What’s my IP address?

What’s my IP address?

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What’s an IP address?

Your IP address is a unique number on the internet, without it, you would not be able to send or receive any information through the network system. It’s like your home address for internet access (both way).

There’s some way to hide or protect your IP address. Let’s give an example that you want to access a website from china but since there’s the great firewall of china (it blocks hundreds of websites outside China).

Without a VPN (Virtual private network) you would not be able to access those websites(Facebook, Google, Bing and many more). This is why sometimes they use a VPN. There’s some way to have free Virtual Private Network but with most of them, you will need to spend some dollars on those programs.

We make sure that we are not sharing this information with anybody, your information is completely safe with us.

As of now, two versions of IP addresses are in use: IP Version 4 (IPv4) and IP Version 6 (IPv6). Both these versions are tasked with the same responsibility: to uniquely identify any device connected to the Internet, based on its location.

You can’t go online without an IP address allocated to your device (computer, iPhone, android, firestick, Apple TV or any other hardware that connect to the internet)

To utilize the web, every single associated gadget must have an IP address. An IP address permits two devices. The sender and beneficiary of web interchanges; to discover and trade data with one another.

The setup is like genuine location frameworks. For instance, if you somehow happened to buy into a magazine, the magazine merchant (the sender) would require your location to send you (the beneficiary) your duplicates. Without your location, the merchants wouldn’t realize where to send the magazine.

The equivalent applies to the web. Without an IP address, two devices would not have the option to discover and trade data with one another.

Does IP Address show your exact physical location?

By taking a gander at your IP address, one can get a general thought of your geological area, yet they won’t probably precisely pinpoint the area of your home.

Remember that most ISP (Internet Services Provider) occasionally change their customer’s IP addresses. That implies the IP address you are utilizing today probably won’t be a similar one you get tomorrow. Some companies reset the costumer IP when they unplug or reset their modem. 

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What your IP address can uncover about you?

Your IP address uncovers some beautiful inside and out data about your area:



State or Province

ZIP or Postal code

The sites you visit can accumulate significantly more data about you. By consolidating your IP address with other data gathered from metadata, treats, trackers, and program fingerprinting strategies, site proprietors, advertisers, and publicists can fabricate a significant intensive profile about you. This is why recently Facebook had a problem with the United States about privacy problems.

Change your IP address with a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

You can utilize a VPN to fool sites into feeling that you originate from an alternate geographic area. This technique is really popular in China because of the government firewall. People from china can’t access to websites like Facebook or Google, like many other websites.

At INeedMedic.com we use PureVPN and prescribe their support of our guests. PureVPN is quick, dependable, and moderate. Their security highlights are first class in the VPN business and they are top-notch.

They give a twofold VPN that encodes your data and information twice. Security is critical to PureVPN and they ensure your IP, have a severe no logs approach, DNS spill insurance and the sky is the limit from there. You can associate with PureVPN on the entirety of your gadgets including cell phones. Associate up to 6 gadgets (device) without a moment’s delay.

Client administration is accessible nonstop. PureVPN is exceptionally simple to utilize and setup. Using a VPN can sometimes slow down the internet speed because it adds a new relay for each package transfer.

This is why it is better to choose a server close to you as much as possible. Cyberghost VPN is another option that I really like to use, it is free for the basic options.

Weakness of programs

Luckily, each room/program is to some degree independent and doesn’t have interfacing ways to different “rooms” in your PC. In this way, regardless of whether a programmer gets your IP address, sneaks into your port through the enormous secondary passage and gets into your program, that is the extent that they can go.

Is there an approach to obstruct the entryway? Indeed. That is the place a firewall and VPN comes into the image. It basically squares gatecrasher movement from overcoming the ports, making it safer.

If you want more information about IP, networks or anything else related to technology or come ask on our forums. 

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