The winter season in the city that never sleeps is a great time to explore NYC and its neighborhoods. While New York is one of the best places to visit all year round, it’s particularly special during winter, when the city is adorned with a layer of snow and ice.

During the colder months, you can expect to find New Yorkers out and about more than you would during the summer. The following are amongst the finest winter activities in New York.

New York City transforms into a winter wonderland during the colder months, offering a plethora of activities that showcase the city’s charm and vibrancy. From festive holiday markets to iconic landmarks adorned with twinkling lights, the winter season in the Big Apple is a magical experience. This essay explores the diverse and enchanting array of things to do in New York during winter, providing a glimpse into the city’s unique charm as it embraces the chill in the air.

No matter what month it is, New York City knows how to keep the noisiest of towns entertained. From sipping winter cocktails at pop-up bars abroad to staying warm by fireplaces in tiny tea shops, this town knows how to keep things interesting. During the coldest season, there are still plenty of ways to keep warm.

One of the quintessential winter experiences in New York is a visit to Rockefeller Center. As the temperature drops, the iconic Rockefeller Christmas Tree takes center stage, adorned with thousands of sparkling lights. The surrounding area comes alive with holiday cheer, featuring the famous ice-skating rink where locals and tourists alike glide gracefully beneath the towering skyscrapers. The festive atmosphere, complete with seasonal decorations and the sound of carolers, makes Rockefeller Center a must-visit destination during the winter months.

Some of the top recommendations for winter pursuits in New York City are here:

City Winery near Rockefeller Center Rents out Private igloos

City Winery is serving up some of its signature wines and locally sourced food at the iconic Rockefeller Center Plaza. For those looking for a unique night out, the first-ever “Open Air Wine Garden” will be open to the public during summer on Thursdays. 

The new pop-up experience will offer a view of the iconic Christmas Tree as well as tables made from reclaimed wood from New York wineries. Guests can reserve one of City Winery’s iconic, private igloos for a special event, 3 hours in either the morning or afternoon. Reservations are recommended, however, walk-in customers may be accommodated with a first, first-served approach across both pop-up spaces.

NYC Winter Markets

Escape the cold this winter with some holiday cheer. Join us at one of the city’s largest holiday markets on the Upper East Side, featuring over 200 of the city’s top merchants. Stroll through five boroughs of handmade goods, enjoy live entertainment, sip hot cocoa, and ice skate on the main floor.

Get ready to shop for gifts made by local artisans on sale for up to 70% off. Candy cane lane is a holiday market for all ages. Boasting some of the best artisans and craftsmen in the city, visitors can expect to find unique treats and gifts for everyone on their list — from soaps and candles to jewelry and more.

Forget about the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. From December to January, you can enjoy communal experiences at Bryant Park, Union Square, Columbus Circle, Madison Square Park, and more.

The Rockaway Hotel

The recently launched specialty store Rockaway Hotel is only a one-minute stroll from the beach. The 84,000 rectangular shape hotel features 53 luxuriously appointed and seven long-stay homes, all with views of all that some Atlantic Ocean and perhaps the beauty of Jamaica Bay.

The Winter Pool House of the Rockaway Hotel offers year-round protection from the elements. This covered, air-conditioned space boasts a retractable roof that can be opened to enjoy warm winter nights without the need for an outside wall. The Winter Pool House will draw many tourists into its ventilated dining area filled with ambiance and inspired by the ideals of tropical paradise.

Their address: Rockaway Beach Drive, Rockaway, Queens (108-10 Rockaway Beach Drive)


Winter pricing starts at $200 per night at this peaceful beachfront hotel.

At JFK, Relax In This Gigantic Rooftop Jacuzzi

TWA Hotel has a whole new way to embrace winter: bring your swimsuit and head to the rooftop infinity pool. To fight the cold, the hotel has turned up the water temperature — and we’re not talking a little bit. It’s now a toasty 95 -degrees -of-Fahrenheit.

