Ryan Haywood is an artist, musician, writer, and educator. He is also an accomplished photographer who has explored the connection between music and photography since graduating with a degree in Audio Visual Communications.

Ryan Haywood has always remained a successful actor since 2009, something you might not have been aware of. In addition to his acting work, he has been a host of various video content and also writes about video games for some websites. In 2014, he joined the voice-over industry as a native Spanish voice-over artist and has garnered a large following on his Twitch channel.

Among these roles, his most popular online persona is his video game journalism career. Haywood has been a journalist for over a decade – he has worked with larger companies such as IGN and Game Informer, as well as smaller ones like XBLGB. His work has earned him critical acclaim, with publications like The Washington Post touting his work as an up-and-coming actor to watch out for.

Biographical Information About Ryan Haywood

Ryan was born and raised in the Columbus, Georgia region. His father referred to him as Ryan instead of James, and thus the name stuck.  Ryan first started his modeling career in a publication called Twist, a leading teen magazine in Georgia. He appeared as a model during his high school years and spent a great deal of time on photo shoots and scouting events.

A few years ago, he became an online sensation for his work with 7 Days to Die, appearing in a variety of Let’s Play videos for the popular franchise.

 “A coworker inquired me from whence I came from, and I told him I might be from Nyc.’

For a cause as important as Extra Life, Ryan Gosling joined the fight by appearing on a charity Livestream. When the $200,000 goal was met, he shared photos from his modeling days. During this time, he also made an appearance on a runway show wearing a gnome costume and standing on a mushroom.

Ryan has always enjoyed the arts, and his education shows it.

The artist attended Full Sail University, where he studied Computer Animation. After completing his studies, he looked to expand his horizons, taking classes in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Broadcast, and Theater. Ryan even had the opportunity to study abroad in England while earning his degree at Georgia Southern University, further expanding his artistic knowledge while traveling the world.

Personal life

When he was just starting high school, future veterinarian Laurie Higginbotham fell in love with Ryan Haywood — and the pair married shortly after. The couple welcomed their first child — a son named Eli — in 2011, and the family lives happily in their home near Little Rock, Arkansas.

When he’s not working, Haywood can be found playing with his children, including his daughter Olivia whose birth was broadcasted through his Twitch channel. Haywood lives with his wife and kids in Austin, Texas.


Ryan Haywood always wanted to change his life for the better. After attending multiple auditions with no success, he started working on his portfolio. Two years after uploading some of his photographs online, Ryan was invited to attend an interview in Los Angeles with a famous agency. His first modeling gig came shortly on the heels of this first meeting, and before long Ryan was making a comfortable monthly income from this dream job.

Before Ryan Haywood launched his own YouTube channel, he had to make sure that he wanted to be a content creator. So, Haywood responded to an ad on Craigslist to join Rooster Teeth, where he was asked to drive down multiple times to make sure he was passionate about the position.  And even though Haywood’s videos might seem like a late-night production, they’re carefully crafted creations that took hours of work to plan out.

Rooster Teeth is an innovative production studio and leading digital publisher, the home of popular online brands such as Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, and ScrewAttack. Formed in Austin, Texas, Rooster Teeth began producing podcasts and YouTube videos that were distributed on its website before moving into full-length productions and then building a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Moving from Corpus Christi to Austin, Texas was a tough decision for Haywood, as he had to leave all of his friends and family behind. He was worried about how his newfound coworkers will react, yet they embraced him with great enthusiasm right away. He began his career as a machinima animator at Rooster Teeth, working on projects for “The Strangerhood”, “Red vs. Blue”, and “The Gauntlet”.

Haywood established a significant role at Rooster Teeth upon embracing this organization in earlier time 2004. With his presence in Red vs Blue and Immersion, he quickly gained a large fan base. In addition to his work on video games, Haywood also became active in Achievement Hunter in 2010 — quickly gaining fame for his wit and humor.

His video production skills have earned him recognition amongst his peers, notably for producing an achievement guide for the critically acclaimed game The Witcher 2. With Rooster Teeth, Ryan was still in charge of producing a lot of animated features.

