Essay vs. Article: What Are the Differences and Similarities

One can really understand the gap between articles and essays if they try to write both. Theoretically, both of them are pieces of a written text, so it’s really hard to come up with clear boundaries before you actually get to write one of them.

Yet, it’s important to understand what’s required to write before you actually start doing it. For this reason, this post will try to distinguish between these two types of writing. It’s important, especially given the fact that as a student, you might be required to write both.

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Similarities Between Essays and Articles

First, let’s discuss what’s similar between essays and articles except for the fact that both of them are written using computers today. Yeah, one can hardly find anyone handwriting an essay or an article these days. They are both typed using laptops or computers.


Neither articles nor essays are written as a wall of text. They must be structured into different paragraphs to make sure the reader understands the message and is not confused. Every paragraph communicates a certain idea, and it’s better to make it clear what you discuss rather than put all your thoughts together.

Writing of the Same Nature

Articles and essays can be of the same nature. That being said, essays, as well as articles, can be descriptive, narrative, expository, etc. The topic of your writing and the accompanying instructions will help you decide what tone you should choose.

No Address

Both articles and essays do not have an address. They are not a letter, and they are created to serve a greater audience. That means that neither an article nor an essay will include a salutation or complimentary conclusion as well. This actually distinguishes them both from speeches as well.

Differences between Essays and Articles

However, there are much more differences between these two types of writing compared to similarities. For example, any essay hub review is clearly an article. It describes the quality of the service and product received. A text answering the question of the importance of custom law in the U.S., however, is definitely an essay.


The very idea behind an article is to write a publication on a certain topic for a newspaper or magazine. An essay is intended as a short piece of writing on one of the suggested topics within a particular subject.


Articles are written to inform people of certain ideas, phenomena, or events. Essays, however, are answers to certain questions or hypotheses.


Articles must have headings and subheadings to be easy to read. Imagine if this article that you are currently reading didn’t have subheadings of different levels. You’d get absolutely confused. Essays, however, don’t need these subheadings. They are written in response to certain questions, that’s why no headings are expected.


Articles may have direct or indirect quotations, but they are not an obligation. One can write an article using their own ideas with little to no confirmation or evidence. Essays, however, require citations and references. This is a type of academic writing that, if not supported with literature, is not believed to be evidence-based.


Most articles have visuals. These are images, graphics, animations, or photographs. They are included to visualize the message being sent. However, they are also used to make pauses and smooth the transition between one idea to another.

Essays do not need images. Usually, they do not even require visualization because they are short pieces of writing written in response to certain questions or problems.


You use articles to describe a topic or express your ideas about it. Essays, however, are subjective and approach every topic from an analytical angle. It means you should either support or critique a topic using enough evidence.

Usage of the First Person

Articles can be written in the first person. Authors can express their own ideas or use the collective pronoun “we” as much as they want. If you are writing an essay, though, you should refrain from “I” or “we.”

That’s because you don’t get to express your opinion. Instead, you choose literary evidence that expresses your opinion and discuss it throughout your writing.


Given the above mentioned, you can now easily distinguish between articles and essays. Yet, it’s not that obvious sometimes. And for this reason, knowledge of these differences and similarities might help you get better at writing both.

Yes, articles and essays go hand in hand, but they are so different. Consider it a success if you master them altogether. They both are part of an art to express your ideas and may help you in communication.

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