About Sicily Sewell

Sicily Sewell is a famous American chef and former actress. If you watch Nollywood movies a lot, you must have heard her name because they tend to credit her by saying Sicily.

Well, she was an actress until she got pregnant and had two children, then she changed her career and became a restaurateur.

She was born in Pontiac, Michigan, United States. She was born on the first of October in 1985.

She currently has two children Marlee Johnson and Madison Sierra Johnson.

She has been on different movies and TV shows like One on One, How Stella got her groove back, Fighting the odds, and List of mighty Morphin.

She is known popularly as an actress, she started at a young age too. At the age of eight, she made a television appearance on an episode of sesame street. That episode was honored by the Emmy awards.

She was also part of the cast for the series episode called mighty Morphin power rangers. It was also known as the rangers back in time. This was before season 2 had ended.

She was also part of the major cast in the series Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers.

Her picture was also placed on the archive footage in the next season known as power rangers Zeo.

She was among the lineup casts as she played Young Diana in a hit series known as Mama Flora’s Family. This was in 1988.

She played the role of Angela Basset’s niece in how Stella got her groove back.

One on-one, from seasons one through to four, Sicily played the role of spirit Jones who in the series was known as Breanna Barnes’s best friend.

Breanna Barnes was played by Kyla Pratt at the time. They both brought the sitcom to life along with the remaining cast crew.

Sicily was cast out of the series when they got the idea of moving the series in another direction.

She left the series when it was about entering into season five. She was cast out on the 20th of June in 2005.

She also made her appearance in the lifetime original movie called fighting the odds.

The movie story was one of Marilyn Gambrell’s stories. Her fellow casts were Ernie Hudson, Edwin Hodge, and Jamie Gertz. This was all in August 2005. Things worked out after two months of her last show.

Who Is Sicily Sewell?

Silicon Sewell is a well-known actress who decided to quit her television appearance and become a professional chef.

She became a professional actress when she made her first debut in a TV show episode with Emmy award honors.

 After her appearance in that series at a very young age, she was also cast in films like mighty Morphin power rangers and mama flora’s family before she made her career breakthrough in 2001 when she became a major character on the series one in one.

Later she decided to switch careers and move on with her passion which is cooking.

She and her mother came together to run a business, a restaurant named pinky and reds that serves sandwiches inspired by soul food.

Early Life And Parents

Sicily Sewell was born in a small town known as Pontiac in Michigan, on the first day of October in 1985. She was born alongside three brothers.

Her mother known as Bernadine Sewell was a single mother, just like every single mother, she found it hard to survive and make ends meet with her children.

Back then, her mother used to own a cake-decorating business. She used the business to hold herself and her family together.

She was fond of making cakes for Selina and her siblings, she also made cakes for people in the neighborhood. Her mother was part of the reason that made Selina grow an interest in baking which she has now become a professional in.

She said in an interview once that her mother always used to get her and her siblings involved in the kitchen since they were young children.

Her mother got them all involved in cooking dishes of all kinds and while they were doing so, they had a family friend who was close to the oldest brother, he got them into the acting scene.

Sicily Sewell Biography

Sewell was once among the cast on the one-on-one show and while she was working on the show, she had and developed a love for cooking while on that show.

During the show, she had some little spare time which she used to develop her cooking skills.

She said once in an interview with the shade room in 2019 that her career change was finalized when she was first put to birth in 2007.

During her little spare time, she made the sacrifice of enrolling herself in the Hollywood campus of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Art in LA.

In 2010, she became an intern at the Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen. The college was where she graduated from and had college honors while graduating.

Age, Wiki, Height, Weight, And Measurements

Silicon Sewell, the young and vibrant chef was born on the 1st of October in a town called Pontiac located in Michigan State.

She is currently 36 years old and so far she has worked herself to become one of the most popular Chefs in the United States.

She is known popularly for her real Sicily Sewell. Her Zodiac sign is Libra, she is a citizen of the United States of America and so are her parents. She was born in the United States too.

So many famous people were born on the first of October and Sicily is on that list when you check it.

Currently, she is a 36 years old woman with an outstanding height of 1.49m. Her weight and other measurements are not available.

