Some Great Tips You Should Know to Purchase the Best Cowboy Hats 

The cowboy hats are one of the most versatile and loved hats in the market. Not only they are comfortable to wear but also look extremely eye-catching due to their brim and crown. When paired with proper outfits, the cowboy hats can make you look attractive while also helping you stand apart from the crowd. 

The cowboy hats showcase the Western heritage. The popularity of cowboy hats exploded in the 19th century when people used to drive cattle while wearing cowboy hats. Apart from making you look attractive; they can also protect you during the summer and winter months. 

The cowboy hats are one of the best fashion accessories to include in your wardrobe. Nowadays, cowboy hats become common due to the influence of celebrities. However, keep in mind that just because you’re purchasing a cowboy hat doesn’t mean it will look good on you. The cowboy hats will increase your fashion statement only when you choose the perfect one and pair it with proper outfits. Here are some tips you need to know to choose the perfect cowboy hats. 

The X-Factor 

Since most high-quality and durable cowboy hats are made of wool or straw, the price range is dependent on a lot of factors including the materials, crown, brim size, etc. The value of the cowboy hat is determined by the amount of rabbit and heaver fur used during the manufacturing process. After that, the cowboy hats are labeled with X marking that can you notice inside the crown. 

The more the Xs, the better and more expensive the cowboy hats will be. During their prime time, the 7X and 5X cowboy hats were used to be considered as the best ones available in the market. 

20X hats state that the cowboy hats are made of 100% beaver fur. However, manufacturers have developed different scales and therefore, it’s impossible to compare their effectiveness with the X factor. 

Straw hats come with X marketing inside the crown as well. This indicates the quality and tightness of the straw. The better the straws, the lighter the hats are and the tighter the weave. Even though the straw cowboy hats are less expensive than the wool cowboy hats, they are still effective. 

The Choice of Colors

The retailer will show you a wide range of shaded hats,depending on the sort that you’re searching for and pick.

Some standard cap colors appear differently in relation to a wide range of shirt designs, like checks, stripes, and winds around, including brown, dark, and some shade colors like silver and white. If you would rather not buy another cap much of the time, you ought to pick a shading that will work out in a good way for your currentchoice of garments.

The Durability 

This is one of the most effective tips you need to know while purchasing cowboy hats. If you want to use your cowboy hat for a couple of years, you need to ensure that the hat is durable. The cowboy hats are made of different materials such as blended fur, fur, wood, and straw. Therefore, you need to remember the durability of the materials that are used in the cowboy hats. 

If you want to purchase cowboy hats that are made of fur and white fur, they might cost you a significant amount of money. However, they are most durable and capable of withstanding harsh outdoor conditions. Therefore, they will last longer. On the other hand, straw and wool cowboy hats are less expensive, but they might not last as long as the felt cowboy hats. 

The lifespan of the cowboy hats is dependent on how much you use them and how properly you take care of them. 


The Size of the Hat

The third significant thing to consider is the cap’s size, as the measuring makes it unique in relation to a customary baseball cap. The baseball caps are for the most part flexible, and they can fit individuals with various head shapes and sizes. Then again, rancher caps are not adaptable; for that reason you ought to pick a cap that suits you to try not to get awkward later on.

You can likewise take the assistance of an expert cap retailer to assist you with picking the right size. You ought to choose ahat that fits serenely on your head and doesn’t pass over in the whirlwind. Additionally, remember not to pick a cap that is too tightas it will confine the blood stream and can cause slight wrinkles on your head. An accomplished cap retailer will help you in picking the right cap that fits and solaces you.


The Hat Maintenance and Care

You always need to know about the proper care and maintenance of the cowboy hats before you purchase them. Every cowboy hat requires proper care and maintenance so that they look perfect. However, the maintenance and care process of some cowboy hats is more complicated and time-consuming than the others. Here are some essential methods to take care of your cowboy hats:

  • Hardening and Shaping: The brim of the felt cowboy hats will start bending if you wear them in moderate weather conditions such as humidity or rain. However, you don’t need to worry as you can apply a hardener and easily change the shape of the brim to its original form. The reshaping process includes sharpening the crease of the crown. You can also extend the shaping or hardening treatment so that you can hold the brim to its actual position. If the hat is wet, make sure you hang it properly until it’s dried completely. 
  • Stains: The stains occur on the cowboy hats around the headband. Sweat is the primary cause of the stain. However, if you use high-quality headbands, you will be able to prevent sweat from entering your headband. Even if you notice signs of stains on your hat, make sure you visit a professional hatter who will help you remove the stains easily. 

Weather Protection 

Even though the cowboy hats can withstand sunlight, UV rays, and rain that doesn’t mean that they are invincible and can withstand any weather condition. As per Family Doctor, overexposure to sunlight will darken your skin.

You can use hat protectors or rain caps during heavy rain. This might diminish the attractiveness of the cowboy hats, but you will be able to protect them and maintain their lifespan. Felt hats are compatible to resist water. The straw cowboy hats are great for the summer months. 

The Durability

The 6th component is the life expectancy and toughness of a hat.The Texas style caps are produced using various materials like fur, mixed fur, straw, and wood, so you ought to likewise remember the sturdiness of materials utilized in caps.

Rancher caps made of white fur and fur mix might set you back large chunk of change, yet they will keep going for quite a while. Then again, fleece and straw caps might appear to be less expensive, however they will not lastas long as felt caps.

A rancher cap’s life goes from the amount you deal with it and how much cash you will spend. Going with a costly one is the most ideal decision and worth the cash since you will get a decent quality cap that will keep going quite a while.





Texas style Hat is a Cultural Master Piece

Texas style caps are significant and precise tokens of Western history, where everybody cherished wearing caps. These caps address a huge piece of American legacy and culture that is as yet saved and pervasive in various states.

Texas style caps are worn well by individuals and are energized in certain spots. You’ll observe many individuals wearing such caps in states like Texas, Tennessee, and southern pieces of the US. Individuals actually love purchasing rancher caps and really focusing on them, in light of their public legacy.

When is the ideal opportunity to wear a felt Texas style cap?

A straw cap is extraordinary for blistering environments since it will inhale and allow your head to remain cool. In any case, assuming you are in colder climate, wearing a felt Texas style cap might be more proper.

Contrasted with straw, felt Texas style caps are much more strong and feel a little heavier on the head. While straw caps are more fitting and agreeable for summer, felt Texas style caps are more appropriate for winter wear.

As a rule, you can wear felt caps from Labor Day to Memorial Day and wear straw caps from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

You can wear felt rancher caps in a proper setting, it’s typical to see cattle rustlers wear dim felt Texas style caps and dress cowpoke boots with suits or slacks to evening weddings, conferences, or meals.


Cowboy hats are one of the most significant parts of Western history. Therefore, don’t make mistakes while choosing them. Additionally, pair the cowboy hats with the best outfits. 

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