The Best Natural Red Hair Dye to Glamorize Your Look

No matter which era it is, redheads are always in fashion!

Red is a bright and exciting color that makes your hair look lively. So, If you are looking for a perfect time to color your hair red, it is now.

It’s not a coincidence that we are here with everything you need to know about natural red hair dye. From specific shades of red to tips and a detailed procedure, we have got you covered. So why think again? let’s get started already!

What Is Natural Red Hair Dye?

A red hair dye is a hair color having a red-brown hue. A person who has orange-red hair by birth is often called a redhead or a ginger head.

For dyers, the tone of the color varies according to the base of the head. Some people have a darker scalp hue with light hair strands and vice versa.

The term ‘Natural’ is used for a hair dye that is made with natural ingredients. A natural/organic red hair dye protects the hair from environmental stress and damage. There is only one such natural red hair dye; Henna.

Why Use Red Henna Hair Dye?

Organic henna is obtained from the plant Lawsonia inermis, and there is nothing artificial added in doing so. Henna is the single natural red hair dye present today.

Since this red-brown hair dye is organic, not even pesticides or chemical fertilizers are present in it.

In this era of high adulteration, no one should reject a super organic hair product. It is free of chemicals and has herbal benefits. Henna dye is such a pure product that is not only safer but also healthier for the roots. Along with blessing your hair with a bright red hue, it nourishes your hair and removes dandruff with its antimicrobial properties.

Best Red-Brown Hair Dye

Now that you know why you should henna your hair, let us decide between the shades. Though people have different baseline hair colors, red henna appears in varied hues on each individual.

Besides, you can also choose between different red henna hues from several online companies like ours. We have mixed other natural ingredients to change shades a bit while keeping the purity intact.

●      Natural Red Henna Hair Dye

This is pure henna hair dye without any additions. It appears darker on dark hair and a brighter red color on lighter hair like blond on grey.

●      Auburn Henna Hair Dye

For hair colors close to ginger, choose auburn henna dye. It is a natural powerhouse of magical ingredients like henna, red clay, and indigo powder. This hair dye promotes hair growth and gives a classical brunette shade.

●      Burgundy Henna Hair Dye

Full of natural ingredients, this henna hair dye is best for those who like it to be maroon-red with a hint of purple. This unique shade is a deal-breaker and works wonders to give you a classy boss-lady look.

●      Orange Red Henna Hair Dye

If you love orange and tamarind colors, this hair dye is for you. With its light orange-red color, this dye works best on blonde and light brown hair.

●      Deep Red Henna Hair Dye

In this hair dye product, Red Kaolinite Clay is present. A unique mixture of both these powders yields a deeper red color, a little fair than maroon. It produces lighter undertones and also makes your hair look shiny and smooth.

  • Wine Red Henna Hair Dye

Wine red henna hair dye is best for people having naturally dark hair colors like black and brown. It gives a classy red wine-like color that shines in the sunlight.

●      Mahogany Henna Hair Dye

For those who want a red shade with a brown touch, mahogany dye is the best. Lawsonia Linn and Kaolinite Clay are mixed with natural henna to come up with this elegant dye.

How to Henna Dye Your Hair Red

  1. Measure enough henna for your hair

Take the amount of henna suitable for your hair. For shorter hair, up to 200 grams of henna powder may be enough. But if you have long hair, you may require 300-500 grams of henna powder, depending on how long your hair is.

  1. Prepare the henna paste

Take the measured amount of henna in a bowl. Keep adding water little by little and mix with each addition. It is necessary because too much liquid can make the paste runny and difficult to handle. Remove all lumps and mix well to form a uniform, thick paste.

  1. Let the mixture sit

Pour the henna mixture into an air-tight box or simply cover the bowl with plastic wrap. For best results, we advise letting the mixture sit for at least 12 hours. Store it at room temperature away from direct light.

  1. Apply to your hair

Divide your hair into equal sections. Use an applicator brush to apply the henna mixture. Make sure to cover the roots and each strand well. Let it sit for at least 4 hours. If your natural hair color is much darker, you should wait at least 6 hours before washing it off.

  1. Rinse your hair

Now, rinse your hair with slightly warm water. Do not use shampoo at this point, and simply wash with tap water. Now praise your new look!

Tips to Make Your Red Hair Dye Last Longer

  • Make sure you leave the henna dye for enough hours
  • Do not shampoo your hair for at least the first two days
  • Use natural oil like coconut or olive oil to regularly nourish your hair
  • You may use a mild conditioner whenever you like
  • Avoid stressing the hair with heating tools like a curling or flat iron
  • Wash with lukewarm water

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should I henna my hair?

As soon as your natural roots start to grow out, you can apply your natural red hair dye again. Generally, dyeing once a month is enough to maintain your redhead. If your hair grows much faster, you can apply the paste more often but refrain from redyeing within a week.

Is red henna hair dye permanent?

Yes, henna dyes your hair permanently. However, the color fades with time and does not remain as bright as at the start.

Can henna damage your hair?

Natural red henna does not damage your hair in any way. Though, black henna is processed with harmful chemicals like other artificial hair dyes. It can degrade your hair health.

Take away

Everyone wishes to use a red-brown hair dye once in their lives. In that case, we recommend going for red henna hair dye.

As the only natural red hair dye, henna does not damage your hair like conventional dyes. For the best results, choose the best shade and follow the guidelines carefully.

So go grab this amazing opportunity to get that bright redhead and feel more confident than ever!

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