Hi! I am Anne and I love to see different places just like you. I enjoy being in a new place and finding new friends…and well, dig interesting stories from the locals, too. Traveling is fun, right? It gives me a feeling of satisfaction, contentment, and inspiration. It makes me see the greatness of the Divine in every place my feet have set onto. How about you? Do you feel the same?

By the way, have you been to Canada?

Yes? Wow, lucky for you! You must have enjoyed the place.

No? Well, I feel for you.

Actually, for me, all the countries are beautiful. Each one has its own gem to treasure. Do you agree?

But for now, since everyone in the world is committed to saving humankind by being at home, staying at home, and the following self-quarantine in light of the COVID-19 virus attack, traveling is set aside for the meantime. While we are locked down inside the confinement of our house, why not join me in browsing our next destination so we are ready soon as the traveling ban is lifted up and going places is safe again?

Let’s talk about wonderful Canada

I love traveling. I like to commune with nature as I travel. I also love going to beaches and seeing the water. And I like to end my day by looking at the relics and antiques in the museum. I knew Canada has something to offer with nature, sightseeing trips, and a lot to show with arts, music, and museums. 

So, for those who are NATURE LOVER and MUSEUM TRIPPER, get a grip and join me as I unfold Canada with my specially made travel guide for us. In this article, I will show you the list of the best places to visit, the things to do, and some tips to save money on transportation deals and accommodation.

Let me start by knowing which part of Canada shall people like us who love to experience the best of the best from nature to art shall headfirst. Since Canada is so big, let us narrow our compass from this second-largest country in the entire world into five regions and see which region or regions can offer us our dream travel in just fifteen days.

The first region to look through is The Atlantic Region where there are four provinces, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

Why is Canada a great country to travel to?

Canada is a great country to travel to for many reasons. Some of the top reasons include:

  1. Natural beauty: Canada is home to a diverse range of landscapes, from stunning coastlines to beautiful mountain ranges and forests. The country is also home to a number of national parks and protected areas, making it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

  2. Cultural diversity: Canada is a multicultural country, with a diverse population that reflects its history as a place of immigration. This diversity can be seen in the country’s cultural events, festivals, and cuisines, making it a fascinating place to explore.

  3. Safe and welcoming: Canada is known for its friendly and welcoming people, making it a safe and enjoyable place to visit. The country also has a low crime rate and strong healthcare system, which can provide peace of mind for travelers.

  4. High-quality infrastructure: Canada has a well-developed transportation network, making it easy to get around and visit different parts of the country. The country also has a wide range of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to cozy bed and breakfasts, to suit different budgets and preferences.

  5. Exciting cities: Canada is home to a number of vibrant and exciting cities, such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, which offer a wide range of cultural attractions, dining, and entertainment options.

Overall, Canada is a great country to travel to for its natural beauty, cultural diversity, welcoming atmosphere, high-quality infrastructure, and exciting cities.

What test is required to enter Canada for Covid?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Canada has implemented various measures to help prevent the spread of the virus, including travel restrictions and mandatory testing for travelers entering the country.

As of 2021, all travelers entering Canada by air, including Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and international visitors, are required to take a COVID-19 PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test before boarding their flight to Canada. The test must be taken within 72 hours of the traveler’s scheduled departure to Canada. Travelers must also provide proof of their negative test result to the airline before boarding their flight.

In addition to the PCR test requirement, travelers entering Canada may also be subject to other measures, such as quarantine or self-isolation, depending on their circumstances and the COVID-19 situation in the region they are coming from. It is important to check the latest travel advisories and requirements before planning a trip to Canada.

It is worth noting that the COVID-19 situation is constantly evolving, and travel restrictions and requirements may change at any time. It is important to stay informed and follow the latest guidelines to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Newfoundland has a serene Placentia Bay where tourists like us can do kayaking on its beautiful waters, and enjoy a ride on ferry boats as we watch dolphins jump and see whales circling the boat. Wow, these are awesome especially when we could spot eagles and birds as we passed Woody Island.

My friend told me that tourists can also hold picnics along the beach while having small talk with the fisherfolk. People in Newfoundland also love to perform live music so I think it would be fun if we can build campfires on the beach after visiting The Store Loft Museum.

So, Newfoundland and Labrador can offer us waters, forests, and museums where bird watching and water sports are awaiting us. Well, not bad. 

Now, how about Prince Edward Island? I read that it is the smallest province in the Atlantic Region, so maybe we can stay here for a few days to roam the whole province. If ever this is our next spot, I would love to visit the Confederation Trail first and give off some sweat as we bike the 435 k trail then have a good lunch in the village while chitchatting with the villagers.

