How to make bath bombs at home?

Being in a hurry and having to take a clean bath can be troublesome. To resolve this issue, Bath bombs have laid their foundation. Bath bombs or Aqua Sizzlers are ball-shaped structures that produce froth and foam in the water as soon as they are dissolved into it. Primarily, Bath bombs are used to moisturize your skin and reach up to the cellular level to remove the dirt and dust.

Although you can get these Bath bombs quickly in your accessibility but, to add to your benefit, we have come up with a way to make these bath bombs at home, conveniently and painlessly. Customized Bath bombs can be prepared depending upon the skin type or your choice of fragrance. Hence, they are always better than the ones you get to have in the market!

How to make bath bombs at home?
As per your requirements and with utmost ease, you can prepare bath bombs at home. Homemade bath bombs are organic and self-created, thereby having more suitability for significant skin types. To make bath bombs at home you can use the soapery’s collection, however, you must keep in mind the following two factors:-

A) Availability of raw materials
B) Procedure to make bath bombs

Bath bombs culminate an acid and a bicarbonate base, which do not react otherwise but react when put together in the water, producing an effervescence. Considering that, to make bath bombs, you would need the following raw materials.

■ Sodium bicarbonate: The formation of a bath bomb requires an acid-base reaction in water. To process the reaction, sodium bicarbonate is required. Sodium bicarbonate acts as a strong base and carries out the necessary reaction.

■Citric Acid: The acid used to make a bath bomb is primarily a weak acid. Hence, citric acid is taken as a raw material in the reaction that leads to the formation of bath bombs. Citric acid can be commonly found in lemon, oranges, and berries.

■Cornflour: Cornflour is required to keep the bicarbonate and acid intact, leading to slow down the reaction between them. As a result, the foam lasts longer.

■ Vegetable or plant oil: Another requirement for bath bomb production is animal or plant-based oil. You can take coconut oil, olive oil, or sunflower oil.

■ Essential oil: These oils are added to the bath bomb to fragrance. Here, you can choose rose or coconut.

■ Dried herbs or fruit peels: These are entirely optional. You can have them as a raw material if you want to enhance the beauty and outlook of your bath bomb. Else, they can be skipped. For herbs and peels, you can use neem, rose, tulsi, or orange.

■Epsom salt: Epsom salt is a detoxifying agent in bath bombs. Adding them to your bath bomb is optional but having them is highly beneficial. Epsom salt will help you to remove and get rid of the harmful and toxic substances from your body at the cellular level.

■Food color: Food color is required to make vibrant and multicolored bath bombs. As per your choice, you can choose the food color.

Further, you can follow the below-given process to have the perfect bath bomb ready in no time!

•Mixing the acid, base, and salt
The first step requires taking sodium bicarbonate (or any other), citric acid, Epsom salt(optional), and cornflour into a container. Keep moving these ingredients into the bowl until they are properly mixed.

•Mixing the oils
In the second step, you have to take a small container (a bowl preferably) and add vegetable oil, essential food oil, and food color. Once done, you are supposed to mix everything well. Mix the ingredients for an extended period to ensure they get well combined.

•Combining the dry and the wet
The third step is the most prudent one. Here, you have to add the oil mixture to the dry mixture slowly and smoothly. While adding the oil, you have to whisk the mix simultaneously.

Furthermore, you are required to add water to the mixture. Be careful because adding water will result in effervescence, bounding you to mix everything as soon as possible.

•Adding glory to the bath bomb
In the next step, you have to make use of the dried herbs or fruit peels that you might have taken or stored in for making the bath bomb.

Continuing the process, you are supposed to place the dried herbs and leaves at the bottom of your bath bomb mold. Above that, you have to pour in the mixture you have prepared.

•Press gently, settle it all!
Next, to settle the entire mixture into the mold properly, you can use a spatula or a teaspoon. Settling ensures that the bath bombs are formed accurately.

•Wait and watch!
Lastly, you have to maintain and show patience. Let your mold rest for two to four hours. After that, your bath bomb will be ready. Enjoy having it as you bathe!

Making bath bombs is super fun and engaging activity for children. Rather than wasting their time, children or even adults can indulge in making different kinds of bath bombs. It is not necessary to give your bath bombs a round shape. They can be in any figure that you like!

Moreover, you can customize the essence and fragrance of your homemade bath bombs as well. So, as you get time, try out making some fantastic bath bombs!

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