5 Effective Ways To Deal With Pets Anxiety

Just like humans, pets experience anxiety. It is equally essential to help pets relax and calm themselves, just like humans do.

Although unpleasant, it is a normal emotion that can affect different animals. Anxiety in pets can manifest itself in multiple ways.

How do you know if your pet has anxiety?

Several reasons induce anxiety in dogs. The most common ones are- traveling, loud noises, solitude, staying around strange people, abuse, or abandonment. The usual signs of anxiety in dogs are biting, barking, hostility, whining, withdrawal, shivering, etc. Other obvious signs include tucking his tail, yawning, lifting his front paw, or drooling.

Dogs suffer anxiety-like humans, but it can be more challenging since the symptoms are difficult to identify. Your dogs can’t say when they are anxious; it is up to you to identify the signs and find a way around them. Just like humans, there are several ways to help them relax. 

The first best method to treat anxiety in dogs is to find out the cause of the anxiety. Then the treatment management options should follow. While there is nothing wrong with medication, there are several proven natural methods of calming your furry friend.

Effective Ways To Deal With Anxiety

One of the most researched benefits of CBD is its ability to deal with anxiety. CBD boosts serotonin levels and imitates the effects of antidepressants. With many people looking for anxiety relief through CBD, the market is now filled with brands providing them with it.

Anxiety is draining for both pets and humans. It wreaks havoc on the central nervous system and can strip your pet of its natural personality. There are lots of anxiety behaviors that can be alleviated with CBD. 

Is CBD safe for dogs?

Yes, CBD is safe for dogs as long as you purchase from a trusted brand and the formula does not exceed the normal amounts of THC. There are some CBD products made specifically for dogs; using them will make your dog benefit from the wellness of using CBD. That is why you must complete your due diligence when purchasing cookies for exotic animals. CBD products can make your dog feel soothed along with lots of love.

Here are five simple anxiety-relieving strategies:

Physically and Mentally Exercise Your Pet

Dogs with separation anxiety should not be left alone. But you could use exercise as an easy fix. Take your dog out for exercise and simultaneously bond with them with physical contact and also talk to them.

Sometimes, anxiety in pets can result from a lack of physical activity or mental stimulation. Exercise can be a great way to ease it. The extra time your dog spends with you by their side can reduce their anxiety and make you feel better.

Distract Them

Fireworks, storms, or heavy wind can trigger anxiety in pets. When these situations trigger your pet’s anxiety, try to distract them and focus their attention on another event.

Direct their focus to something you know they enjoy to help them minimize how they feel. Play tricks on them and include an incentive for them. 


Thundershirts act as pressure wrap that imitates a hug. This tight-fitting and slightly weighted shirt makes your pet feel more secure. They might look funny on your pet, but they make a difference.

This shirt works by applying mild, gentle, and continuous pressure to your pet’s torso. The shirt was made with thunderstorms in mind, but it is also recommended for anxiety induced by noise, travel, stranger anxiety, or separation.

Their effectiveness deals more with the personality of your dog.


If you have had a massage before, you will understand how calming and de-stressing it is. This not only works for humans; it also works wonders with pets. The muscle is usually tensed during anxiety; getting a massage will alleviate this tension. When you know where your dog holds its stress, it makes it easier and faster.

Animals appreciate massage as much as we do. The slow, long, and smooth strokes will help to calm them.

Calming Music

Music therapy has been beneficial for both humans and pets. Little wonder some pet owners leave their radio on when leaving home.

An old saying goes thus, ‘’Music soothes the savage beast’’. Well, it is not an exception for pets. Music can alleviate noise sensitivity by blocking bothersome noise. 

Try to play specific songs that calm your pets for stress and anxiety relief.


Although unpleasant, animals also experience anxiety. If left unchecked, your pet can develop an anxiety disorder and other behavioral issues.

When your pet shows signs of anxiety, you may need to try different methods for the result. This may take time, but it will help them relax and feel less anxious.

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