She is currently married to a man known as Chris Johnson, they say he is a musician too. They both got married in 2006. She has two children currently.

Acting Career

Just like their cooking hobby, she became a professional actress at a very young age.

At the age of seven, she had the opportunity to work on her first audition for the children’s television series known as sesame street.

The episode where she appeared was given Emmy award honors and soon after that, her career began to pay off.

She got a better and recurring role in one of the power rangers as Young Aisha in the Morphin Power rangers hat aired in 1995. She was cast in six episodes of the television series from 1995 to 1996.

Her role in the movie was the role of the yellow ranger when transformed into a small child. She played the role in 1995 and also played that same role in 1996.

In 1998, she played the role of Chloe in the Supernatural horror thriller called children of the corn V.

That same year she got a role to play as Chantel in a romantic comedy-drama film known as how Stella got her groove back. The whole story was based on a novel written by Terry MacMillan, a novel that was written in 1996 with the same name.

She was cast alongside different actors while she was cast in the teenage version of Diana. The movie’s name was Mama Flora’s family in 1998.

Later on, in 2001, she got a recurring role in comedy television series known as one on one produced by Eunetta .T. Boone. She was given the role to play spirit Jones Where who appeared 91 times out of 113 episodes. She was on this series from 2001 until 2005.

During the time she was appearing on the sitcom, she had a gig in 2004 to act as the voice of an animated show made by Disney called the proud family. After that year, Sicily Sewell got a role as Lise Jones in a biography movie.

Later in 2007, she also acted as Chloe Spears in a comedy television movie.

What Is Sicily Sewell Up to Nowadays?

We all know that when Sewell was in the series one-on-one, she developed her love for cooking and made every spare time to make herself better at it.

During the show, she spent most of her spare time she had in the kitchen where she was improving her cooking skills.

While she was in an interview being asked about her career change, she said the birth of her child made her change her career option.

She said in the interview that she got married to her husband while she was an actress and then after her first child, she just wanted to leave the acting scene and do something she has more passion for. She said that she made a decision to attend culinary school and then she made her move there just after a few weeks.

She said that it was the best decision that she made based on her career, she said it wasn’t easy but she had to do it.

Husband And Children

Sewell got married to her boyfriend whom she has been dating for about five years. He is a drummer, his name is Chris Johnson. The couple gave birth to their first child and daughter known as Madison Sierra Johnson. Their marriage was held on the 17th of May 2006, and her child was born on the 17th of November 2007. She got her second child and a second daughter called Marlee Johnson on the 12th of December 2011.

Net Worth

Her estimated net worth should be approximated to be about one million dollars.

In An Interview With Sicily Sewell, Here Are The Questions And Answers She Gave:

  1. She was known to be on one of the best series. What was it like to be cast on one of the best sitcoms that aired in 2000

Answer: It was an amazing experience and she didn’t know how many people had a love for the show. She said she just knew that as she was going to work, her sole purpose was to go there and make the audience laugh.

She was not used to the fact that she was always nervous about having to make those people laugh on stage. The good thing about the role she played was that she was only a year older than the character she played on the show. The show exposed her to a lot of experiences and she enjoyed every bit of it as it contributed to her life.

  1. She had starred in several films before the sitcom and she got a chance to act alongside legends, how was the experience like being with legends?

Answer: She said that all of the experiences she had acting alongside those big actors and actresses were amazing and the relationship afterward was kept dear to her heart. She said that one of her fellow actresses on the cast was once a neighbor and for a long time, they both sent their children to the same school. She also said that she gained a lot of knowledge from them and she took lessons too.

  1. We noticed that you have changed your career and you are now a chef, when did you start developing an interest in what you are doing now?

Answer: According to her, she always had an interest in cooking but she was an actress with a lot of work on her hands so she was able to shuffle her life and make it revolve around cooking and acting.

She also said that cooking was always something she wanted to do from a very young age, she then made a choice and culinary school was where she went for further cooking skills.

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Back then, people used to come and watch sitcoms as they act live. People enjoyed the experience of being in the audience because it was fun at the time. Sicily Sewell got the gig to act as a major cast on a sitcom which in turn got her the publicity she needed.

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