What Are The Vape Flavors Trending In 2022?

Vapers know the struggle of juggling between numerous e-liquid brands and flavors before finding the one vape juice they enjoy and consistently purchase.

It might be a lengthy process of testing several vape juice brands and flavor profiles to locate that one juice that works well as an all-day vape. The best vape juices meet their users’ preferences, including taste and strength.

When it comes to finding their ideal vape device, many vapers have choices. They may desire the convenience and mobility of a vape pen. Besides, they may choose the strength and performance with additional customization options. Whatever their choice, they have a plethora of possibilities.

Fortunately, vape juice flavors are less complicated, and most of them adhere to basic flavor profiles. Therefore, if you have an idea of the taste profiles you enjoy, have a look at our list below of the finest vape juice brands and flavors.

Best E-Liquid Flavors

1.     Ugly Butter

Bad Drip’s Ugly Butter has a rich flavor that doesn’t taste artificial. The vape juice flavor artfully combines banana pudding, fried bread, and cinnamon sugar. You can try ugly butter eliquid from bad drip from after breakfast for a well-balanced flavor and a long-lasting effect.

2.     Gummi Bear

Inspired by the famous Gummi Bear shot, this e-juice offers the flavor of a candy gummi bear with all the satisfaction of the drink. The e-liquid has a rich flavor and tastes fantastic without any headache or calorie count.

3.     Naked 100 Hawaiian POG

Hawaiian POG is a refreshing tropical concoction of passion fruit, orange, and guava. While it may sound a little too unusual for some, be assured that this is one of the smoothest tropical fruit vapes you’ll ever experience. As is the case with all Naked 100 juices, this one is neither overly sweet nor overbearing.

Best Flavored Vape Juice Series

1.     Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady is known for its nostalgic vape juices inspired by traditional British desserts, such as Lemon Tart. They offer over 90 flavors ranging from fruits to confectionery and distribute to over 90 countries.

2.     Glas Basix

Glas Basix series offers high-quality e-liquids at a reasonable price. The vape juices are made with premium ingredients and have unique tastes like mango tango, strawberry gummy, banana cream pie, and butterscotch reserve. Besides, Glas Basix is a gentle line on coils and pockets.

3.     Pachamama

Pachamama vape juice is a delicious blend of exotic fruit flavors. The ingredients used by Pachamama are the best because Charlie’s Chalk Dust makes it.

Guava, papaya, pineapple, and mango flavors all emerge in this e-juice. Each juice features an exceptional fruit balance and a silky smooth vape. Treat your taste buds and satisfy your year-round craving for tropical fruits by picking up a bottle of Pachamama vape juice.

4.     Double Drip

Industry leaders Vapouriz Labs manufacture Double Drip e-liquids, which have grown to be one of the most popular brands for their ‘coil sauce’ mixtures and distinctive branding.

Double Drip began with a high-VG short fill line, followed by 10ml and nic salt lines. These flavors include fruity, dessert, candy, and ice cream flavors ideal for those who enjoy a sweet vape.

Best Disposable Vape Flavors

1.     True Bar Red Bull Strawberry

True Bar specializes in disposable vape pens, with flavors ranging from fruit to soft drinks to mentholated mixtures.

However, they excel in energy drink flavors – no small feat, given their popularity and prominence across several brands.

True Bar Red Bull Strawberry takes inspiration from the most renowned energy drinks. It combines them with a perennially popular fruit taste to produce an energizing and exhilarating blend suited for people wanting an all-day flavor.

Bright, juicy strawberries perfectly balance the acidic taste of Red Bull. This ideal mix of sweet and sour flavors results in an equally energizing and fulfilling character.

2.     Nasty Air Fix Blackcurrant Cotton Candy

Among the leading names in e-liquid, Nasty Juice’s distinctive taste profiles have earned them several accolades as well as a slew of devoted fans. As a result, it’s unsurprising that their original batch of Nasty Fix disposable vapes was a consistent seller.

Nasty built its reputation on thrilling e-liquid mixtures, and this throwaway vape is no exception. Blackcurrant Cotton Candy is a decadent treat with just enough bite to keep it from becoming cloying.

Naturally, the base flavor is blackcurrant; dark, ripe, and juicy, giving pleasant undertones of acidity and richness that ensure all-day enjoyment. Cotton candy is the light to its darkness, the yang to its yin. It’s bright and sweet and works beautifully with the dark tones of blackcurrant bubbling beneath.

Final Thoughts

While numerous popular flavors are available in the market, this exhaustive list of the top vape juices provides an excellent starting point. All mentioned e-liquids come from reliable manufacturers and have some incredible flavors; however, keep in mind that taste is subjective, so ensure trying out the flavors to find the perfect one for you.

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