Common Mistakes Made by Packaging Designers & How to Avoid Them

When it comes down to the packaging, design plays an essential role but since there is no relevant training available regarding structural packaging. For instance, ineffective designs and incorrect labeling can mislead the customers and it can even discourage the purchases. In addition, there is an excessive utilization of plastic and all of these factors will result in bad packaging.

There are various mistakes associated with packaging design and they won’t add to the purchasing incentives for the customers. With this article, we are sharing some common mistakes associated with packaging designs and how such instances can be avoided. So, if you are ready to spice up the packaging without wasting anything, read the article below!

What Is Your Product?

When we are talking about packaging, it is responsible for communicating what the product is and make sure the packaging isn’t misleading. This is because the customers are likely to choose the products extremely quickly and hardly anyone will have the time to read labels. In simpler words, the customers are highly likely to buy products based on the packaging. For this reason, it’s essential that the packaging has clear information and prints.

Wasting The Material

With increasing awareness about the environmental footprint, the emphasis on the environmental safety is increasing and businesses have to take part. This is because the customers are now focusing on recyclable packaging and the trend is here to upscale even more. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that high-scale businesses are highly expected to do something about the environment. That being said, you need to focus on packaging that has a low wastage percentage.

Are You Eco-Friendly?

When we are talking about packaging waste, this is more of a follow-up topic because not being eco-friendly is the biggest mistake that you can make right now. On the other hand, if you already have an eco-friendly product, you need to use your packaging design to communicate that competitive edge through packaging. In simpler words, adding how you are eco-friendly should be a part of your packaging, and not adding such information will be a massive mistake!

Incorrect Labeling

With packaging, incorrect labeling is an extremely common mistake and it happens majorly all around the brands. You might not acknowledge this but incorrect labeling can be threatening to the brands and the sensitivity increases with pharmaceutical products. This is because adding incorrect information on the drugs can result in health issues and damage to the organs, so always proofread the labels.

Difficult Opening & Closure

If your customers are chanting “I cannot open the box,” you are actually doing something wrong. This is because it doesn’t matter how exquisite your product is, if the customers cannot open the box, they are highly likely to drop your products. That being said, creating difficult packaging is a huge mistake and you need to design packaging that’s easy to open and close.

Not Adding Enough Emotion

If the packaging isn’t evoking emotions in your customers, you are doing something wrong and it has to be resolved. You need to design packaging that develops an emotional connection because customers tend to have specific feelings toward your products and brand. That being said, you have to create emotional packaging or the packaging that triggers emotions.

Keep in mind when customers feel emotions towards packaging, they will buy the products more because they feel special. At this point, we do want to add that you should use elegant designs and catchy copywriting.

Excessive Happenings

Sure, minimalism isn’t the right choice for every brand and business because some of them work great with colorful and vibrant designs. However, there are some packaging patterns that can be challenging to look at them. For instance, if you are selling some baby products, would it be suitable to add a picture of a scary baby? Well, it’s the biggest mistake one can make. That being said, always find the perfect combination of appropriate graphics and text.

Wasting Space

When it comes down to securing the products, it has become a key feature for every packaging, irrespective of the niche. There are some packaging designers who add fillers to keep the product stable inside the box but that should be the case with exterior packaging as well. In simpler words, you can create small packaging that just snuggles the product and add enough graphics on the top. In simpler words, everything needs to be optimized on the packaging.

Not Focusing On Designer’s Expertise

Whenever a company has to design the product packaging, they need to hire experienced packaging designers. This is because the design of packaging structures are created with creativity and skills. That being said, you need to hire the correct graphics agency because they can design the structural packaging like nothing else.

Moreover, when it comes down to design the structural packaging, you must choose a designing agency that has experience in 3D designing. Keep in mind that experience is not an option, so find someone who had ample experience in finding the right packaging agency.


When the packaging is concerned, you cannot think that two different designs will need the same investment. This is because every packaging design is different and the need for investment will be different. In particular, the display boxes often need 3D designs, which means the costs won’t be the same as 2D designs. So, don’t make the mistake of making incorrect investment projections.

The Detailed Drafts Aren’t Final

With custom display boxes and structural packaging, they are designed with complicated processes and every step will be detailed. That being said, some customers believe that drafts are the final designs and you need to ask the packaging company about the final draft (not the detailed draft) to give a green signal for packaging manufacturing.

Zero Communication

While you are designing the packaging, make sure that you endorse two-way communication between your brand and the packaging industry. So, always communicate the ideas with the packaging designer and ask them for information in return. Lastly, two-way communication is needed throughout the packaging designing and manufacturing process.

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