All You Need To Know About Dabbing

There are different ways you can consume cannabis, and each method comes with its set of tools. The cannabis industry is evolving, and new ways of consuming and enjoying cannabis are also emerging. Today we will discuss the popular method known as dabbing.

Dabbing is a popular method of consuming cannabis, and with its popularity, different tools and products have emerged over the years. If you are new to dabbing and trying to wrap your head around the whole idea of dabbing, keep reading as we explore dabbing in detail.

Dabbing is a method of consuming concentrated cannabis, also known as “dabs,” “dabbing,” or “butane hash oil (BHO).” Dabs are made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant using a solvent, typically butane.

The resulting product is a highly potent, concentrated substance that is heated and inhaled through a device called a “dab rig.” Dabbing has become a popular method of consuming cannabis, but it is also known to be dangerous due to the risk of fire or explosion associated with the use of butane.

Additionally, it is important to be aware that dabbing can lead to a higher risk of overconsumption, as the effects of dabs can be much more intense than those of traditional cannabis products.

What are dabs in the cannabis world?

Dabbing involves heating concentrates that are usually referred to as dabs. Dabs are concentrated doses of cannabis made by extracting CBD and THC from carbon dioxide and butane, resulting in a sticky wax-like substance. Depending on their consistency, the dabs go by different names such as wax, hash oil, budder, shatter, kief, honeycomb, amber, live resin, etc.

There are also newer methods of extraction where that don’t use solvents. They use distillates that isolate only THC while removing terpenes and cannabinoids to create an even more potent product.

The dabs are consumed differently, not like smoking. Smoking dabs as a way of cannabis consumption has been there for way longer than most people think, but advanced methods of extraction are what have boosted dabbing into popularity.

What do you expect from dabbing?

Dabbing is smoking cannabis through a glass pipe or babbler. Dabbing for the first time can be intense, scary, and exhilarating. Dabbing is different from smoking because it’s more intense, and the high hits instantly with a small dose of wax as opposed to smoking a joint. While you can get high with flowers only, it will take you much longer than if you opted to take a dab instead.

Dabbing feels like you have sped up the smoking process, and you get high much faster. Instead of slowly working your way to a certain level of high, dabs will get you there immediately. The tiniest amount of dab will get you more intoxicated than a bunch of flower extracts.

Dabbing doesn’t feel any different high than when consuming cannabis in other ways. The effect of your dab will depend on the THC concentration in your dab.

The difference between smoking and dabbing

Comparing the two, smoking nugs of flowers and dabbing concentrates, dabbing gets you high much faster. Dabs can have up to 80% or 90% of THC levels, making them more potent. The highest dose of THC you can get from a flower is around 34%. This means taking a dab and comparing it to taking a puff will yield many different results.

For example, imagine getting more from a tablespoon than a bowl of the same substance. That’s what dabbing is compared to smoking. Another thing is when you dab, you inhale a cleaner and smoother vapor compared to smoking weed.

The difference between vaping and dabbing

Most people would confuse vaping with dabbing though they are similar, they have a slight difference. The main difference between dabbing and vaping is the temperatures at which each one is smoked. With vaping, the concentrate is heated until it vaporizes, then the vapor is inhaled while dabbing the concentrate is heated to a smoke point.

Another major difference between vaping and smoking is the tools used for each process. Vaping requires a cartridge or pod to hold your concentrate, which is then heated then you can inhale the vapor. On the other hand, dabbing requires a dab rig, a torch, and nails, where you heat the nail that heats the concentrate, then you inhale the vapors from the heated concentrate. Though now, e-nails in the market rule out the use of a torch for heat. When connected to power, the e-nails heat up and burn the concentrate.

When the two methods are compared, dabbing gives a more intensified high than vaping. With vaping, you get a subtle high. The best part about using either of the two is that they are better than smoking.

What are the perceived dangers of dabbing?

Dabbing can be dangerous, not the smoking part but the extraction of the concentrates. With the growing popularity of dabbing concentrates, people with no experience try to make their concentrates, which can be a dangerous affair if you are not familiar with all the chemicals.

Even if the extraction process goes well, there is no way you can determine the quality and purity of the product. Using dirty oil may have contaminants or excess remnants of solvents that could prove dangerous to your health if you consume such. Ensure you are buying dabs from a genuine manufacturer to maintain your safety and health.

You may also ask if you can overdose from dabbing. Most concentrates have a certain percentage of THC, and when you consume more than your tolerance, the results may be uncomfortable and overly intense for you.

While you can never die or have a severe effect from too much dabbing, it’s safer if you are a newbie to dabbing to start with a lower dosage until you can build your tolerance. Besides, dabbing is supposed to be fun not to leave you sick with regrets.

If done safely with clean and genuine products, dabbing can have its benefits. For example, other than for recreational purposes, some people use cannabis concentrates to relieve pain and aches in their bodies. Products manufactured and lab-tested will provide you with a product that’s easy on your lungs, thus eliminating unwanted solvents or materials, making dabbing better than smoking.

Lastly, there is still no conclusive research about the effects of dabbing. We cannot fully say there is any effect or danger with dabbing, as with any other recreation activity; taking caution and using products the right way will put you at a safer standpoint.

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