TWA Hotel is a great option for those who would rather explore the city’s seasonal attractions instead of going further afield. The hotel’s heated rooftop swimming pool will be open until April 30, and it comes with a spectacular view of the Empire State Building.

The lounge area has been designed to replicate a tropical paradise, with palm trees and a sandy beach-like layout. TWA Hotel has given city-dwellers what they’ve always wanted: a way to achieve an outdoor tropical vacation right in their backyard. You can also order fondue to round off your experience. The warmed infinity-edged pool and terrace are worth a look even from 7 are until p.m. (irrespective of the climate).

Bryant Park Is Indeed an Excellent Skiing Location

Bryant Park isn’t like the rest of Manhattan. It’s a sanctuary of green in the middle of a concrete jungle, and in winter, when its trees are fully adorned with twinkling lights and its grass is blanketed in snow, it’s also a winter wonderland.

This oasis is known for its iconic fountain, which was designed by Jacob Wrey Mould (the work of sculptor Alexander Stirling Calder sits on top), and for providing free public Wi-Fi to visitors. The pop-up park invites everyone from families to hipster millennials to come together for a day of winter activities — from ice skating to shopping.

This 17,000-square-foot skateboarding rink is located in the center of the Winter Village and is open to the public for free. This same rink is accessible from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.

The Skating Pavilion in Bryant Park offers both ice skate rentals and private lessons for beginners through advanced skaters. The Skating Pavilion in Bryant Park also offers an observation deck on the second floor – perfect for those who’d rather stay warm with a good book or board game.

 New York, 42nd Street along 6th Avenue

Fifth Avenue’s Storefront Shopping

If you enjoy the rush and craziness of the winter holidays, then get a kick out of New York City’s Fifth Avenue. Every year, around Thanksgiving to Christmas, more than 7 million twinkling lights are used on the avenue to light up more than 300 blocks. To date, more than 400 window displays are created each year, drawing the attention of tourists and New Yorkers alike.

When the weather gets cold and the Christmas spirit flows, New Yorkers don’t sit at home — they head out to Fifth Avenue to celebrate the holidays. Holiday decorations adorn the city’s biggest attraction — Madison Square Garden — and visitors can be seen at all times of day strolling down Fifth Avenue and looking into the windows of numerous designer stores.

In 2019, Saks Fifth Avenue joined forces with the animators behind Frozen to create an ice-studded window display. Louis Vuitton’s 2019 windows, on the other hand, took over the entire corner of Fifth Avenue, showcasing a collection of colored sculptures and life-size images of the brand’s iconic bags.

Super Bowl

With the Super Bowl in town, there’s no better time to watch a game in a bar. How can you make a good decision? Start with a wide range of viewing options, from intimate lounges to large-screen sports bars.

There are plenty of restaurants that will take you into the stadium with flatscreen TVs and gaming consoles, while others boast live commentary from special guests and ticket giveaways. You can make sure that enjoy your winter season during match dates and events.

Experience the Beauty of the Dyker Heights

The Dyker Heights area of Brooklyn is best known for offering incredible views of the winter season. However, while the rest of NYC twinkles with festive lights, Dyker Heights takes it to another level by lighting up trees, rooftops, fences, utility poles, and even mailboxes with synchronized lights. It’s an awesome sight to behold!

The streets of Dyker Heights are the place to be during the Christmas season. With its annual Christmas tradition, adorned with more than 5 million lights, the neighborhood is amped up with excitement. References to Santas, candy canes, and snowmen are everywhere, making it an extremely festive—and popular—a destination for city-dwellers.

The lights along 6th Avenue in New York City will go up just after Thanksgiving Day. If you’re planning a drive-by visit, the lights can be seen near the corner of East 83rd and East 86th Streets.

Enjoy the Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year — also known as the Spring Festival — is always an occasion for celebration in New York City, when the city’s Chinese community gathers across neighborhoods to pay tribute to their heritage. From the traditional lion dance in Chinatown to vibrant parades in Flushing, dance performances in Brooklyn, and fireworks over the Hudson River, there are many ways to get into the spirit of this meaningful winter holiday.

