Working With a Staffing Agency

Looking for work can be a challenging task. You need to research job vacancies, modify your resume and send it to the hiring manager, prepare for interviews and follow upon the hiring process. However, did you know that you could make this process easier by working with a staffing agency?

A job agency matches companies with vacancies with job seekers. When you register with a job agency, you send them your resume and if they get an opportunity that suits your qualifications, the agency connects you with the company. Staffing agencies know many companies and hiring managers, and they get the first hand information if a vacancy in the company appears. This saves you the hassle of having to send your resume to many companies and live on the hope that you will land a position. There are many staffing agencies, and these steps will help you to get and create a relationship with a staffing agency.

  1. Choose A Staffing Agency That Works In Line With Your Profession

Before signing up with a staffing agency, it is important to know if they deal with companies that align with your line of qualification. If you are a qualified doctor, it will be meaningless to associate with an agency that deals with companies in the line of business or agriculture. Knowing what a staffing agency deals with calls for research. You can look for the agency on the internet or ask friends. You also need to know if you will have to pay to get a position in a company. Most of the staffing agencies don’t charge job seekers any fee, because they get paid by the companies looking for employees.

  1. Sign Up With The Agency

To sign up with the agency, some of them will ask you to provide your resume and cover letter. The agency then goes through it and if you qualify to be part of them, they might give you a test for skills or hold an interview. This helps them to know more about you. The agency will help to make your resume better and prepare you for interviews.

  1. Take Your Interviews Seriously

It doesn’t matter if you are carrying out interviews with the employment agency or the hiring company. You should always take your interviews seriously. Staffing agencies are determined to help you land the best opportunity, not to give you a hard time. Ensure you are well dressed and answer questions as asked. Prepare well for the interview by knowing how to talk about your past and current employment experiences, achievements and your career objectives. Do a research of the company  the employment agency wants you to join. This will make you more confident when answering the questions and you can also ask relevant questions about the company.

  1. State If You Are Looking For Temporary Or A Permanent Position

Most employers who use staffing agencies are looking for employees to fill a temporary position, but others want full time employees. Companies offering temporary positions use the job as another interview, so you need to do it to the best of your ability to improve your chances of getting the permanent position. Before applying for a position, decide whether you want a temporary job or full time. This will make it easier for you to answer that question during the interview.

  1. Keep Making Yourself Marketable

You can do this by learning new skills. Most staffing agencies will invite you for workshops. Ensure you don’t miss any and take them seriously. They improve your employment prospects and the added skills will help you land a job quickly.

  1. Fasten Your Response

If you get an email from your staffing agency about an open position, send a reply as soon as possible. If a position that suits you appears, your recruiter will not hesitate to match you. You will then be called for an interview. Good staffing agencies will walk you through the process, and even help you plan for the interview until you are hired. They can also negotiate for your salary.

  1. Stay In Touch With Your Recruiter

You don’t want any position to pass you by, so you have to stay in contact with your recruiter so that they let you know about any openings. They are the first ones who get contacted by companies if they have a vacancy, and since they know your qualifications, they will not hesitate to let you know about the position.

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