Why Skin Care Hacks Should Be Avoided At All Costs: By Dermatologists

We all love our skin.

We all want healthy and glowing skin. 

To get flawless skin, you have to put in a lot of effort. Honestly speaking, in our daily busy routine, we hardly get enough time to get proper skin.  

At this point in life, following a time taking skincare routine sounds luxurious to those busy working people. As a result, they check for skincare hacks on the internet.  

For this, you just need to type “best skin care hacks” on the Youtube search bar. Most of the time. These skincare hacks end up giving you more skin issues. Here we will talk about that. 

What Are Skin Care Hacks?

We all have a few skincare or beauty tricks. Usually, they solve skin or beauty problems in less time and do not need much effort. Hence, people call them skincare hacks.  

Some of the hacks are passed from generation to generation. On the other hand, some are made to cope up with the recent time. Actually, they are not the way your skin should be treated. 

Some Skin Care Hacks

Here we will discuss some of the popular beauty hacks you might be following without knowing how they are damaging your skin. 

Popping Out Your Acne With Safety Pin

Popping out pimples is really popular among teenagers and young adults, which is a really bad habit. 

If you think that popping out your pimples with a sterilized safety pin will not harm your skin. Believe us, though, it might reduce the volume almost instantly. 

After a while, another pimple will come up with all her family.  

So, drop this idea in the very first place. 

Using Coconut Oil As Moisturizer

We have heard our grandmothers saying that coconut oil is the best moisturizer. 

It works really well as a body scrub and thanks to the fatty acid content. However, that doesn’t mean you will slather your face with it and will get a magical effect. 

However, some people do not encounter any side effects, but this oil can clog your pores. We hope you know what that does mean. 

Treating Acne With Rubbing Alcohol

A well-formulated toner works really great for your skin.  

Please, for the sake of beauty, do not apply or rub alcohol on your face. When using a toner with alcohol in it, you might be looking for an oil-free glow on your skin. In reality, it actually stimulates your skin to produce more oil.  

Toners are for maintaining the pH balance of your skin. Thus, it should be gentle and caring, where alcohol is not even closer to that. 

Blending Essential Oils At Home

Essential oils belong to the luxurious part of your skin care routine. Before you even think about trying your hands on essential oils just by watching some youtube videos, be careful. Always remember well-experienced dermatologists do not make hacks. Mixing and blending essential oil is not similar to making two-minute noodles.

Whoever has filmed the video and uploaded it on Youtube might be another teenager like you. Essential oils do have useful properties for your skin. But the blending has to be natural and done by experts only. Otherwise, reverse action might take place.

Exfoliating With Baking Soda Scrub

Almost every video content piece of skincare hacks has lemon and baking soda as a wonderful exfoliator. However, you should not use this kitchen item, at least on your delicate skin.  

You might also have seen people washing clothes with baking soda. Do you think your skin and a piece of cloth are the same? 

– No! 

Why Should Skin Care Hacks Be Avoided At All Costs?

An educated, skilled, and experienced dermatologist will open a chamber to help you care for your skin. The professional will not make weird skincare hacks and upload them on Youtube. In most cases, those internet skincare hacks damage your skin rather than improve its health. So, stop following them, and if you have any skin issues, visit a dermatologist.

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