Nonetheless, Chinatown is one of the most iconic and colorful neighborhoods in Manhattan — and that’s saying something. Filled with iconic sites like the Lion’s Gate Bridge and historic landmarks like the Museum of Chinese in America, it’s a place you won’t want to miss out on. The abundance of restaurants — from hole-in-the-wall joints to internationally acclaimed fine dining experiences — make the neighborhood an absolute paradise for winter foodies.

Take Pleasure in the Winter Jazzfest

Winter Jazzfest is New York’s premiere jazz music festival, which has occurred annually since 2005. This winter, Winter Jazzfest will run from the 15th to the 22nd of January, and will once again occupy The City’s most notable performance venues. And with 7 stages and more than 700 artists, this event is big — but the people at the helm of it are even bigger, bringing a welcoming and warm atmosphere that makes everyone feel like part of a giant party.

Midori has been lighting up NYC with some of the hottest names and rising stars in the music industry since 2005. Though the number of performances has swelled over the years, Winter Jazzfest refuses to compromise on quality — ensuring that audiences enjoy a week of world-class jazz performances from some of the best artists in the industry.

Take a Sip of the Outstanding Hot Chocolate

The perfect cup of hot chocolate is just one ingredient in the recipe for a fantastic winter trip to New York City. In addition to cozy digs complete with a fireplace and a down comforter, New Yorkers use their expert culinary prowess to make the city’s hot chocolate rival any from around the world.

The best NYC hot chocolate can be found in restaurants and bakeries across the city: Little Collins and Milk Bar, for example, serve up some delicious hot chocolate year-round. Within NYC’s five boroughs, you can get hot chocolate with all sorts of toppings, from whipped cream to cinnamon. Be sure to order some fried dough while you’re at it!

Get Ready for Fashion Week

Prepare for Fashion Week by dressing appropriately. With major brands seeking collaborations, Fashion Week is the best time to be a designer. PR firms are begging for an invite to your show, and press agents are falling over themselves trying to get the latest scoop on your new designs. When you’re working on something special, you need to know that your customers will be there with you every step of the way.

New York’s Fashion Week is a spectacle that attracts the industry elite from all over the world. When you have icons like Anna Wintour in your front row, it’s clear why so many people clamor for a spot in the city’s most fashionable week. Be a part of this history!

Every year in the city where fashion started, it honors the future generation by collaborating with the newest designers and technology. The people involved in this event are always pushing the boundaries, focusing on how we can be more creative and ingenious.

There are numerous ways to participate throughout the week. There are events, such as parties and fundraisers, but also panels hosted by big names in the industry and attended by them to discuss current trends and changes we will start to see in the future.

The Indoor Brooklyn Flea Market is a Treasure Hunter’s Paradise.

Every New Yorker and tourist in the New York City area knows that a visit to Brooklyn is not complete without a trip to the Brooklyn Flea. The sprawling flea market offers a plethora of unique, hard-to-find treasures — from vintage clothing and handmade jewelry to collectible toys and one-of-a-kind furniture and decor.

Come winter, shoppers can still browse and barter at indoor vendors, who offer their wares beneath heated tents. The Flea was founded in 2008 as a seasonal outdoor market but now operates year-round under a covered shed at the Navy Yard in Brooklyn to accommodate shoppers who need a little cover from the unpredictable New York weather.

Just a stroll away from the Empire State Building, 220 36th Street is minutes from some subway stations.

For those seeking a touch of European charm, Bryant Park’s Winter Village provides an enchanting escape. The park is transformed into a bustling winter marketplace, offering a delightful array of artisanal crafts, delectable treats, and a charming ice-skating rink. The backdrop of the surrounding skyscrapers and the illuminated New York Public Library creates a picturesque setting that captures the essence of the season.

