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Are you tired to try finding the best name for your child?
With this website, you will be able to find the perfect name for your little baby. All their names are from Canada, it is really easy to find the most amazing name for your beloved one. As parents, you want to give your newborn the best possible start to life.

The founder of this platform is Mylene C. She’s from Alberta and had one of the most amazing idea, to make sure everybody on earth can find the best name. All the name database are from Canada. For now the website is available in English and in chinese language for now.

When you get on the website, you will get to choose between boy or girl, then select few character traits that you want for your baby. After that, the system will choose you three name that will suit really well with the choose you made previously.

One of the best name generator of 2019

Locate the ideal child name. A huge number of sites list irregular child names, yet the vast majority pick names that mean something to them. Their child name generator takes a couple of insights concerning you, your companions, your family and the live you go through with them, and composes a rundown of proposed names that will truly reverberate.

For more information you can contact her by email at

The official website is is the chinese version of the website.


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