Skin beauty in spring

After winter and cold winds, our skin can feel shocked during the sudden warming. In spring, as in any other time of the year, you need to take care of your skin carefully and use slightly different products than you had in your cosmetic bag in winter. Of course, with the help of PRX-T33 peeling, many problems with the appearance of the skin can be solved, but complex care is always required.

What means should be used by girls and women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s?

  1. At 20, we use lighter products with a less rich composition of components. For us, the most important goal is to moisturize the skin and preserve its current state.
  2. At 30, it is already worth using products with amino acids and polynucleotides. They will help smooth out some imperfections on a very delicate level.
  3. For 40-year-olds, we recommend using products that, in addition to amino acids and polynucleotides, include lifting components to tighten the skin.
  4. The older we get, the richer preparations we should use. Therefore, at the age of 50+, peptides must be added to amino acids, polynucleotides, and lifting components. But it should be understood that only external means will no longer be able to completely restore the skin. We advise you to do additional care procedures and fill the body with useful substances from the inside. So, today beauty droppers are in special demand.

What peels and scrubs should be preferred?

We do not recommend using chemicals and other peels on your own, without a doctor’s prescription, as you can harm your skin, and then lengthy recovery procedures await you. But finely dispersed scrubs (with small particles) and gommages are very acceptable to use once or twice a week.

Top 5 biggest skincare mistakes in spring and how to fix them.

  1. SPF cream

Spring is a very deceiving time of the year, as it seems to us that the sun is not yet in its active phase and SPF cream is not always needed. However, such a cream should definitely be used in the spring.

  1. Special protection and nutrition of the skin

In the spring, you need to use creams that not only moisturize, but nourish and protect against chapping, since the winds are quite cold during this period.

  1. Support for the hydro balance of the whole organism

The skin is primarily a mirror of the internal state of the body. And if the hydro balance in the whole body is disturbed, then no matter how much we use moisturizing creams, this will not be enough.

  1. Lack of vitamins and minerals

The lack of vitamins and microelements adversely affects the condition of the skin of the face. You can fill in all the missing substances in your body with the help of mesotherapy or biorevitalization.

  1. Abuse of matting agents

In the spring, all metabolic processes are activated in the skin, and the work of the sebaceous glands is no exception. The pores are narrowed and cannot independently get rid of the excess secret. And with the help of matting products, we clog them even more and dry the skin. As a result, comedones and profuse rashes appear. Only an integrated approach will help you prevent the appearance of shine on the skin in the future.

Is there a quick way to prepare the skin for the change of season?

If you prepare the body, and especially the immune system, then the change of season will pass unnoticed and without negative consequences for your skin. Beauty droppers and properly selected micro- and macronutrients will help you with this.

How to choose a sunscreen?

The basic and universal rule when choosing a sunscreen is an SPF level of at least 30.

We would like to note that often the need to use sunscreen is remembered only in spring and summer, but this is a big mistake. In fact, in winter and autumn, the harmful effect of the sun on the skin is not reduced due to its reflection from snow or water drops. Therefore, SPF cream should be used at any time of the year.

When asked how to choose it, we recommend a cream with an SPF of 20-30. But the main thing you should pay attention to is the texture of the cream: it should properly lie on the skin. For many, sunscreens are associated with a heavy mask, but, for example, gel ones lie on the skin with a light veil and do not cause discomfort. In addition, now on the market there are many different creams with a gel texture, which in structure resemble liquid milk.

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