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As children, we often had dream jobs that dealt with helping people. As we grew older, these dreams usually begin to fade. It seems impossible or unimaginable to have a job that enables us to help people while earning a decent living. However, it is actually very possible to find a job that enables you to earn whilst also helping people. It doesn’t have to be a job directly dealing with community service that allows you to help.

Instead, there are many other meaningful jobs that allow one to assist people in various ways. In this article, we will be talking about these various jobs.

1.    Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists work with people to help to learn or relearn various daily activities. These activities can be simple ones like teaching them to get dressed and or feed themselves. Or they can be more complex, such as teaching to cook, use a computer, or drive.

Occupational Therapists work with a diverse group of people – sick, disabled, and or injured. These individuals require help to learn or relearn daily living skills so that they can be independent and that’s what Occupational Therapists do.

Occupational Therapists require at least a master’s degree and this means that at least six years of a college education is needed. During their education, they would need to study topics like biology, physiology, and psychology.

After graduating with their master’s, they will need to go on and acquire certifications and licensing before they can work. In other words, the process of becoming an occupational therapist is a long and hard one. However, it is a job that pays off well as it is one of the highest-paying healthcare jobs.

This is in addition to the satisfying feeling of being able to help people. As this job involves helping people learn and or relearn skills, it could be tiring and a great amount of patience will be required.

2.    Psychologists

Psychologists are people who help others better understand their mental processes and provide them with coping skills to deal with problems. Psychologists are different from Psychiatrists in that they only deal with mental and emotional issues. They are also unable to prescribe medication. However, psychologists are equally helpful and are able to help many people deal with challenges in their life.

To become a Psychologist, one needs to at least obtain a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. Psychologists can also go on to get a doctorate to further their understanding of their subject.

Aside from their basic degrees, psychologists also need to be licensed in order to work. Psychologists are high in demand in the times of today and they are often paid well. At the same time, they are also able to help people through their training and insight. If you are compassionate, empathetic, and interested in knowing how our minds work, being a psychologist would be the right job for you.

3.    Career Counselor

Career counselors are people who provide advice and evaluations to ensure that one is able to find a job that suits and interests them best. On average, you would find career counselors within schools. However, that is not all where they work.

You can find career counselors in other areas of life too. On a whole, career counselors work to help people find a job that will bring them joy. That is their ultimate goal and it can be said that it is truly the most helpful job. Career counselors will speak to people to find out what they love and what they’re good at. From there, they could also provide testing to determine a person’s aptitude.

Ultimately, they’d then suggest worthy careers for a person.

To be a career counselor, you would need to do a Master’s degree. There is not much growth in this career and the pay is decent but not excellent. Therefore, this job requires one to have a heart for helping people. It is not a job that one does for money.

Instead, it is a job that one does out of the good of their own heart. A good career counselor is one who earnestly desires the best for the people that they advise. It is only when a career counselor has such desires that the job will truly be a fulfilling one.

4.    Emergency Management Directors

An emergency management director is one who coordinates and manages relief efforts and donations in times of disaster. During an emergency, these people will work with the government to provide support to people. They have to assess situations and determine how relief efforts and supplies should be provided.

This would include the distribution and sharing of food, water, tools, and other basic necessities. These are people who rise to the challenge when disaster strikes and it requires analytical and compassionate thinking.

Unlike the previously mentioned jobs, emergency management directors do not need a Master’s degree.

Instead, a Bachelor’s degree is sufficient. This job allows one to help others whilst also being well paid. Emergency management directors are usually employed by the government and the government will often pay for them to receive extra training and education. If you are analytical and calm in crises, this might be the perfect job for you!

5.    Social Service Managers

Social service managers are people who work at the community level to provide services and outreach programs to people. They work with the community to identify areas of need and then they implement programs that could alleviate these areas. These managers analyze, build, and then maintain various programs that bring aid to communities.

To become a social service manager, a bachelor’s degree is enough. However, you would probably need prior experience in a similar field. There is room for growth in this field and the pay is decent. However, it is important that people choose this career out of a desire to do good. Otherwise, it would not be fulfilling or worthwhile.


It is completely possible to find a job that allows you to make a living whilst helping people around you.

There are various jobs that allow you to do such. At the end of the day, however, it is important that the goal of helping people is greater than the goal of earning money. Otherwise, the job will not be a fulfilling one and you will find yourself dissatisfied.


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