Organise your Home Desk for Best Productivity with these 15 Super-Easy Tips

When you are busy with your 9 to 5 office job from your home, the real hustle is cleaning your home desk. But, a clutter-free office desk lets you concentrate more on your job. That’s why you should keep your home desk organised and clean to minimising stress due to mess.

Cleaning and organising your desk might not be your favourite thing. Yet, it can be fun and creative with the right ideas and approaches. Trust us; an organised desk would appear more welcoming and motivate you to get your things done. Here’s how you can start organising your home desk for the smart moves.

1.   Clean your Desk

Thought of improving productivity will barely work if you leave the desk dirty. That’s why you should start with cleaning your desk. As per the cleaning experts of Handyman Dubai, you should clean both the desk and the electronics that you use for your daily work schedule. For example, you have to clean your computer, mobile devices, printers, and everything that you use.

Begin with unloading everything off from your desk. Keep all your papers aside, and we’ll come to them later. Use a permitted cleaning solution to spray over your desk and mop it with a microfiber cloth. Utilise paper towels and electronics-cleaning solutions to carefully clean them. Now, you can load those electronics on the desk.

2.   Less is More

Yes, we do believe in the Zen philosophy and think minimalism is the new trend. You can easily assume that the fewer things you accumulate on your home desk, the less you get confused. In other words, keep as minimal accessories or electronics as you can on your desk.

What should you keep at your desk? If you’re an IT professional, then your computer along with dual screens, additional accessories, other mobile devices, paper pads, pens, and important paper works. Basically, it depends on your profession what you want to keep. Whatever you choose, just make it simple.

3.   Use Wall for Shelving

We are pretty sure that your desk is resting on a nearby wall. If you think that your desk is getting over-occupied, then you can keep all your requirements on the shelves. Now, where would the shelves come from? You have to build floating shelves on the wall. And, it won’t take an entire day.

All you need are pieces of shelves, a hammer, a few nails, and a measurement tape. Measure the length of the shelves to know where you have to fix nails for hanging them. Make sure that your floating shelves are strong enough to hold the items that you’re going to place on it. You can store your folder holders, books, magazines, craftworks, and other essentials based on your job profile.

4.   Make Space for a Calendar

We hope that you haven’t filled the entire wall and have some space left on it. Now, handling office work and completing them before deadlines are really important. To make sure that you do not miss deadlines or significant events, you can use a wall calendar.

We know that Google Calendar or similar applications help you to organise things for you. Still, drafting all your schedules right before your eyes would keep you way more focused. You can just hang any calendar, or you can just DIY one with frames. Use erasable ink to register your plans or use sticky notes to keep track of your upcoming episodes.

5.   Back to Paper Action

Papers can easily take control of your home desk if you indulge in doing that. It would be better if you start manipulating them according to your priorities. Take your time and sit with all the paperwork that you have recovered while cleaning the desk. Well, as a warning, this can stretch for hours. Now, have some patience and go through every paper you’ve got.

Generally, we have three options for your papers. You can either preserve them in a file. Otherwise, you have to take immediate action against them. There might be some papers that might be telling you that your premium filling date is near or it’s due. The last action you have to take is to toss those useless pieces of paper into the dustbin. We know that can be hard. If it’s getting harder, take a digital scan of your paper.

6.   Place a Paper Holder

When you’re still stuck with pieces of paper, then you can try this trick. If you want to mitigate all those scattered papers, you can try this tip. And, all you need is a paper holder. Control lingering papers around your desk and insert them inside the paper holder.

Go for any chic paper holder or drawer that can manage the bulk of the paper. Keep the aesthetics in your mind as this is all about home desk organisation. And, anything off the track won’t give the feel.

7.   Maintain Space for Personal Things

You might be looking for spaces where you can keep your personal belongings such as mobile phones, keys, or anything else. Those are necessary, and you can’t get up from the chair every time to get them. You have to keep them handy at least during your working hours.

However, mobile phones can distract you from your job, and you don’t want to stretch your office hours. So, you can use the drawer of your desk and keep your phone there. It will be better if you keep your phone silent. And, it would improve your working experience, too.

8.   Colour your Filing System

Well, not literally. But, you can use a colour-coded system for your desk. It will help you out in distinguishing different papers and files. Additionally, you can label those folders. For instance, you can use the red file system for your medical records.

Similarly, utilise a green folder for keeping track of financial files. If you have to store anything personal, use a purple one. Use yellow for insurances and blue for housings. Well, such colour selections can be altered as per your preference. The main agenda is to organise your file system and nothing else.

