The Most Popular Indian Recipes

We have made for you the top recipes from India.

Those dishes are really popular in their country and we would like to share with you all the benefits of this amazing food only found in India.

Since many times, India has been really popular for their food and special dish. They cook like nobody else in the world. We will try to share their secret recipes only found there.

Let’s begin with theses:

Popular Indian Recipes

meat chili, tasty indian recipe

Indian Chili: Keema

Indian Chili: Keema Recipe Keema or ‘mutton keema’ is quite popular in India since centuries. It is yet another dish

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kebab meat

Lamb Kebab

Lamb Kebab Recipe Kebabs are a delicacy which are loved by people all around the globe. A number of ‘kebabs’

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indian food recipes

Chicken Tikka Masala Traditional

Chicken Tikka Masala Traditional Recipe This version of chicken tikka masala is more traditional than the other we have. It’s

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indian chicken recipe

Pickle-Style Chicken (Achaari Murg)

Pickle-Style Chicken Recipe (Achaari Murg) A great recipe directly from the northern part of India. This Achaari Murg is rich

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tasty indian recipes, indian chicken

Badami Murgh Korma (Indian Chicken Korma)

Badami Murgh Korma (Indian Chicken Korma) This tender chicken recipe comes directly from the northern part of India. It’s cooked

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Indian Tandoori Chicken Punjabi

Indian Tandoori Chicken Punjabi

Indian Tandoori Chicken Punjabi A great chicken dish prepared with chicken and yogurt with spices. Directly from Punjab kitchen, this

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Murgh Makhani, Indian Butter Chicken)

Murgh Makhani Recipe (Indian Butter Chicken)

Murgh Makhani Recipe – Tasty Indian Butter Chicken One of my favorite version of butter chicken, made in India. It’s

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naan bread, indian flatbread naan

Leavened Indian Flatbread (Naan Bread)

Leavened Indian Flatbread (Naan Bread) This recipe of Indian flatbread goes well with almost everything! Quick and easy to do,

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Spicy Laal Maas , Red Meat Curry Rajasthani

Spicy Laal Maas (Red Meat Curry Rajasthani)

Spicy Laal Maas (Red Meat Curry Rajasthani) Another great meat curry recipe directly from Rajasthan in India. Most of the

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Rava Upma Peanuts & Cashews

Rava Upma with Peanuts and Cashews This breakfast Rava Upma with peanuts and cashews is amazing! With one bite of

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uppumava recipe, indian food recipes,

UPMA Recipe ( uppumavu or uppitittu )

UPMA Recipe (uppumavu & uppititu) One of the most famous breakfasts in India. This recipe made with semolina is really

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flatbread recipe potato stuffing

Indian Potato Bread Aloo Parathas Brata

Indian Potato Flatbread Aloo Parathas Brata This tasty recipe of Aloo Paratha is a potato stuffed flatbread that is a

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The cooker from India is unique in their kind, they keep teaching to new cook all the secrets of the Indian food.

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