The cooler days of autumn are upon us. It’s that delicious time of year when we long for anything and everything cozy. As for celebrities, well, they’re just like us. They love a snuggly knit as much as the next person. Even if you’re hibernating this season, that’s no reason not to be stylish.

Whether you’re searching for gifts for grandma or just a special something for yourself, we’ve compiled 7 hot trends celebrities are loving this fall.

Mocks Rock

With a fan like the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, knit mock turtlenecks need no further endorsement. More comfortable and flattering than a standard turtleneck, mock turtles provide just as much coverage but without the chokiness. This cool weather staple is ideal for those transitional days when the temperature varies widely.

Mock turtles are also supremely versatile. You can dress them up or down and they go with just about everything: skirts, slacks, jeans, you name it. The options are pretty much endless. Complete your dressy or casual mock turtleneck ensemble with simple pieces such as a couple of classic pearl bracelets.

Pleats, Please

Superstar Angelina Jolie digs pleats and so do we. It’s one of the ironies of quarantine that we have more time to spend contemplating fashion but fewer places to wear it. Nonetheless, we’re gathering ideas for the future and one of those is pleats. Universally flattering, pleats are popping up absolutely everywhere these days, on dresses, skirts, scarves, and even bags, and let’s not forget that all-important pleated face mask.

There are different types of pleats and they each convey a different feeling. Box, accordion, knife, or inverted, you have a range of choices as to how much flare or subtlety you care to wear as part of your ensemble. Asymmetrical pleated skirts are a very hot trend this season. For these, a simple white blouse coordinates best.

Festive Fringe

The Fringe is the new black. Megastars Beyoncé and Rihanna as well as Kim Kardashian have all been spotted sporting the tasseled trim. Sassy and spirited, expect to see fringe everywhere: on bags, dresses, coats, and even face masks.

Fringe turns an ordinary outfit into a party, and looks especially perky paired with cowboy boots. The best way to wear fringe is to make it the centerpiece of your ensemble. Don’t go overboard, but feel free to add flair and fun to any ensemble with fringe.

Bubble Wrap

The need to feel safe is spilling over into high fashion. Model and fashion influencer Jasmine Saunders looks as adorable as Barbie in her strapless bubble dress. In case you haven’t seen it yet, a bubble hem means that the excess fabric is pulled into the base of the garment, creating a balloon-like look. Bubbles aren’t just cute. They also allow for freedom of movement.

Also, bubbles aren’t confined to dresses. They’re showing up on skirt and shirt hems, and even sleeves (aka leg-of-mutton). Part of this trend includes unique fabrics and unusual colors. As for accessories, you can go minimalist like Saunders and simply don a pair of strappy heels. For a more casual look, slouchy boots and a pair of statement earrings suit the bill.

Fantastic Elastic

A pull-on skirt can be as comfortable as a pair of sweats but is way more stylish as the Duchess of Windsor Kate Middleton well knows. Even if you’re working from home, being camera-ready is important and a skirt beats sweat hands-down. Elastic skirts are also incredibly forgiving in the event your exercise-versus-sitting balance has gotten out of whack.

Elastic-waisted skirts are much healthier than jeans, circulation-wise. A relaxed full skirt is an easy choice for days in front of the computer screen or those casual strolls to stretch your legs between Zoom meetings. Wear one with boots, flats, or heels. Elastic-waist skirts are about as versatile as they come.

Crank the Knits Up to Eleven

While you wear a sweater almost any day of the year, autumn is peak sweater weather so take full advantage of it. As the Sex and the City star and fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker’s sweater dress shows us, sweaters aren’t limited to tops.

The perfect complement to a trench coat and boots, sweater dresses are one of fall’s top fashion trends. Cable-knit, balloon-sleeved or oversize, sweater dresses embody effortlessly chic style.

Dramatic Drapes

This season, skip the basic winter coat and go for an eye-catching cape like British singer and actress Rita Ora. Capes and ponchos are not only warm but highly versatile, and perfect for those who dress in layers.

You’ll see capes in a range of fabrics that can take you everywhere, from casual to formal. Go boho with a fringed cape and ripped jeans for a fresh-air event, or step out in style in a sleek black faux-fur collared cape, leopard-print pants, and over-the-knee boots.

Bonus trend

Opera gloves. Rather than picking up yet another set of ordinary gloves, this year invest in a stylish pair of elbow-length opera gloves. They go perfectly with a cape and protect your hands from the cold and germs in style.

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