What is Vaping: 4 Unique And Useful Facts About Vaping

What is Vaping: 4 Unique And Useful Facts About Vaping

Vaping is gradually gaining prominence among people looking for a safe way to consume e-liquids. Vape products come with several ingredients and substance that will enhance your vaping experience; some of these elements include propylene glycerol, heavy metals, and glycerol

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that vaping comes with several benefits. Aside from the soothing effects of flavors, it is a vital component of relaxation. This article explains some essential vaping facts that will enrich your knowledge and guide you to vape the right way.

Vaping: What Is It?

Vaping is a simple term that means inhaling a vapor produced by an e-cigarette.  An e-cigarette is also known as a vaping device. A battery powers these devices; they come with cartridges containing liquids mixture of chemicals, flavors, and nicotine. The device heats the liquid into a vapor that is inhalable by users.  Hence, the overall procedure is referred to as “vaping.”

There is a wide range of vaping devices on the market; they include vape pens, pod vapes, etc. The best vape pod system offers versatility as it allows users to vape at the strength they desire. 

Useful and Fascinating Facts About Vaping That You Should Know

Apart from helping you guide against vaping mistakes, knowing some valuable facts may help you dispel myths about this process. If you love to vape, here are four unique tips that you should know:

Vapes are not Equal

One of the essential factors you must consider when vaping is nicotine dosage.  Apart from that, the devices are not the same; they differ in specifications. For instance, the power rating of vaping devices varies.  In other words, the wattage of your vape may be different from that of your friend.  Therefore, it is essential to know the power rating of your device, as this will help you make informed decisions relating to dosage. If you have a high-powered vape, consider less concentrated oils to avoid side effects. 

Labels have Great Significance.

Another important fact that you must keep in mind is that Labels matter a lot.  Many people do not take their time to read labels that come with products.  They feel it is unimportant since they are familiar with the usage of the product.  However, you can identify nicotine-free e-liquids by checking the labels.  The only way to know the content and strength of a vape oil is by checking the label that accompanies it.  If you want to minimize the effects of nicotine-based products, go for the ones with a lower dose, say 1.5 to 3 milligrams.  With a lower dosage, you can satisfy your yearnings and enjoy large clouds.  In short, you should always endeavor to go through the instructions that come with e-liquids and vaping devices. 

Everyone has Different Tolerance and Preference

You don’t compare yourself with a friend or family member when vaping.  Everyone reacts differently to it.  If you are a beginner, your body is new to nicotine.  Therefore, your tolerance level is bound to be low; hence, you should not try to imitate those who have been vaping for a long time.  In other words, your vaping limits will not be as high as people who indulge in it regularly.

As a newbie, it is advisable to start with low doses and minimize the frequency you vape.  Furthermore, you can taper your nicotine dosage in a convenient way. Similarly, the vape flavors are also a matter of individual preference. So, you may have to try a few to hit your best flavor.

You Can Participate in Vaping Competition

Do you know that there is a vaping competition known as cloud-chasing? It is an activity that involves blowing an enormous cloud of vapor with a vaping device. This practice began on the West Coast of the United States. Competitive vaping has been widely embraced in different parts of the world, including Indonesia, Canada, and the United States. Apart from being a recreational activity, many people have taken this activity as a hobby.

Some vapers worldwide participate in a cloud-forming context known as cloud competition. These individuals compete to breathe out a fascinating cloud of vapor. Besides picking the most enormous vapor, competitors also make vapors of different shapes, including balls, streams, ripples, and rings. Furthermore, they can also use the French inhale method. This technique involves inhaling through the nose and exhaling via the mouth.


With the vaping facts discussed above, you can take your vaping experience to the next level with an understanding of the proper dosage and your tolerance level. You can also engage in fun activities like cloud competition, French inhalation techniques, etc. Furthermore, beginners usually have low tolerance; hence, it is advisable to start with low doses and gradually increase the dosage with time.

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