7 Best-Selling Watches from Top Designers and Brands

Us women do things differently. We make sure that we deliver the tasks that we need to do, but not in how most people do. We make sure that we do things in an organized and pleasant manner. This is the reason we are picky about all the things that we use, even when choosing watches. It is not enough that it tells time—it needs to also look stylish and suitable for our lifestyle.

For the successful, cosmopolitan woman, we deserve nothing but the best. This is why we also deserve the best watches which usually come from the most renowned luxury brands in the industry. If you are thinking of getting one for yourself, we might offer some help. Here are some of the most popular ladies’ watches from the best brands:

1. every time Leather Strap Watch from Tissot

According to Elle, this charming leather strap watch makes it one of the best ladies’ watches in 2020. Upon seeing the watch itself, we no longer asked why. The every time Leather Strap Watch from Tissot is the perfect watch for every woman who is professional yet also wants to have fun once in a while. It is perfect for the career woman who balances work and party. This timepiece has a black leather strap with gold lugs and a white dial. It has black Roman numerals on it.

2. Oyster Perpetual Datejust from Rolex

For A-listers, Rolex has always been their choice. More than its durability and its accuracy, Rolex has been the favorite luxury watch of many because of its prestige. Anyone stops in their tracks upon seeing a Rolex and just holds the wearer in high regard. For ladies, the favorite is the Lady Datejust, particularly its patented Everose gold. Rolex can also catch up even with the most extreme activities you do because its metals and finishes never tarnish.

3. Boyfriend Skeleton Watch from Chanel

When it comes to high fashion for women, no one can ever overlook this French brand. More than shoes, clothes, and accessories, Chanel is also well-regarded for its luxury watches. Compared to other high fashion brands, Chanel is just one of the few who manufactures their watches in-house. Their work is quite admirable, especially when you have seen the Boyfriend Skeleton Watch. This unique watch offers a sexy, industrial feel because you can see the inner engineering of the watch.

4. Santos Dumont de Cartier from Cartier

Aside from Chanel, another French brand makes it one of the best when we talk about watches. Cartier has also been famous ever since because of its world-class jewelry. Celebrities and personalities are seen wearing fine jewelry from this house. When we talk about watches, Cartier is also up for the game, as it has already produced many iconic watches, like the Tank watch. With the Santos Dumont de Cartier, you can truly rock your next business proposal and black-tie event. 

5. Reverso Duetto from Jaeger Le-Coultre

Jaeger Le-Coultre has also been one of the most well-regarded brands for luxury watches. It was even the first to offer watch collections for women. If you are into Art Deco, Jaeger Le-Coultre is the right watch for you. Watches from this house are also quite comfortable and light. What made people fall in love, particularly with the Reverso Duetto watch from Jaeger Le-Coultre is its androgynous design. On the one side, it shows a sleeker design perfect for going to the office. On the other side shows a second watch face that looks also like jewelry.

6. Serpenti from Bvlgari

You will never miss this brand when we talk about Italian luxury watches. Bvlgari has made its name big in the fashion industry because of its jewelry, irresistible fragrances, and stylish leather goods. Of course, this Italian brand would not lag when we talk about watches. In fact, it was the first to release the Serpenti collection, which was worn by the iconic Elizabeth Taylor. These watches are those that have twisting straps around the wrist. Wearing a Bvlgari watch will make you look sexier and sophisticated at the same time.

7. The Wallace Watch Gold by Vivienne Westwood

If you are into eccentric designs, this British brand might be your next favorite. It offers bold patterns and fine fabrics which you can also see on their watches. Vivienne Westwood has timepieces with fabric-like designs on its watches’ dials, like the Wallace Watch.

Choose the best for you

Now that you know some of the best watches for ladies, it is now up to you to choose the best one that radiates the real you. There are a lot more watches that you can find in reliable stores. You can check it out and find a variety of watch designs, from sporty and funky ones to elegant and sophisticated ones.

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