, sheets, thermic insulation, emergency covers, X-ray films, and optical and collapsible solar filters in the industry. BOPET has advanced thermal and multidimensional moisture stability, wide light transmittance, high tensile strength, and chemical resistivity.

  1. Electrical:

Because of its multidimensional constancy, advanced insulator constant, and coefficient of detrition, BOPET film (either by itself or laminated with different stuff) is perfect for a lot of electrical coatings specified as electrical condensers, motor insulating material, wire and cable barriers, conductor wrapping, insulating material for solar arrays, operative layers in LCDs, loudspeaker system diaphragms, and base stuff for flexible PCBs.

  1. Graphic Design:

The fantabulous optical and surface attributes, non-aging characters, and extended shelf life create BOPET the favourite material for coatings specified as decorative panels, backlights, roll signals, microfilms, drawing/reprographics, plots and drafting’s, map over layers, and laminates.

  1. Decoration:

Due to its clarity, transparency, and thermic constancy, BOPET is utilized for ornamentation or numbering on materials, papers and plastics through active stamping and thermo transfer procedures. BOPET is as well used for metalized and coated ornamental yarns and confetti.

Transparent Corona Treated:

‘The corona treated coat allows excellent adherence to printer’s inks and laminating adhesive materials. Coverings have a direct observation of the PET surface. It is proposed for common packaging coverings.

Transparent Chemical Treated:

– Copolymer application

– Acrylic application

– Special application for Hot Filling Applications

These are transparent biaxially oriented polyester (BOPET) films with a single side with chemicals surfaced to give fantabulous adhesion to the full range of inks and lamination adhesive materials. It has a high and sound wetting tension stage for extended periods due to chemical application.

BOPET film has enabled a lot of facets of our modern-day life by offering vital functionality to end marketplaces specified as consumer electronics, automotive, green energy, and medical examination devices, to name but some. All the same, far and away, the most considerable use of BOPET film is rigid packaging structures wherever the specific set of attributes have enabled it to get the backbone that superior MLP (multi-layer fictile) structures are built up around. BOPET films are implausibly resource-effective and punch above their weight unit in the stretched packaging market. Though BOPET films only look for between 5-10% of the gross volume by weighting, the pct of packaging structures that trust on BOPET films’ specific set of attributes is a far higher pct with up to 25 pct of packs utilizing BOPET as a non-critical component.

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