Top 6 Cooking Items You Should Have in Your Kitchen

Cooking is one of the challenging chores you have to fulfill, especially when living independently. So just like technology, new and innovative kitchen and cooking appliances are available in the market to make cooking less of a burden. High-quality cookware can be expensive, but it will surely be worth the price. 

Since the pandemic started, many people have been more conscious of health and food consumption. Thanks to the online community, countless healthy recipes can be recreated at home, even if you are not an experienced cook. Your cooking appliances should be high quality if you want to execute delicious meals. You have to know the best stock pot, frying pan, etc. Continue reading below because you just might need these types of cookware. 

  1. Conveniently Prepare Your Yummy Broth or Soup with a Stock Pot 

Since eating delicious and healthy food is a priority in a good lifestyle, people are constantly finding ways to taste flavorful dishes without artificial flavorings and spices. Making a broth, stock, or soup is one of the easiest and most healthy dishes you can prepare. It releases the meats and vegetables’ flavor and nutrients. 

The stockpot is one of the most commonly used cookware for years now. This item is used for making flavorful and delicious stocks or broth. Its tall, wide cylindrical shape is the perfect size to fill your desired meat, vegetable, herbs, and spices, and of course, water to boil the perfect broth or stock. Many stockpots available in the market today are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is a good investment after moving to a new home. So why not purchase around 1-2 stock pots for your kitchen today? 

  1. Make Your Meats Extra Soft and Flavorful with a Pressure Cooker

Pork and beef are some of the most savory and flavorful meats. That is why multiple recipes from different cuisines utilize them many times. They are easy to work with and suit almost any sauce, herb, and spice. These meats are also a good combination of different vegetables. 

Tough meats are uncomfortable to eat. Every meat dish should melt in your mouth to give a satisfying food experience. So you must purchase a pressure cooker. This cookware allows the slow processing of softening meats by using pressure. Nobody wants to eat tough meat, so cookware manufacturers nowadays produce the best quality pressure cookers for every household to use. Some also have temperature regulators to help control the heat inside. A pressure cooker also helps release all the meat flavors from the flesh and bone. 

  1. Cook Quick Meals by Using a Non-stick Pan

One of the easiest ways to prepare meals is frying because anyone, even kids can do so. Ingredients cooked in most frying pans tend to stick when the pan is not hot enough. Fortunately, cookware manufacturers decided to switch and create a non-stick frying pan. 

This cookware is made by mixing chemicals, safe for human consumption to prevent any food from sticking. You do not have to wait a while for your pan to heat up, and you can even put your ingredients cold. The non-stick pan is perfect for those who do not have plenty of time to cook and prepare their meals. 

  1. Contribute a Little Bit on Saving the Environment with an Induction Stove

Most households have been cooking through a gas stove for years now. Unfortunately, LPG gas tanks are prone to leaks, fires, explosions, and can be harmful to the environment. 

But thanks to innovative technology nowadays, many people are switching to an induction stove, which is less harsh to the environment compared to the gas stove. This kitchen appliance is electricity-powered, and it is safer as long as it is away from electrical conductors like liquids. 

The induction cooker takes quite a while to figure out its setting compared to a gas stove, but you will surely get your money’s worth. Take note that induction cookers do not work on all cookware, so you have to purchase induction-friendly frying pans and pots. 

  1. Cut Your Ingredients to the Perfect Size and Consistency with a Food Processor

When you are starting with your home cooking, recipes get more complicated. They would demand more ingredients. Some will make you do a mise en place or food prep before cooking. Many recipes require crushing ingredients to coarse or fine pieces to fulfill a meal. Doing it with a kitchen knife is tiring and will take forever. It might even result in uneven pieces. Using a blender will be convenient, but it won’t give you the best result since it caters more to drinks. 

Purchasing a food processor is one of the best kitchen appliances to use for crushing your ingredients, and it will only take a few minutes or seconds even. Most electric-powered food processors usually have settings to choose from. Remember to be cautious when using these kitchen appliances with sharp blades involved. Make sure to close the lid properly as well.

  1. Drain Water From Your Food Thoroughly with a Colander

A colander is one of the cheapest and easy-to-use kitchen appliances that you must have. It is for draining any excess water from your food like pasta noodles. This aluminum-made kitchenware is deep for extra space, and with holes for draining. It is also perfect when you are rinsing your food items such as vegetables, meats, and poultry. The colander will indeed make your meal preparation faster and easier. 

Final Thoughts

Cooking food will always be a part of our daily lives. It may be easy for most people, but for some, it is a challenging task to do. But learning basic cooking skills will surely give you an edge and a head start to healthier mental health and lifestyle. Fortunately, modern technology brings us these amazing and easy-use cookware to lessen the hassle of prepping meals every day. If you do not have that many meals to prepare, you can visit for easy recipes and high-quality kitchen items. 


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