Here Are the Smart Ways to Manage Salesforce Field Service

You need the best practices for your salesforce field to get the most out of your implementation. The International Data Corporation (IDC) named Salesforce the global customer relations management (CRM) leader.

Over 15,000 customers around the globe trust Salesforce as a driving force to good results in their service, sales, and marketing spaces. Salesforce also added Salesforce Field Service, thus expanding its Service Cloud offerings. Working with Service Cloud, Salesforce Field Service adds the functionality for scheduling, dispatching, work orders, routing, knowledge articles, inventory tracking, mobile support, and the representative’s activity on reporting field service.

Salesforce field service serves as a holistic solution that makes delivery exceptional in terms of customer experiences. Every team member (dispatcher, manager, and agent) will have optimization tools bearing powerful insights into resolving customer issues fast and at a high frequency. Therefore, this article walks you through the intelligent ways of managing salesforce field service.

1.     Connect your field service to a broader organization


Ask yourself how you can effectively and seamlessly work better with your customers. Your favorable answer should be better enable your field service team. Your field service team needs access to the right technology to streamline work orders and improve your first-visit resolutions. Why chose Salesforce consulting Services on this? It will provide a central platform for service and sales data.

Additionally, it will provide the infrastructure to scale for your future endeavors. Therefore, connecting your field service to your broader organization will help you in many ways; to accurately realize your profit and loss, calculate your pipeline, and tie your work to a contract without connecting your field service to your broader organization. Therefore, integrating all your field service data into a customer relationship management will is the only way to provide you with a line of sight into each stage of the sales process and every work order while accessing the real-time reporting dashboards.

  1. Harnessing Your Talent on a Single Platform

Working on one platform can harness your talent under one umbrella while creating common specializations and skillsets. One group becomes super adopters of the Salesforce platform in the field service. They learn to solve some of the biggest problems by integrating new workflows and creating new processes. You will also reap the full benefits of having all your stakeholders on a single platform. For instance, any team member can identify an issue and develop a workflow for solving it.

3.      Your Customers and Teams Need to be Empowered with the Best Tools

Remote assistance could be a game-changer for you. As soon as a customer calls in, you can assess the issue as to whether it needs an on-site visit or you need to walk your customers through a resolution remotely. If your customer’s problem requires that you remotely walk them through, you will need to send a link for joining a video call. You could also use remote assistance on issues like determining if your equipment or part requires replacement instead of undertaking an additional walk-through on your site.

4.     Map out the Journey of your Customer/customers

Your field service process provides an ultimate experience; you need to understand the end-to-end customer journey. For that reason, carry out an analysis of all the different pain points as you try to think how your salesforce field service software will streamline your experience. A customer’s time is one of the most crucial considerations. Therefore, you need to look into building a simple but efficient model for enriching your experience. Build a process flow diagram to ensure that everyone involved has a clear understanding and is on the same page.

5.     Develop a Mobile-First strategy

It is pretty obvious that the field service future will be conducted majorly on mobile devices. Therefore, you should utilize and take advantage of the native built-in phone features like maps and cameras. A mobile application of a salesforce field service will enable your agents to manage their workflows anywhere and at any time. It will also increase their response time and efficiency.

The optimization of the mobile device experience will enable your agents to focus on what matters from prioritized alerts, knowledge articles, and critical metrics. Agents will be able to quickly access a service performance issue’s root cause while collaborating with different teams and immediately launching remediation actions from the FSL mobile application.

6.     Building of Key Performance Metrics

Determine the kind of Key performance indicators that match your specified objectives and the FSL product features that contribute to the specific KPIs. It is also essential to enable subject matter experts, stakeholders, executives, and owners responsible for successful service delivery to make smarter decisions and real-time based on the performance analytics of FSL. Always ensure that your key metrics are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic, and Time-based).

Final thought

The quality of field service is critically important in building your repeat business and brand advocacy. Your field agents are always in the front interacting closely with your customers. Therefore, you need intelligent ways to optimize and make the activities and processes seamless. That is also majorly because customers often need a quick and convenient manner of contacting businesses. They have high expectations of experienced agents and service technicians to solve their issues instantly. Therefore, a smart Salesforce Field Service is the most effective manner of achieving customer expectations.

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