A winter visit to Central Park unveils a serene and snowy landscape, turning the city’s most famous park into a peaceful retreat. The Bow Bridge, with its elegant design, takes on a new allure as it spans across the partially frozen lake. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy a leisurely stroll through snow-covered paths, creating a serene contrast to the city’s usual hustle and bustle.

For those with a penchant for the arts, the winter season brings a wealth of cultural experiences. Broadway theaters showcase a range of captivating performances, from classic musicals to contemporary plays. The cozy interiors of theaters provide a welcome respite from the winter chill, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the magic of live performances.

New York’s museums also offer a refuge from the cold, with world-renowned institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) showcasing their vast collections. Exploring these cultural treasures becomes a captivating indoor activity, allowing visitors to appreciate art, history, and creativity while staying warm.

As the sun sets, Times Square lights up with its dazzling electronic billboards, creating a spectacle that is even more mesmerizing against the backdrop of a winter night. The energy of this iconic location remains palpable, with the vibrant atmosphere extending into the late hours, making it an ideal destination for those seeking both excitement and the festive spirit of the season.

Broadway shows

Broadway shows are a hallmark of American theater, particularly in New York City, and they represent some of the most iconic and captivating productions in the world. Here are some key aspects and insights into the world of Broadway shows:

Location and Theaters: Broadway refers to the theatrical performances presented in the 41 professional theaters located in the Theater District and Lincoln Center along Broadway in Manhattan, New York City. These theaters are renowned for their historic significance and architectural grandeur.

Diverse Genres: Broadway shows encompass a wide range of genres, including musicals, plays, dramas, comedies, and everything in between. Musicals, with their combination of singing, dancing, and storytelling, are particularly popular and often define the Broadway experience.

Musical Extravaganzas: Musicals dominate Broadway and have produced some of the most celebrated shows in the history of theater. Productions like “Hamilton,” “The Phantom of the Opera,” “Les Misérables,” and “Wicked” have achieved both critical acclaim and commercial success.

Playbill and Cast: Attending a Broadway show involves more than just watching a performance. Playbills, the programs distributed to audience members, provide information about the cast, crew, and the production itself. Broadway casts often include seasoned actors and rising stars, contributing to the allure of the performances.

Tony Awards: The Tony Awards, presented annually by the American Theatre Wing and The Broadway League, recognize outstanding achievements in Broadway productions. Winning a Tony Award is considered a prestigious accolade in the world of theater.

Tickets and Accessibility: Getting tickets to a Broadway show can be a sought-after experience. Tickets are typically available for purchase online, at the theater box office, or through authorized vendors. It’s advisable to plan ahead, especially for popular productions, as tickets can sell out quickly.

Broadway Off-Broadway, and Off-Off-Broadway: Apart from Broadway, there are Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway theaters that showcase smaller, independent, and experimental productions. These venues contribute to the diversity and innovation within the New York theater scene.

Revivals and New Productions: Broadway often sees revivals of classic shows alongside the premiere of new and original productions. Revivals bring timeless stories to new audiences, while new productions showcase the evolving creativity of contemporary playwrights and composers.

Cultural Impact: Broadway shows have a profound cultural impact, influencing popular culture and leaving a lasting imprint on society. Iconic musical numbers, memorable characters, and powerful narratives from Broadway productions often transcend the stage and become integral parts of global entertainment.

Accessibility Beyond NYC: While Broadway is synonymous with New York City, successful productions often embark on national or international tours, allowing audiences worldwide to experience the magic of Broadway.

Attending a Broadway show is not just a theatrical experience; it’s a cultural phenomenon that captures the essence of storytelling, performance art, and the collective joy of live entertainment.

In conclusion, New York City during winter is a magical destination that offers a diverse array of activities to suit every taste. Whether enjoying the festive ambiance of Rockefeller Center, exploring the enchanting Winter Village at Bryant Park, or immersing oneself in the cultural richness of the city’s museums and theaters, the winter season in New York is a time of celebration, reflection, and enchantment. Embracing the chill in the air, the city invites both locals and visitors to experience its unique charm, creating memories that last a lifetime.

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