Top Streaming Sites To Try The Next Time You Watch The Superbowl

Like the launch of some of the best online casino games, the Super Bowl is an exciting and popular sports event many people across the United States enjoy. It happens each year to determine the champion for the National Football League (NFL), and here, millions of fans will gather on a Sunday in January or February to sit in, watch, and celebrate the national holiday. 

Most fans enjoy tuning in to the event using their televisions, but with today’s technology, the internet now provides other alternative services that you can use and access to stream the event. So, if you’re looking for the best video streaming services that you can try, you can keep reading for more. 

The Best Video Streaming Services

DirectTV Stream

DirectTV Stream is a popular streaming service that’s gone through a number of changes, especially when it comes to its name. Some will know it as AT&T TV, while others will know it as AT&T TV Now. 

No matter your choice of name, you’ll have access to NBC even when you’re on its most affordable plan, which is the Entertainment plan that’s going for $69.99. With every other plan that it offers, each plan will offer more channels, and fans can expect to pay anything from $84 to $140 each month. 

The platform has a lot to offer its members, but its biggest highlight has to be with its truly generous Cloud DVR storage that’s unlimited. While home, you can sit in on the game on a maximum of 20 devices, all at the same time. However, if you’re away from home, you can share your stream with a maximum of three additional devices. 


In a nutshell, FuboTV is centered around sports; however, it’s also a full-fledged platform with streaming services that offer other usual stations. Its Starter basic plan has 109 channels, and this comes with 250 hours of DVR storage for video content. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to steam a maximum of three screens simultaneously for just $64.99 per month. 


Many Hulu with Live TV users has complemented its streaming service that comes with ESPN+ and Disney+ as a bundle for just $70, which is pretty affordable. For that price, you can stream a maximum of two sessions at once while receiving 50 hours of DVR storage available on the cloud. 

If you want more, you can pay an additional $10 and receive cloud storage of up to 200 hours. And if you pay another $10 for that, you’ll be virtually limitless in the number of streams that you can access at home. However, you will still be limited to a maximum of three screens when you’re accessing the service away from home. 


Like some of the other video streaming services mentioned above, subscribing to Peacock means having access to NBC, which guarantees you access to the Super Bowl. It also comes with NBC TV shows and movies in addition to a free tier that includes regular TV commercials. With the Premium plan, you have fewer commercials popping up at just $5 per month. For an ad-free experience, you must subscribe to its Premium Plus plan, which costs only $10 per month. 

YouTube TV

With YouTube TV, users have access to 85 channels offering many of the most popular selections, which can’t be said about its competitors. It also allows users to watch local PBS stations in addition to local Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC channels. 

Out of the top 100 networks, the platform offers, at most, 78 streaming services, and this includes the Super Bowl and NBC. At just $55, you’ll be able to pay this fee for your first three months. When the three months are over, your monthly bill will be $65. At most, you can use the video streaming service on three different screens at the same time. 

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