Many businesses routinely use wholesale towels to ensure cleanliness, ensure customer happiness, and make an excellent first impression. Hotels, fitness centers, hair, eateries, spas, nail salons, health and country clubs, and other commercial establishments use high-quality bulk towels for their clients. 

Investing in the proper towel stock for your enterprise is crucial. Though it’s a tough job, especially at a low cost, picking the correct kind of wholesale towel from the wide variety of towels available. 

Towels in bulk can be purchased cheaply online and come in a wide array of styles, fabrics, and sizes. Selecting the right towel is crucial as it is both a promotional tool and a branding bonus. 

Below is the perfect guide for you:

  • Towel Material

To make an informed decision when purchasing wholesale towels in bulk for a commercial setting, it is important to become familiar with the materials from which various towel kinds are crafted. 

For a high-end spa, resort, or beauty salon, one may choose a towel cloth of the utmost opulence and superior quality. Likewise, a fabric of average quality and comfort will be fine for a typical hotel or eatery. 

Towels made from cotton by KSE Suppliers and Intralin are the most popular and extensively used in the hospitality industry. Towels can be found in either a cotton/polyester blend or a 100% cotton variation, thanks to the versatility of cotton fiber. 

Terrycloth is a fabric made from loops, making it exceptionally adept at soaking up wetness. These towels are ideal for use in health clubs, beauty parlors, and saunas. Weaved and crocheted terry cloth and velour are two plush toweling options. The fabric stretches and has a plush feel. 

  • Correct Measurements

Choosing the right style and material for your wholesale towels is essential, but getting the correct size is just as crucial. Also, towels come in various shapes to serve various functions.

Towels sold wholesale by Textiles Depot often measure between 25 and 30 inches in length and 15 and 16 inches in width. On the other hand, wholesale towels come in lengths between 40 and 54 inches and widths of 20 to 27 inches. The typical person requires a 27 inches wide and 52 inches-long towel. 

  • Cotton Weight Wholesale Towels

When shopping for business reasons, towel weight is an important consideration. Towel weight is typically measured in pounds or hundreds. 

Towels weighing 15-20 pounds per dozen are thicker and more luxurious, making them ideal for lounging at a spa, while those weighing 5-10 lb per dozen are more practical for use in fitness centers and other settings.

  • Susceptibility to Absorption

Choosing the appropriate cloth weight, expressed in grams per square meter, is also essential.. A wholesale towel‘s grams per square meter (GSM) can be between 300 and 900.

Towels between 300 and 400 GSM are the smallest and most flimsy options. These compact, ultralight blankets are perfect for the fitness center. Towels with a medium weight are between 400 and 600 GSM. You can use them as both a bath blanket and a beach towel.

Towels with a GSM weight of 600 to 900 are superior to those with a lower GSM because they are more substantial, thick, and absorbent. However, you should know that drying time is increased for these blankets.

  • Differentiating Characteristics and Cost

Exactly how are you putting these wholesale towels to use? You can use the answer to this question as a guide when deciding what unique qualities your linens should have.

To illustrate, special salon, exercise, and spa towels can withstand repeated bleaching. These towels can be bleached without fear of color loss.

It makes financial sense to buy wholesale towels in quantity. But don’t skimp on quality just to get more output. The work that would take multiple low-quality towels less time to complete can be done with just one high-quality towel.

Before you make a significant investment in bulk towels, make sure you have all the facts. Buy bulk towels only from trusted sources such as Textiles depot.

As a result, it is vital to make an informed selection from the wide variety of wholesale towels available to fulfill their intended function and enhance the client experience.

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