Many people may not know Haywood’s face, but they’ve seen his name. His online moniker is SortaMaliciousGaming, and he is a regular on the gaming channel Twitch. He has been featured in several Twitch Rivals tournaments as well as other beta events for new games.

Twitch is an online broadcasting website where users may show off their gaming abilities, especially those who are new to this platform and also to its concept. The channel was largely unsuccessful at first, but things changed when Haywood started uploading videos of himself losing control of his emotions while playing video games. He soon made a name for himself in the community as “The Mad King”.

Ryan Haywood Is Embroiled In a Scandal

Allegations of sexual misconduct lobbed against author Ryan Haywood by one of his underage fans shocked the literary world. Haywood had already gained notoriety after signing on with a popular literary brand, but the controversy put a stop to his meteoric rise to stardom as he resigned from his role as a well-paid editor at a top publishing house.

A spreadsheet posted on Reddit accused Haywood of sexual misconduct with an anonymous person (an alleged victim) who stated that he/she was able to track down three other victims through the social media platform. The anonymous source stated that Haywood had been involved with several people, some of whom were minors, and all of them while he was married.

Tessa Graves, an ex-girlfriend of Haywood’s, recently shared her story with online media. She claimed that they began seeing one another when she was 17 years old, but that she eventually revealed her true age to him. Graves also alleged that Haywood sent nude photos over email and text throughout their relationship.

Many additional ladies have come out to share their similar experiences. They have decided to expose their identities or stay anonymous, but they all have the same message: this conduct should not be condoned.

Ryan Haywood’s Fate and Rooster Teeth

After the allegations went public on Twitter, Haywood took to social media to respond. “These incidents happened nearly eight years ago,” he tweeted. “I am deeply sorry for my actions and will accept and fully cooperate with any consequences they bring.”

With a two-word tweet, he set off a flurry of activity — and ultimately confirmed his exit from Rooster Teeth.

After he departs from Rooster Teeth, Ryan Haywood announced on Twitter that he would be taking some time away from the public spotlight. Yet, despite his absence, his name continues to be embroiled in controversy. He referred the event to the authorities after getting multiple death threats though! His former co-worker Michael Jones has since made a statement on Twitch, confirming that all traces of Ryan Haywood have been removed from the platform.

What Does Ryan Haywood Up To These Days?

Last month, star voice actor Ryan Haywood announced his departure from Rooster Teeth’s famous anime series RWBY on Twitter. The news was welcomed with applause from fans, who praised Haywood for taking time off to attend after his family. Haywood was accused of cheating on his wife with teenage Rooster Teeth followers in later claims.

The fact that the couple has kept their relationship very private for years has caused a stir among fans. Haywood and his wife have not commented on the nature of their relationship – but they have posted photos of their two kids, who we can assume are theirs. The couple seems to be happy together and the kids seem to be well cared for, so no one can complain too much.

Haywood was silent on social networking sites for several months after being expelled from Twitch in early January. He deleted his whole social networking presence. Many of his supporters, unsurprisingly, used the occasion to vent their displeasure with the situation.


He enjoys classic video games. In the AH vs. Achievement Hunter game, Ryan was the star of the night, hitting two home runs and scoring four runs for his team (which eventually lost the game, with the only other run coming from Matt).

It’s rare to find someone who can be genuinely friendly while still retaining an edge, but Ryan is one of the lucky few. He’s taken his skills in games like Trouble in Terrorist Town and Murder, where people are actively trying to kill each other, to other games such as 7 Days to Die and Garry’s Mod — where he’s among friends — and turned it into a virtue, attempting to save everyone while generally having a good time.

Net Worth

No one knows how much Ryan Haywood is worth, but it’s a lot. In many ways, estimating his net worth is more art than science, as the man has been notoriously secretive about his net worth.

Based on his public statements and reported earnings from independent sources, it is simple to forecast that he earns at least a few million a year. One can also extrapolate his spending habits from various news associations. It’s impossible to calculate Ryan Haywood’s exact net worth, but the most accurate online estimate is currently sitting at $1.5 million.

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