How Often Should I Feed My Betta Fish Flakes

Betta fish flakes are the staple food for any betta fish. Given their high nutritional value, it is important to feed your Betta at least twice a day. The best time of day to feed them is in the morning and evening. If you forget to feed him one day, don’t worry. You can just give him an extra-large meal on his next feeding time that day or later that evening after work.

Why Shouldn’t I Feed My Betta Fish Once A Day?

Many people make this mistake because they think that it will be easier to simply put all their flakes in the tank at one time and then not have to worry about how much food their Betta eats each day. This would be fine if your Betta were an omnivore, but these little guys are carnivores and need smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day, just like dogs do. If you only put out enough food for them to eat once a day, there will soon be uneaten food sitting on plant leaves or floating around on top of the water where bacteria can grow so quickly that it kills off some of the betta fish for sale.

Should I feed my betta flakes or pellets?

While many pet stores will try to tell you that pellets are the best, it is really a personal preference. Betta fish flakes have very high protein levels, and betta fish absolutely love them. They are much more likely to eat these than they would be if you put in pellets instead of flake food, so I recommend sticking with the flakes unless your little guy has an issue with eating them for some reason or he just seems bored by them, which isn’t very common for this type of fish.

Are flakes good for bettas?

Betta fish flakes are extremely nutritious, which is why they should be a staple food for your Betta. They have high levels of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, so even though they are small, the amounts you feed them will go a long way. These little guys can eat up to three or four times more than what’s recommended on most feeding guides because their stomachs are smaller than other types of tropical fish.

How much flake do I give my Betta?

A good rule of thumb is one teaspoon per two gallons once in the morning and again at night if he doesn’t finish it all during his first mealtime, then just remove what’s leftover from the tank after about an hour or so. The only exception will be if you are not home during this time period or if your Betta is a very slow eater.

Don’t stress out about whether or not you give them too much because betta fish can eat up to ten times their body weight in one day. Bettas also love variety, so once every week, try replacing the flakes with some freeze-dried brine shrimp for added protein and flavor that they will really enjoy digging into at mealtime. They like to have something tasty like bloodworms as an occasional treat, but it’s best if these treats only comprise about five percent of what they eat each day.


Feeding your betta fish flakes can be a fun and rewarding experience for all parties involved. However, it’s important to know how often you should feed them to stay healthy and happy. Did you know that the best time of day to feed your pet is in the morning? In addition, make sure not to overfeed because this could lead to health issues such as bloating or constipation.

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