Dogs don’t do well with solitude. Leaving them alone, even for a short while, might cause them to feel depressed and abandoned. Each dog is different. For some, being left alone is not a big deal. On the other hand, it’s the end of the world for others.

Here’s a fact to better understand what’s at stake here – 20-40% of pups are diagnosed with separation anxiety. Since this can turn out to be quite traumatic for your pup, they can get separation anxiety, which isn’t something that will simply go away.

On the contrary, it’s quite resilient and all but temporary. Fortunately, there’s no cause for alarm as there is a way to help your dog – the almighty CBD oil for dogs. To learn more about CBD oil for pets.

The Cause and the Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

There is no way to say for sure why some dogs develop separation anxiety. It’s a much more common condition for shelter and rescue dogs than pets adopted as puppies. Since separation anxiety isn’t something you can leave untreated, knowing what causes it can help deal with it.

Here are a couple of situations that might cause it:

  • Routine change – dogs adapt to their owners, their lifestyle, and work schedule routines. If there are any sudden routine changes, that might be the trigger for anxiety.
  • Family change – if there is a sudden change in the family, which includes passing your dog over to a new owner or putting them up for adoption, this lack of stability can cause separation anxiety in some pups.
  • Moving – dogs are territorial, but they’re also very vulnerable, especially when they’re still puppies. A sudden change of home due to moving can become a trigger.
  • Losing a family member can also trigger separation anxiety in some dogs.

Many dog owners heard the stories of escape attempts, howling, barking, potty incidents, wrecked homes, etc. These aren’t just stories, and if you ignore such behavior, things can get very complicated pretty fast.

To avoid fixing things when it’s already too late, pay special attention to these common symptoms of separation anxiety:

  • Urinating
  • Defecating
  • Barking
  • Howling
  • Destruction
  • Digging and chewing
  • Escaping
  • Pacing
  • Coprophagia

CBD Oil for Dogs to the Rescue

CBD for dogs may turn out to be a useful potential treatment for reducing separation anxiety in dogs with separation issues. According to some studies, CBD may have the potential to help alleviate automatically fearful reactions or learned fear that is closely associated with separation anxiety.

In other words, CBD oil may help your dog relax and deal with separation issues. Keep in mind the following things if you plan on using CBD oil for separation anxiety in your furry little friend:

  • Serving size – for starters, aim to hit the serving size right, which is 2 mg of CBD oil on 10 pounds of weight.
  • Timing – just like with everything else, timing is everything here. If your pup gets anxious when you leave, give them CBD oil sometime before you go to make them more relaxed and prepared for what’s coming. Since it takes about half an hour for CBD to kick in, set the timing to half an hour before you leave.
  • Consistency – giving CBD oil to your dog once or twice won’t get you anywhere. You have to be consistent about it and feed it to your dog every day, at the same time. You should be able to notice the results after a few days. If you don’t, double the serving size.

How to Know a CBD Product Is Safe for Your Dog

To ensure your CBD oil is safe for your furry loved one, only buy from the most trustworthy, reputable brands and go for the highest quality product. Here’s what to pay attention to.

Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

Full-spectrum CBD oil is a product that provides the benefit of the entourage effect. This oil offers all the benefits of CBD combined with other lipids, flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids.

This CBD oil is more effective on the endocannabinoid system of your dog. However, it does contain traces of THC. Also, broad-spectrum CBD oil provides almost the same effect with one difference – it doesn’t contain THC at all, even in the slightest traces.

Lab Tested By a 3rd Party!

Many trustworthy CBD brands offer access to certificates that their products were lab tested by a 3rd party. These certificates prove the amount of CBD, extraction method, and more, all you need to know to make sure the product is safe for your pup.

A reputable brand will have its lab tests transparently listed online. Finally, aim for CBD oil that was extracted from organically grown hemp to ensure there are no chemicals, metals, or pesticides in your CBD.

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