6-Step Buying Guide For How To Find The Right Vaporizer (For You)

Planning on online-shopping for a Furna vapor vaporizer? Whether your a noob at this or are an old-hand with cannabis products, you’ll find this easy-to-follow guide, well… easy-to-use. So do read on and learn about features and functions that constitute what the perfect vaporizer is. “Perfect”, just for you. 

Cannabis Vaporizer Buying Guide 

  1. What Is Your Vape For? 

Function. The first feature you are to ponder on has more to do with “you” rather than the vaporizer itself. Ask yourself what the vape you’re planning to purchase is for. For leisurely purposes? For medicinal purposes? For chronic pain relief? 

From there, check for the specifications which match your vaping needs. 

  1. Budget 

Like any wise shopper scouting for the best products within the best deals, you’ll have to look into your budget. It’s practical and is among the easiest features that can immediately make or break your vape-shopping. You will also need to buy accessories like herb grinder with the vaporizer.

  1. Material Type

Note that not all exorbitantly priced vaporizers are of good quality (we’ve written down some pointers on a different blog for this). Check on the materials they are made of. If there’s no such description or if the seller says something along the lines of “we reserve such information to ourselves and only for our business purposes”, then you’ll probably be better off online-shopping elsewhere. 

The primary components that are to be given much attention to are the heating chamber. Most vaporizers contain chambers manufactured with ceramic. They are inert (quite like glass) and thus, their quality and structural integrity stay constant even when high temperature is applied to them. 

Older models have chambers constructed with stainless steel. That said, stainless steel has excellent resilience. 

  1. Heating And/Or Temperature Settings 

Now comes a second detail of the product itself— heating and/or temperature settings. The main function of a vape is that it heats up hemp so that in this process, the hemp’s natural aroma and flavours can be extracted cleanly for your use.  

There are vapes which provide the user with the autonomy to choose specific temperature settings according to one’s preferences. The higher the temperature, the faster the heating process, and the “deeper” the effects of marijuana once inhaled. 

If you’re still trying to get used to vaping, a low setting is recommended. 

  1. Warm-Up Period 

Vaporizers are to be warmed up for you to get the most out of a draft right before you take one. This simple operation aids in supporting said product’s durability and longevity because you’ll essentially be putting less strain on its heating chamber. 

On average, vapes require 1 to 2 minutes to warm-up. Others, a mere matter of seconds. Make sure that you confirm this step with the seller as there are those which necessitate 15 minutes to half an hour before they are ready for utilization. 

In case you aren’t patient with vaping wait-times, you might want to stick to the first two options mentioned. 

  1. Vape Warranty

Even if the vape of your choice has amazing reviews from previous buyers and that it really is efficient and is of quality make, it’s still advantageous to select those which are locked in with a warranty. This way, you can always refer vape malfunctions back to the seller. They can either repair the item or replace it altogether. 

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