Love Marriage: How to Turn a Dream into Reality? How to Find Your “Mr. Big”?

What does it mean to be in love? Have you ever experienced that absolutely shocking feeling with shaking hands and flying butterflies inside?

Why is it so important and desirable to create a family based on physical attraction and mental compatibility?

Most people tend to believe that marriage can last longer it is full of real love. It is one of love marriage benefits. But is it a real fact, or just a popular artificial myth? Let us go deeper. Stay tuned!

Nowadays marriages may usually happen in two popular ways. The landscape of relationships has not changed a lot since ancient times, though modern people prefer the best online dating sites to marriage brokers.

The first variant is full of love from the beginning. In the first variant, two partners have feelings towards each other and decide to share life together, they create a unique bond between two people.

A second type is a preplanned contract between two people. In the second variant, their future life is planned. It does not involve any feelings first, later the feelings may spring. What marriage will last longer: love marriage or an arranged marriage? What do you personally believe? What marriage are you now in? Let’s discuss both alternatives.

Love marriage is your own choice

Once you are blessed to love someone and to open your heart, once you propose to your beloved or get a marriage proposal, you have to make a choice. It is up to you to decide to marry or to stay single, to focus on a medical career, or to volunteer in equatorial jungles.

You rule your own life, you make mistakes and succeed. Your life is only your choice, and a love marriage example is one of such everyday choices you make. It is a legal right of two individuals of age to announce their decision to create a legal family.

Any family benefits from a good marriage. And you choose whether to start your family from love or develop your arranged marriage into one full of love and respect. Love and marry, or marry and love. What do you choose? It is up to you, just do not forget to be happy.

 Nobody can prove that love marriage has undoubtful benefits to the arranged marriage. The divorce range in love marriage is higher as the partner is not often chosen wisely without a good dose of reality.

The sole remedy to make love marriage work is to trust your partner. Even if you suddenly face a marriage crisis, it does not mean that it is the end of love. Love can solve many problems, but you have to start listening to each other.

Your “Mr. Big” can also be afraid of heartbreak, men are truly sensitive natures, no matter what popular myths say. Listen to each other and your love marriage can turn to a miracle. Give your family a chance to be happy. We believe that you can create a happy family, no matter how you see this.

Is love marriage a fake?

There is also one popular myth that love marriage cannot last long, and love is nothing more than a sexual desire to an attractive person and a mix of hormones. Sometimes, when people jump into a love marriage, couples get disappointed very fast as love feelings fade away.

But marriage based on love is not only physical desire. Feelings can transform very often. They may change from absolute adoration of the first month to the serious grounded knowledge that it is your “Mr.Right” and no one else. 

And when we have distinguished this transformation, the majority can finally speak about love, not mutual sex. This variant of love marriage prediction will come to life; you do not have to be a future teller to know this. Love in a marriage is like the embers, not a flame. It is stable, it lasts long and may transform with years, children, and experience.

What is your love marriage experience? Where have you both met? Did you have any problems?

Benefits of arranged marriage

Arranged marriage is a contract between two families that have been around from prehistoric ages. Usually, it was predetermined by the couple’s parents in order to solve some community problems and economic necessity.

It was, and it is still is, a question of money, politics, wealth, and power, not a question of real love. The supporters of this type of marriage say that love marriage is fake. We have proved already, that it is not.

Nevertheless, arranged marriage still has some obvious benefits. The young couple should not worry about dating problems. They know that the future is already planned and they can concentrate on other aspects of life.

Now youngsters prefer to get an education first before jumping to a pragmatic marriage. It does not mean that they cannot date at all. They can have a fun time, but they cannot take it to a serious level. They can also be sure that their parents will like your spouse, it was their choice anyway.

Usually, brides and grooms in arranged marriages are of the same cultural or national background. They share many things in common: religion, political views, interests.

There is at least one trait that was dominant, and they can build their marriage and future feelings based on it.  We are not sure whether love can keep a marriage together, but business agreements definitely can. It is up to you to decide what destiny to choose.


There is no absolute proof that love marriage is better than an arranged marriage. Both ways have merits and concrete demerits. Love marriage can be successful if people are joined not only by mutual attraction.

Arranged marriage can also be full of love. There is no one right answer, you can always add your personal variant. What type of marriage do you have, or plan to have?  Share with us in the comments below!

 Author’s bio:  

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in relation to and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking. 

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