Enhance your Writing Experience and Productivity with 6 iPhone Keyboard Hacks

Have you recently bought the latest iPhone 12? Are you getting any sort of hindrance while using the iOS keyboard? Want to uncover the hidden secrets about the iPhone keyboard to ease the writing experience? Then, it is important to include this aspect, that Apple, being one of the largest and renowned manufacturers, continues to update its operating system. Therefore, it keeps on including new innovative specifications to the device, including keyboard features.

You must know about some specific features such as predictive text or auto-capitalization. Nevertheless, to say, there are a few more essential keyboard hacks that are inevitable and easy to access. Various iPhone models are especially known for its high-range and swift keyboard performance. Moreover, when it comes to accessibility and variation, iPhone keyboards are hard to beat.

Starting from accelerating our social media accounts to sending text messages, we spent a lot of time using the keyboard. So, how about learning a few infallible keyboard tricks which will not only enhance the overall productivity but also help you to overcome unwanted keyboard downtimes.

Here are a few effective yet simple in-built keyboard shortcuts that every iPhone user must know.

Discover the Best iPhone Keyboard Features

Unfortunately, some keyboard specifications are quite time-consuming. And, surprisingly, Apple has added a few unavoidable and game-changing keyboard tricks that are highly convenient and saves time. Make your keyboard game-strong with the assistance of the hidden keyboard features of the iPhone.

Further, reduce the repair expenses and keep aside all the worries with the best iPhone repair experts.

1.    Implement the QuickPath Feature

Have you heard about this feature before? If not, then let us make it clear that, with the usage of QuickPath, intensifying the typing speed has become essentially possible. Now, you don’t have to undergo a hassle, swipe the keys instead of tapping on each letter every time.

All the iPhone users consider doing is, swipe from one letter to the other of the predetermined word that you want to insert in the text messages. Stop swiping when the word completely appears on the screen. Isn’t it easier? Well, obviously Yes!

And, if you are wondering how to enable this incredible feature, then start by moving to the iPhone settings.

  • You have to look out for the General tab to choose the Keyboard option.
  • Make sure, you have enabled the toggle of the “Slide on floating Keyboard to type” option to access Quickpath on iPhone.
  • Next, it’s time to check the option below “Slide on floating Keyboard to type”, which is “Delete Slide-to-Type by Word”.

Technically, this option is just an optional setting that is associated with the QuickPath feature. And, when you enable it while swiping the letters, if you make any potential mistake, simply tapping on the Delete button, it will effectively remove the entire text. Sounds accurate, right? So, simply opt for this one and perform the cumbersome tasks with ease.

2.    Enable the One-Handed iPhone Keyboard

Over the years, the iPhone has gained extensive acknowledgement for serving multi-purposes. Moreover, nowadays, people are more interested to use a large on-screen keyboard that will give a world-class experience.

All thanks to Apple, it has resolved this problem with its one-handed in-built keyboard feature. This simply denotes that, you won’t have to indulge in downloading any third-party keyboards to avail this feature. How can you enable this easy-to-navigate keyboard feature? Well, it’s quite simple! Move to the phone Settings, and then directly step ahead to the “General” section.

Watch out for the iPhone Keyboard, and then turn on the toggle of “One-Handed Typing”, that’s all you need to do. Now, the onscreen keyboard will slightly shift to the preferable side of the screen. However, the key-size might become small, but it will be convenient to read.

3.    Double-Tapping the Spacebar is Useful

Want to expedite the typing procedure using a small-screen keyboard? Double-tapping on the spacebar will be highly beneficial in the completion of the written sentence. Moreover, when you are opting for this sort of activity, the keyboard automatically adds a period after the end of each sentence.

With this keyboard feature, you don’t have to capitalize the first letters of the next sentences each time. This is the prime reason why this feature is highly appreciated by grammar nerds. Want to know what else the iPhone spacebar can do? It can skilfully edit your text as per your preferences.

In 2018, millions of people get to know about this life-changing discovery. Additionally, when you tap and hold the spacebar simultaneously, moving the cursor will be easier than dragging it every time. With the use of the spacebar, you can also unlock the opportunity to highlight specific words and sentences to make the paragraph worth-reading.

4.    Disable the QuickType Option

Along with the Spelling check and “slide to type” option, there is also a predictive text feature. And, Apple termed this predictive text feature as QuickType. Simply, consider disabling it to get more space for the on-screen keyboard.

Sometimes, enabling this predictive text can be problematic, especially when you are in a hurry. But, how can you turn off the predictive text feature? Simply, go through these processes to complete the disabling process.

  • Likewise, the other keyboard changes, start with going to the Settings section.
  • Tap on the General option afterwards, and then choose the Keyboard, and toggle off the “Predictive Text” to prevent sending non-essential words.

So, in a nutshell, it can be stated that, on the one hand, predictive text suggestions can easily provide the preferable words within a second. This makes things flexible while writing long paragraphs. But, on the opposite side, it can adversely affect in delaying the entire paragraphs by adding improper words.


5.    Start typing with Siri Dictation

The one-handed typing option might not seem a viable option for some iPhone users. Therefore, Apple manufactures have induced the voice-command dictation feature where you can simply skip typing altogether. Hold and tap the Microphone button for a while and utter the word that you want to add to the sentences.

Voila! Those words will be added on the screen. Even, you can add punctuations and symbols using the Siri dictation feature. It’s the most accurate feature that iPhone users can so far avail for the long run. Even when you are cooking or doing other household chores, sending texts, or booking a cab will be no longer an issue, with this voice-recognition feature. Bring back the accuracy and efficiency in writing with these super-effectual keyboard shortcuts.

6.    Go for Text Replacement Shortcuts

There are certain common phrases that we mostly use while texting our friends, colleagues, and our known ones. With the help of the text replacement feature, you don’t have to write the most repetitive words each time. For instance, when you will create a shortcut for common phrases such as “TTYL”, it will be automatically replaced with “talk to you later” with text replacement shortcuts. 

Enable the text replacement feature, going to the Settings, and then the General segment. Right after that, choose Keyboard and switch to Text replacement. Tap on the “+” icon to add the required word phases.

Acknowledge, Search, and Improve!

Wait! Hold On! There is a prolonged list of keyboard hacks that are yet to be discovered. It includes high-end features like autocorrect replacement, landscape mode, use of bold/italic and underline options. You can even hide the keyboard while reading an article or long PDF files. So, start exploring now!

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