5 Tips to Find the Best Vape Juice Online

Many people have adopted vaping as an efficient nicotine delivery method. It is less invasive and comes with a series of unique features absent in other nicotine delivery systems. Vaping opens up a whole new world of opportunity for users with many things to explore.

Your experience with vaping is a factor of the e juice. Many people consider it as a better alternative due to the series of ejuice options available. Anything you can think of in terms of flavors, like strawberry, mango, menthol, banana, etc., are available. However, hunting for the perfect vape juice is more than the flavor.

 Vape juice is made of several ingredients responsible for the texture, density, taste, and throat hit users get. Knowing how to select the best vape juice can add to your overall vaping experience.

As a result, this article will shed light on five tips that can help you make a worthwhile selection.

1.   Consider the Flavor

The flavor, most of the time, is the foundation of your vape juice. It is not surprising as the flavor needs to appeal to you before you can vape it. As a result, if the other variables are perfect and the flavor is off, you might struggle with the juice. Interestingly, you can get almost any flavor you want

You can also get tobacco flavor that can mimic the experience you get from other nicotine delivery systems. This flavor comes in various blends that give a similar effect to what you are used to.

There are food and fruit blends like pizza, cake, wafer, grape, mango, banana, etc. You can also get a combination to create exotic flavors. Users who want alcohol-inspired flavors are also not left behind.

The choice when it comes to flavor can be overwhelming. However, make sure to start with the one that you will probably like. Once you get the hang of this, experimenting with others will not be an issue.

2.   Explore Reviews Online

To get the perfect vape juice, the value of reviews from past users and the online community can be invaluable. Such platforms will give details on the quality and taste of various primary types of vape juices. There is a significant probability you will come across veteran vapers that have tried multiple brands. The experience from such people can shed light on the pros, cons, and what to expect from your choice.

You might also get advice on tips and tricks to improve the quality and flavor of your vape juice. They will also be of help in terms of pricing that will guide your decision.

3.   Examine the Packaging

Earlier, vape juice came in tiny plastic bottles, but this wasn’t effective. Over time, there has been a continuous transition to glass bottles. Here are the reasons for this change:

  • Most plastic bottles have harmful chemicals and toxins. There is a possibility of these chemicals reacting with the vape juice and contaminating it.
  • Using a glass bottle has a better user experience compared to a plastic bottle. Besides, they are much easier to clean, which makes vaping altogether hygienic.
  • The glass bottle has a higher shelf life compared to plastic bottles. Besides, recycling glass bottles is much easier.

4.   Understand Throat Hit and Vapor Cloud

People who want a less invasive nicotine delivery system will find vape juice with a throat hit crucial. Even in regular flavored juice, the throat hit is essential as it solidifies the effect of vaping and triggers an intense flavor profile.

Buddha Strain is the constituent of vape juice that gives an intense throat hit. As a result, a choice of juice with the suitable composition of this chemical can provide the intended hit. Ideally, you should aim for an average of 30% PG, even though people who want a more intense experience can consider higher concentrations.

Some people are also fascinated by the cloud of vapor that comes from vaping. The component of your vape juice responsible for this is Vegetable Glycerin. For people keen on enormous vapor clouds, vape juice with a higher VG concentration is a good choice.

However, it is essential to bear the side effects in mind. In other words, the high density of the juice makes coil absorption slow, making it a wrong choice for some vape devices. The slow response time or low power output might make the coil and wick burn out faster, which affects the experience.

5.   Check the Nicotine Levels

One of the flaws of many other nicotine delivery systems is that they do not present a way for users to know the amount of nicotine they consume. However, with vape juice, there are various nicotine strengths. This makes it easier to select the perfect nicotine strength for your needs.

Typically, vape juices have nicotine strength in various dosages like 18 mg, 12 mg, 6 mg, 3 mg, and even zero mg. The right nicotine strength is primal to having a good throat hit and an excellent vaping experience.

Make sure to choose the nicotine level that appeals to your needs. For people that vape many times in a day, a lower nicotine level is the best choice.


Your ejuice is primal to your vaping experience. This makes it essential to understand the importance of these factors to guide your choice of the perfect vape juice.

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