9.    Place the Keyboard on a Tray

If you’re not using a laptop or using a secondary keyboard with your laptop, then the accessory is consuming space. Do you want that space to be free? We have read your mind and come with an impeccable solution. No matter how many displays you’re using currently, you might have to cope up with that keyboard right now.

All the latest desks curated for the home office come with a dedicated tray for the keyboard. You can use it by placing your keyboard on it. Make sure that the connection should be stable between your computer and keyboard. If your home desk lacks one, then you can hire a carpenter and build yourself one with a tray for your keyboard. It’s handy and will save you space.

10.    Create the Aesthetics around your Office Desk

We are not trying to make you go junk-ish. But, you can create beauty for your day-to-day job schedule with some intuitive design ideas. There must be something that you fancy or cherish. Place them with love and care on your desk or the shelves, where you can manifest them daily.

In addition, don’t forget to mitigate the unwanted clutter from your workspace. Rather, customise the working corner with your favourite piece of art, your comfies, and whatever soothes your mind. Honestly speaking, a little bit of lush greenery would complement your workspace.

11.    Have you Decided on the Printing Site?

Whatever printer you’re using for your personal or professional use is definitely bigger than your laptop. If you consider the electronics to be kept on the desk, then it consumes a lot of space. And, you might get confused, whether you can make space for other essentials for your office or not.

We have a perfect solution for this — What you can do is to make a dedicated space for your printer and associated accessories. If you want to reduce the clutter to its minimum, then you should try wireless printing techniques. Or else the cable jam will drive you puzzled. Place the printer and everything related to printing inside a cabinet. And, that can be easily crafted under your existing home desk.

12.    Coordinate your Laptop or Desktop

Enjoying your beautiful home desk? Hold on, have you checked on the status of your computer? If your desktop is messy with files and applications that you merely use, then it can give you an adrenaline rush. Obviously, you don’t want that. Hence, it’s time, and you should keep all the distractions away from your way and concentrate on what you’ve actually to do.

Sort out those stray folders on your desktop and put folders in the right place to get the best out of your computer. Don’t overload a particular disk, or it would take time to show up your file. It will be of no use if your PC slows down after you organise your computer. Do this clean-up process once or twice a week and keep everything under your control.

13.    Focus on a Single Task at a Time

Well, we are slightly drifting apart from the core desk organising ideas. But, we think that this trick will assist you in keeping you focussed. When you stay concentrated on what you’re doing it will lead to creating less mess on your desk. Multitasking might be your speciality, but it increases the chances of your failure.

Don’t take risks in achieving those important tasks. Get one task at a time and resolve that first. Put everything else away from your desk when you are devoted to that particular task.

14.    Utilise Clear Containers

Let us guess — your home desk has drawers, and you are throwing items in those drawers like a dustbin. Later, you‘ll face the issue while looking for anything particular in the drawer. And, if you think organising them empty-handed will do the job, then you’re misguided. Everything will pile up soon enough, and you’re simply wasting your time and energy.

Instead of working hard, let’s make a smart move. Get a clear and small container in which your accessories and essentials will fit easily. Use a single container for a specific essential type. For instance, make room for all your pens in a container and pencils in another. Keep your USBs and micro SDs separate by using different containers. No doubt, this simple trick will keep your stress away from the very next time when you’ll need anything out of your drawer.

15.   Get Rid of Wires

Don’t tell us that you are tripping over those cables every time you are about to move around your desk. If the situation is this bad, then it’s time to do something. To curb the clutter of cables, the first step that you can take is to go wireless. Whether you’re using an additional mouse or keyboard for extra precaution and precision, convert them into wireless equipment.

However, the main dilemma with cables and wires starts with the power connections. When you have plugged your laptop, printer, tablets, smartphones, and every gadget into the power ports, you can get caught in confusion about which plug to pull off. So, label every power cable with sticky notes or anything similar. And, you need not worry about your laptop or printer blowing off during the workflow.

Finally, Pursue Regular Cleaning……

When you are all set with these home desk organisation tips, you’ll receive an uninterrupted work schedule. Keep your home desk free from clutter by maintaining a cleaning regime every week. Use a microfiber cloth to sweep away dust and dirt from your desk. Do the same for your essentials and gadgets.

In addition, throw away those papers and broken essentials to keep the nuisance away. And, the last tip that we want to mention is not to go beyond the limits. Anything beyond the limits is not good, and the same applies to the organisation. Do whatever suits your work culture and enough to retain your peace of mind.

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