Calling all penis owners: Here’s How a Sex Toy Could Improve Your Life!

It can be a common misconception that ‘sex toy’ just means a dildo, which is exclusively for women, or those with vaginas; however, that’s not the case at all there are many sex toys that are specifically designed to provide orgasmic bliss for your penis.

With countless sex toys for men available, you’re spoiled for choice- as you should be!

Some people may be skeptical about introducing a sex toy into their sex life/solo play, as it can sometimes feel intimidating, however, this is a normal feeling; a lot of stigma around sex toy use for penis owners may come from the fetishization of women and sex toys, whereas the idea of men using sex toys has been branded as ‘perverse’, or ‘desperate’.

Let’s break down some of the benefits of sex toy use and end the shame around sex toys for men.

Why use a sex toy?

There are many benefits of using a sex toy, either solo or with a partner, so here are a few main ones!

  1. Finding your pleasure

Investing in a good quality sex toy, purely for yourself, is a great idea as using a sex toy to pleasure yourself can help you connect with your body and your desires. Using a sex toy might reveal your deepest fantasies and help you to feel confident enough to recreate them!

  1. Connecting with your partner

Sometimes, it can feel as if sex is a chore, especially if you and your partner(s) are busy, or struggle to find time for intimacy; this is where a sex toy could reignite that fire!

Introducing a new way of pleasing each other into your sex life can not only make everything a lot sexier than it was before, but it can also help you to better understand what your partner wants/needs to feel sexy or ‘in the mood’.

Using a sex toy with your partner could create new depths of intimacy that you didn’t think were possible. What turns them on? What are their deepest fantasies? Can you recreate them? It’s a wild, and fun ride when you invest in your sexual happiness!

  1. Living out fantasies

With the amount of sex toys available, there is one for nearly every fetish or fantasy. Purchasing a sex toy which could aid in you/your partner’s fantasy, is an exciting step towards life-changing pleasure!

Types of sex toys for men/those with penises/those with a prostate

Here are just a few of the massive variety of sex toys available for penis owners!

Cock ring- A cock ring is a versatile little toy! It is a small (commonly silicone) ring that slips around the penis shaft, or it can be lower/higher if you prefer and stimulates the penis.

There are many different types available, including different sizes, shapes, materials, vibrating and non-vibrating… the list goes on! Some cock rings can stimulate a clitoris during sex, which is great for partner play.

Prostate toys- This type of toy has the potential to completely change your orgasm game; the toy usually has a slightly curved end that stimulates your prostate. Some are vibrating for extra sensations, and some are non-vibrating. If you’re unsure whether you will like butt play, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Penis sleeve- These are perfect for those who may want to add a little extra length/girth to their penis, or for those that have erectile dysfunction; a penis sleeve simply slips over your penis and pleasures you as well as your partner(s).

Fleshlight- This is a common toy among penis owners; the device mimics the feeling of either vaginal or anal sex, but this time, you’re in complete control. There are many different textures to suit your tastes, but the best thing about a Fleshlight is the realistic feeling. Fleshlights usually have the option for the sleeve to be removed and swapped with a different one.

Penis pump- A penis pump can give immense pleasure, as the pump sucks air from around your penis, which leaves your penis enhanced, and sensitive. Penis pumps can be electric or manual, vibrating or non-vibrating.

Your erections can become harder, and even last longer- what’s not to like?

Sex doll- You’ve probably heard about sex dolls to be the butt of a joke in conversation or in the media, but they’re actually life changing sex toys! There are a variety of different sex dolls to suit everyone, including: partial dolls, blow-up dolls, a life-sized realistic doll, and specific body part dolls. There is literally something for everyone!

Penis stroking machine- One of these machines has the power to take you to a whole new level of orgasm! A penis stroking machine simulates the feeling of a blowjob, or sex; they come in many different sizes, styles, shapes, and materials.

Dildo- Yes, dildos are for those with penises too! They come in all different shapes, sizes, materials etc. Some come with a slightly curved end to stimulate your P-spot, and some are even vibrating.

Best sex toys for gay men/gay people with penises

There are plenty of brilliant sex toys designed to please those engaging in gay partner-play!

Double dildo- The clue is in the name with this one- it’s a double ended dildo! Perfect for partner-play, insert one end into your anus, and the other into your partner’s (or you can use it in your mouth) and ride away!

Anal trainer butt plugs- These are great for those starting out with anal play; a kit with anal trainer plugs usually includes a few plugs to help you feel comfortable with stretching your anus out!

You can also purchase a ‘spreader plug’, which stretches the anus out; these are commonly used by more advanced players, however.

Double ended jack off tool- Perfect for looking into your partner’s eyes as you both jack off; the jack off sleeve sits with a penis in each end, and pleasures both of you as you move back and forth.

Inflatable dildo- A fun toy which also helps with anal training! Simply pump the dildo a little more each time to achieve the perfect feeling of fullness.

How to make homemade sex toys for men/those with penises

If you’re on a budget, then these DIY sex toy guides will give you the pleasure you deserve- and you get points for crafting!

Make your own fleshlight

Make your own sex doll

Make your own penis pump

Make your own anal toy

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