You know what, since I learned to travel, I also learned to have small talk with the people in the village because, for me, they are the best tour guide ever. You’ll get real information and real action from them. I’d like to try that in the locals of Prince Edward Island (PEI). Then maybe in the afternoon, we could take a dip and splash on the shore in PEI National Park. Whew, I can hear waves along the shore. I can’t wait to be there.

Then the next day, we can enjoy the picturesque Basin Head Provincial Park and rub our feet on the “singing sands”. Yeah, my friend who had visited the place told me that when you rubbed your feet on the sand, you can hear it squeak. Maybe that is why it is called “the singing sands”.

Before the sun sets, she suggested that we can drop by the Basin Head Fisheries Museum for a quick tour of the exhibit and then drive a little to the Greenwich Interpretative Centre. I found out that the center has a vast exhibit showcasing the history of Prince Edward Island. 

Before leaving the island on the third day, we must see the Green Gables Heritage House. They say you’ve never been to Prince Edward Island if you’ll not drop by the historical house of “Anne of Green Gables”. We should not miss this experience!

Oh, do I forget to mention the Charlotte Festival in PEI in the summer? It is a musical event held in the Confederation Centre of the Arts, another must-see on the island. 

And did I mention that going to our next destination, we will pass the “Fixed Link” or the Confederation Bridge? Yeah, you’ll have to fasten your seatbelt as we are going to zoom along the longest bridge in the world going to New Brunswick, our next spot!

Canada is a vast and diverse country with a wide range of attractions, making it difficult to choose just one place to visit. Some of the top destinations to consider include:

  1. Toronto: Toronto is the largest city in Canada and is known for its cultural diversity, world-class restaurants, and iconic landmarks such as the CN Tower and the Royal Ontario Museum.

  2. Montreal: Montreal is a French-speaking city with a rich history and a vibrant cultural scene. The city is known for its beautiful architecture, excellent food, and lively nightlife.

  3. Banff National Park: Located in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Banff National Park is a breathtaking destination known for its stunning mountain scenery, outdoor activities, and wildlife viewing.

  4. Vancouver: Located on the west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver is known for its mild climate, beautiful beaches, and outdoor recreation opportunities. The city is also home to a thriving food and art scene.

  5. The Maritimes: The Maritimes are a group of provinces on the east coast of Canada known for their picturesque coastal towns, lobster dinners, and friendly locals.

Overall, the best place to visit in Canada will depend on your interests and preferences. Whether you are looking for big-city excitement, natural beauty, or small-town charm, Canada has something for everyone.

Whenever I heard of New Brunswick, the first thing that comes to mind is the waters at St. John. Because you love nature as much as I do, I am sure the Reversing Rapids at Saint John will excite you, too! It will be worth more than an experience to see nature’s oddity as the waters reverse directions, particularly on high tides. Oh, how I love to see this. Do you?

Then we will roam the Maritime’s Saint John City Market as we will satisfy our taste buds with delicious treats from the locals. I can’t wait to taste grilled seafood or have a bite of their famous bread dip in maple syrup. I heard that Saint John City Market is the oldest farmer’s market in the region since 1785! Stores a lot of stuff including nice souvenirs to take away. I hope they have unique ref magnets being sold somewhere there because that is my favorite take-home gift. What about you? Do you already have something in mind to take away from the market?

 Or maybe, you’re thinking to have a picture with the largest sculpture of a lobster in Shediac! Of course, who would forget to include that in our itinerary when it is a must-see in New Brunswick? We will drop by the Lobster Capital in the World and while you are taking pictures, I will grab my share of my yummy lobster meal at the Lobster Deck, another must-be-there restaurant in Canada!

And because a taste of nature is what we are looking for, seeing the wildlife in the Magnetic Hill Zoo will satisfy our craving. Hey, do you know that Magnetic Hill Zoo is the largest zoo in the Atlantic region of Canada? Do you also know that nature is playing a trick on the Magnetic Hill?

Okay, a family friend who happened to be there once parked her car at the foot of the hill while waiting for the others to come down. Then suddenly, she felt that the car was being pulled up. What could we expect? She panicked! At first, I thought she was playing a prank on me but as I was writing this article, I searched a bit about that hill and found out that you could really feel that pull!

Maybe, we could try that for ourselves when we get there. I sit on the driver’s side and you sit beside me then scream your lungs out as we are being pulled up! 

Do you think our nature tripping in New Brunswick will end in Magnetic Hill? No way! We still have to trail the Fundy National Park and see for ourselves the diversity of nature that is stored in this God-given paradise! I would love to inhale the fresh scent of ferns and forest trees.

