Children are a blessing. The moment we usher them into our lives, all we want is to protect them and do everything to make them happy.

Apart from decorating their room and buying a comfortable bed, parents like to buy toys for their young ones to give them some quality playtime. And because they look harmless, most parents will hardly think about safety, buying the toys. In fact, price, size, functionality, etc., are usually the top of their concern, not safety. Anyway, why would you think about your child’s safety if there is no danger in the first place?

But did you know that a simple toy can actually cost you your child’s life? Yeah, you heard right! These innocent designs can make your life a living hell.

On Monday, March 5th, 2018, a 3-year-old boy in Australia was reported dead after choking on a small plastic toy ball. His mother tried to save him, but sadly her efforts were in vain. Later on, she revealed that her son was only 3ft away from her when he started choking. Even then, she did not manage to save her son’s life.

That is all the proof you need to understand that toys can be so useful on one end and deadly on the other. If you have a habit of picking any toy for your child without putting so much thought into it, it’s high time you change. You could be putting your child at risk without your knowledge.

Use the guideline below to discover how you can choose safe toys for girls and boys.

  1. Read the Instructions

Most toys come with instructions and warning labels to provide safety guidance to the user when playing. Make sure you read these labels before you buy to keep your child safe. Also, make sure that you teach them how to use the toy safely before you leave it to them.

  1. Consider the Age

Different toys have different recommendations in terms of age to ensure safety for your young one. They are even more useful if you are dealing with babies and toddlers. At this stage, anything they get into their tiny hands will always end up in the mouth. You do not want your toddler to ingest toxic chemicals from toy material or even swallow small objects that could choke them. Stick to the recommended age limits to protect your child from any possible harm.

  1. If the Toy’s Cord is longer than 12 Inches; Do Not Buy

If the toy you intend to buy has a cord, let it not be longer than 12 inches. Children tend to roll, toss and turn in any direction when playing. In the process, the cord can with ease wrap around the neck to strangle them. The longer it is, the greater the risk. From guitar toys to mobile toys, avoid buying anything with long cords, straps, or strings or just cut them off to keep your child safe.

  1. Who are the Recalls? Check to Confirm

Toys get recalled if they pose any risk to the user. Examples include

  • Choking
  • Laceration
  • Burn
  • Fire

It’s impossible to know everyone on that list, so make sure you confirm before you buy. Failure to that, you risk putting your child in danger and lose your money while at it.

  1. Understand the Possible Dangers

To choose the safest toy(s) for your kid(s), you need to understand all the possible risks that may occur. These are the things you will need to avoid to make the right decision. These include

  • Toys with Sharp Edges or Points

Toys with sharp edges can easily hurt your child regardless of their age. Avoid buying plastic toys because they are easy to break.

  • Noisy Toys

Excess noise from toys can interfere with the child’s ability to hear. Avoid them at all costs. Test their loudness in the store before you buy.

  • Small-sized toys and toy Parts

Anything that can fit into your child’s mouth is not safe. It puts your child at risk of choking if they try to swallow.

  • Electric Toys

Only buy UL Approved toys. Check the label to confirm. Toys that overheat are not safe for your child, especially if they are below the age of 8 years. But the older ones can use them as long as they are under adult supervision.

  1. Opt for Eco-Friendly Toys

When it comes to the safety of your child, you will never go wrong with eco-friendly toys.

Eco-friendly means that the toys do not harm the environment in any way throughout their whole process, from raw material to the final product. Wooden toys are the most eco-friendly option you will find in the market. Unlike plastic, these toys are durable, hard to break, and above all, they do not have any toxic chemicals on them. You do not have to worry if your child decides to put them in the mouth.

That said. There are so many eco-friendly toys available, but WWF toys are the best and the most popular right now. They are among the most reliable choices for toys in almost all aspects, including keeping your child safe.


Your child depends on you for everything, including their safety. Don’t rush to buy a toy until you are sure that it’s safe for them to use. Your child is better off without a toy than with one that can harm them.

Nicolas Desjardins

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