Best Fashion Trends For Men In Spring 2022

The spring is almost literally knocking on our door, and we can barely contain ourselves! Not just because of the sun and warmer temperatures, but also for the exciting fashion! 

Yes, we finally get to pack away our itchy dark knits and wools!

Male fashion trends have been exciting for a few years now, and 2022 is no exception! Fun colors, patterns, and styles are just waiting to be discovered, and we hope you do branch out at least a little.  

Here are the fashion trends for men in the spring of 2022.

Red colors and shades

Spring is coming up in bold colors and especially red. It was seen on the runways and is also taking over the most popular fashion retail brand collections.

We love it because what’s better than swapping the somewhat dull winter browns and greys to something so bold! Red works well with pretty much any shade and isn’t tricky to style, whether it’s a red hoodie or a red tee.

Glitter and gold 

You may not think of glitter, silk, or satin as manly per se, but have no doubt, the party is coming back, and it’s coming back strong. 

People are tired of avoiding socialization, so get ready to see nightlife back in full force with silk tees, glittery blazers, and even chunky jewelry in spring and summer 2022. 

If you’re not ready for a full-out glittery outfit, opt for a fun accessory like, e.g., a silk scarf or a few bracelets! 

Structured shoulders

Another fantastic yet less loud way to make an impression in 2022 is to give your figure some sharpness and shape with structured shoulders. 

And we’re not talking just blazers or suits! Think sweaters, cardigans, jumpers with a grey crew neck inside. Those are boxier and highlight your shape. 

Pair these with slim or skinny jeans to create a balanced look, and you’re runway ready! 

Bermuda shorts 

When that spring 2022 warms up, you’re going to need something cooler than your trusty jeans. Think no further than the Bermuda shorts that are still trending from the last season. 

Don’t worry; we’re not talking about some dull beige fabric, rather fun and exciting oranges, reds, or purples.

And if you’re really up for a fashion challenge, add a sports coat for a super trendy spring weekend look! 


If you want a change from your canvas sneakers to go with those Bermudas, try the newest 2022 spring trend – sandals! 

This season chunky and sporty sandals (think a modern version of Tevas) are all the hype, and we love it. Sandals are comfortable and let your feet breathe; just maybe don’t wear socks with them, ok?

Cardigans and sweater vests

You want something comfortable and warm for those chillier spring days, evenings, and seasonal layering. So, what’s trending in spring 2022? Sweater vests, sleeveless sweaters, and cardigans! 

These are perfect for layering on a button-down shirt or a crewneck tee. Just don’t be boring and ditch those neutrals. Opt for bright colors, fun patterns, and interesting combinations. 

When it comes to sleeveless sweaters, you can even go as far as wearing them on your bare chest for a true spring catwalk look! 

Fun suits 

Most guys can’t avoid wearing suits, and they should have to, not when there are so many exciting new suit trends in 2022!

After many months working from home, going back to something formal might feel strange, so make it fun with more relaxed cuts, exciting colors (bye grey and black) and such new trends like wearing a shacket (shirt jacket) instead of the classic blazer.

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