If we are going to leave the province, the nice option awaiting us is to ride on the ferry MV Fundy Rose to Nova Scotia. Inside the ferry, there is plenty of time for us to relax as we prepare our bodies for the next adventure in Nova Scotia.

Welcome to Nova Scotia, the maple syrup county! Now we are on our last stop, Nova Scotia. It is the fourth province of the Atlantic Region we are going to look through so let us explore the many possibilities for an adventure. 

First and foremost, let me remind our goal as we stop from province to province in Canada. We want to commune with nature and learn history in the museum. Here in Nova Scotia, we can experience both nature and arts as we did in the other provinces.  

The Jogger’s Fossil Cliffs, for one, is one of the amazing places to be in Nova Scotia. Tourism officers from Nova Scotia are promoting this place to explore scientific studies on fossils and coals.

They are inviting tourists to have a personal experience with the 300-million-year-old record of fossils which is changing every year so I believe, we must include this in our itinerary.

Isn’t it amazing that discovering something new or something old in a certain place makes us think we are such lucky human beings to see God’s creation unfolding in our naked eye? That it is such a miracle to be able to touch them and experience them by ourselves? Yes, traveling alone or traveling with others made me feel marvelous and accomplished especially when I get to discover special things like that. I hope you will be able to see this through as you go places with me.

Okay, so back to Nova Scotia. Aside from the Jogger’s Fossil Cliff, we must include in our top list to visit the Lepper Brook Waterfalls in Victoria Park and climb up the 175-step of the famous Jacob’s Ladder inside the same park. Hahaha, I think we need to work up a little while we are still at home to get our muscles ready. Sprain and muscle pain are the last things I wanted when I am trailing.

One thing that attracts my attention too is Cape Breton’s giant 60-ft fiddle in Sydney Waterfront. I am not much of a musician but you could be. This sculpture may be interesting to you so we can add this to our places to go. We might as well include buying a ticket so we can watch a concert inside Cape Breton’s theatre.

The last and would be final stop in our Canada’s Atlantic Region trip is visiting the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. For sure, you would not miss this in the world. In my thorough research, I learned that we can see a miniature ship of Titanic being displayed in the museum, along with the scale model of the only ship that survived the three world wars, including the Halifax Explosion. Wouldn’t it be fun to study history as we enjoy our stay in Nova Scotia?

Now that we cover the places of our soon-to-be adventure in the first region of Canada, it is about time to discuss how much we would save for the ticket, transportation, and accommodation.

Oh, by the way, do you have a tent? Hahaha, I know what you’re thinking. Don’t be too excited yet. Remember, the ban to travel is still on. But yes, you’re right if you are thinking we are going camping in between provinces.

Believe me when I say, the price for accommodation today will vary greatly in the next month due to the onset of COVID-19 disease so it would be safe for us to just browse the possible accommodation and check out the price when we are ready to fly.

I suggest the same for car rentals and other modes of transportation. As of now, ticketing information is not so generous either to relay any ticket price due to the current pandemic we are experiencing around the world.

So, while waiting for everything to be okay, let us sit back, study our itinerary and check the region of Canada I have cited above which we would stay longer or which museum we will gather tons of information.  While on it, we might prepare some questions we can ask the locals or may jot down some questions on history or science or any information you want to ask the fishermen when we get to the provinces. Sounds good, right?

Oh, before I forget, I will remind the time zone. The next thing to know when we travel from one province to another is the time zone. Newfoundland uses Newfoundland Standard Time (UTC -3.5) while New Brunswick and Nova Scotia use the Atlantic Standard Time (UTC -4).

Prince Edward Island also uses the latter time zone. This might help us in time to prepare our bodies with the adjustments, as well as our schedules since there will be a slight modification in the time as we transfer from one place to another.

Another reminder to travelers like us is that we must not forget to bring our identification cards, and insurance for our cars, RVs, or motorcycles. It would be requested for us if we travel by land via provinces.  So, it would be good to prepare them in a handy pouch that should be needed.

I know you are excited to pack your suitcase and leave for Canada. I am excited too!

For the time being, while we are waiting, don’t let your excitement drop down. Why not grab the book Anne of Green Gables and read it so when we go to the heritage house, you’ll be more inquisitive as a mouse when we get there? Or download a photo app and explore its features so when we are in Nova Scotia, your pictures will be posted like a pro with your newly acquired photo editing skills.

Or maybe, watch the National Geographic channel to heighten your interest in seeing exotic animals in the National Parks we are about to explore. Good luck and be updated!

Nicolas Desjardins

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