How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid in America?

Pregnancy is one of the toughest experiences for a woman. Having to spend 9 months growing a tiny human being while going through a lot of unpleasant and uncomfortable conditions such as nausea, bloating, painful joints, weight gain, extreme mood swings, extreme cravings, and hormonal changes. Nevertheless, despite how chaotic and difficult pregnancy may be, it is one of the most sought after blessings most people can have since most people want to start a family so they try to have kids.

This is why people who are going through pregnancy will do their best to ensure that they are staying healthy, especially the baby, to avoid anpsyy defects and complications once they give birth to their small bundle of joy. Future mothers will be more strict with their diets with the help of their partners, family, relatives, and medical professionals to ensure a smooth and safe pregnancy journey. From the daily visits to the gynaecologist, replacing every possible food that is bad for the mother and baby’s health, to the exercises for pregnant women to ensure a safe normal delivery.

Struggles to Conceive

But despite the strict yet nurturing routines of a pregnant woman, it is still difficult for others since they suffer miscarriages. It is emotionally, physically, and mentally draining and terrible for a woman to go through such an unfortunate occurrence especially if they have been trying so hard to have a baby.

Some possible factors caused by miscarriage is first, the diet. If a pregnant woman constantly take or ingest alcoholic beverages or junk foods, it would not ensure a healthy pregnancy thus the miscarriage. In line with this is the lifestyle and the environment. Pregnant women are more sensitive due to their hormones, and if they undergo extreme stress, if they smoke or if they reside in a heavily polluted place, they will most definitely undergo unfortunate circumstances in their pregnancy. Another, it could be genetic, if the pregnant woman’s family has a history of suffering from miscarriages, then they will most likely struggle with pregnancy as well.

Another unfortunate thing is that to some people, it is not that easy to get pregnant because they are infertile. Infertile is one of the problems of women who desperately wanted to try to get pregnant regardless of the countless trying. This can shatter someone’s hope and takes away a person’s dream to start a family.

In Vivo vs In Vivo

But since health sciences have improved, various conditions, diseases, illnesses, and other health problems can be resolved. Such issues like what is being discussed can be resolved. Conceiving a baby may be quite a struggle for the others since it was previously mentioned that the incapability to conceive a baby is perhaps due to the lifestyle, genetics, health problems, and added to it is the physical malfunctions of the reproductive system. But with the modern advancements of science in the medical aspect, conceiving can be resolved.

You might have probably heard of the terms, “in vivo” and “in vitro” in some scientific studies you might have read before. But do you know what they mean? First, defining what in vivo is, originated from Latin, in vivo means “within the living.” So,a it basically refers to the process of performing an experiment within a living being. As for the term, “in vitro”, it is the Latin for “within the glass”, it is basically the process of performing an experiment and placing them in a glass.

In fertilization, an in vitro process is used which is called in vitro fertilization or IVF. This is when the patient’s eggs, perhaps one or more, are removed or extracted from their ovary then it will be fertilized in the laboratory and injected or implanted back to the patient’s uterus.

In vitro fertilization is what is being used for surrogacy. The egg will come from the patient, and the sperm will be from their partner then it will be injected to the surrogate’s uterus. The surrogate will not be related to the child in terms of genetics.

What are the Risks for Surrogacy?

Since being a surrogate involves being pregnant due to the embryo via in vitro, one will be exposed to some pregnancy risks as well as side effects.

Primary Risks:

One of the primary risks for being a surrogate is of course, the common pregnancy side effects which are morning sickness, swelling, discomfort, raging hormones, extreme cravings, and other discomfort.

Serious Risks:

Besides the common primary risks most pregnant women will undergo, there are more serious and perhaps life-threatening health risks for being pregnant and these are, hypertension, miscarriage, gestational diabetes, and perhaps some damage to the reproductive organs.

This is why it is recommended for pregnant women to have a strict diet, proper lifestyle, and be rid of the stress to have a safe pregnancy. Other than that, pregnant women must strictly follow a daily consultation with their gynaecologists to ensure that the baby is alright. It is also highly recommended to take some vitamins that will support the baby’s health and good condition of the baby inside the uterus to avoid further complications and some defects once they are born into the world.

Of course, it also important for the pregnant woman’s partner or family to be supportive of their journey since pregnancy is difficult to go through and some physical requirements for a healthy pregnancy is not the only thing necessary but the emotional support as well.

What are Some Benefits Do Surrogates Acquire?

Being a surrogate is a unique case which involves multiple factors that could probably impact the compensation they will receive. The compensation given to surrogates, which includes expenses, has usually a range average of $50,000 up to $80,000. This amount of money will depend on the experience of the surrogate and other individual arrangements. In America, usually in California, surrogates are in high demand which is why they are paid slightly higher than other states or other countries. Legal practices will also be involved in surrogacy thus adding up to the fees paid for a surrogate. Legal requirements will also vary in prices in different states of the United States of America.

According to the West Coast Surrogacy, this is their complete rundown of the fees paid for surrogates.

  • Signing bonus paid at the same time of signing the Legal Surrogacy Agreement: $3,000.00
  • Fees for experienced signed surrogate (Only in California), this is paid in monthly instalments after detecting the first heartbeat of the foetus: $65,000.00 to $75,000.00, added to that are the expenses and allowances
  • Fees for first time surrogate (Only in California), this is paid in monthly instalments after detecting the first heartbeat of the foetus: $55,000.00, added to that are the expenses and allowances.
  • Fees for the surrogate in other states: $50,000, added to that are the expenses and allowances.
  • Additional monthly fees and allowances: $300.00
  • Non accountable allowance (meant for the surrogate’s maternity clothes, housekeeping, massages, and other self-care purposes): $3,000.00 (this will be paid in instalments of $1,000.00 every 12 weeks)
  • Multiples fees (for twin pregnancy): $10,000.00
  • Multiples fee (for triplet pregnancy): $20,000.00
  • Caesarean section: $3,000.00
  • Compensation for surrogates for lost wages if the surrogate is employed in an event of the physician ordering rest, birth recovery, missed time or absences from work due to pregnancy or appointments. Spouse lost wages dedicated for specific appointments: Actual cost determined
  • Health insurance (Premium): monthly premium reimbursement (if the policy is surrogate friendly)

The Takeaway

Basically, pregnancy is difficult and also expensive, especially if it is surrogacy. Being a surrogate is a huge responsibility to uphold because if you were to be a surrogate, you will carry this responsibility that is highly entrusted to you and that is to do your best to ensure a safe pregnancy for your clients’ child growing inside you. It is also quite difficult since you will get some emotional attachment to the baby from the moment you hear their heartbeat and once you give birth to them, you will probably be also maternal to them even after all the years once they have grown up. It is quite a confusing notion but if it is discussed with the clients and secured through legal matters then a surrogate will still have the right to be a parental figure to the child, they gave birth to.

Another takeaway from this article is that it is fascinating how science has really made multiple things possible. Who would have thought that in vitro fertilization would be a thing right now? The possibilities are endless when it comes to science. Science has already contributed so much to mankind and the world but there are still more questions to be answered, perhaps it will be answered in the mere future.

To all the women out there, it is up to you whatever you do with your body and do not let anyone discourage you from taking the lead of your own life. I hope you are keeping yourselves safe.


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