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With one of the most famous exes in showbiz, Rikkie Leigh Robertson has had to face a lot of turbulence. The celebrity makeup artist was married to Abraham Quintanilla for a year, and she is Selena’s elder brother’s ex-wife. She has been through a lot in life, and she has faced it all with grace and class.

A.B. Quintanilla is one of the most beloved musicians in the Latin community, but he’s also known for being an amazing family man. The brother of international icon Selena, A.B. was not only her manager but her musical collaborator. He was even married to one of Selena’s former bandmates, Rikkie Leigh Robertson, though they’re now divorced.


Rikkie Robertson is a model.

Rikkie along with her former hubby.
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Rikkie Leigh Robertson, commonly recognized as Rikkie, was brought into the world downtown Corpus Christi, in the famous city of Texas, around March 14, and the year was 1988. She is an American artist with model looks who has amassed over 200,000 Instagram followers to date. However, there is next to nothing about her personal life online; furthermore, she has never spoken publicly about the details of her upbringing or family life. Currently 33 years old, she was born under the zodiac sign Pisces. Rikkie Leigh Robertson is a model and actress from Austin, Texas, with Scottish and British roots.

Rikkie is a model, famous for her work at various modeling agencies. In this capacity, she has appeared in advertising campaigns and made notable appearances at high-profile fashion shows.

In the days following her divorce from A.B. Quintanilla, just about every aspect of Mrs. Quintanilla’s life has been documented by the Mexican tabloid media. She maintains a low-key presence on social media, but her friends and family have found themselves in the spotlight as a result of their close ties to something as private as a divorce. We’ll dig through these details and learn about everything we can about Mrs.

Selena fans are familiar with A.B., the superstar’s father in the hit Netflix original series ‘Selena: The Series — but what about his exes? Rikkie Leigh Robertson was one of A.B.’s five wives in real life, and she has some things to say about his personality in the interview below.

What Is The Backstory of Rikkie Leigh’s Relationship With AB Quintanilla’s Previous Fiancée?

A.B., whose full name is Abraham Quintanilla Jr., went on to marry, Evangelina “Vangie” Almeida when he turned 24 years old. A.B. has remarked that his wife knew the difficult path the family made when following their musical goals; the two married in 1988, prior to Selena would become a superstar.

They were young and in love, traveling for hours before Vangie could even get to the studio. But soon they had their first child, Svani (which means ‘heavenly music’ in Sanskrit). Gianni (which signifies ‘God is generous’ in Italian) was the bride’s second child.

Their family remained their top priority throughout their relationship, as they spent a lot of time touring, but they still found time to see each other whenever possible.

Selena’s marriage to A.B. ended in 1995, just four years after their wedding. The split caused the media to scrutinize A.B., accusing him of being a bad influence on Selena and preventing her from succeeding professionally. Billboard called this period in her life “Selena’s dark days,” while People labeled it “one of the most devastating divorces in music history.

He later married long-time lover Rikkie Leigh Robertson around November 12, 2011.

While their marriage was challenging, A.B. and Rikkie worked together to make it work. During their marriage, they appeared in a few music videos together, for example, A.B.’s song “Hate My Life. Rikkie is an expert in the art of appearance and expression as a model and YouTube video developer. Her ability is evident in her blog, where she shares her knowledge and expertise to encourage others.

Rikkie and A.B. announced their divorce in 2016, after a painful year of dealing with the dissolution of their marriage. In a 2019 interview, Rikkie opened up about the divorce’s ugliness, including “the toughest thing I’ve been through.

A.B. married Anjelah Orellano, his girlfriend of just over a year, on September 16. The wedding took place in the Nevada city of Las Vegas.

Her Net Worth and Professional Background

Rikkie Leigh Robertson is a renowned model that’s associated with the modeling agency Dynasty Models. She’s been part of numerous fashion and runway shows and has also starred in commercials and music videos — she seems to thrive at any opportunity given to her.

We estimate her net worth to be about $1.1 million, though this number can easily go up or down depending on her upcoming events. With an estimated income of $22,000 to $21,000 per year, she might be getting paid in the lower range of that estimate.

Her ex-husband, according to an article on ABCNews.go.com, has $5 million in assets accumulated throughout his career as a singer. Her ex-husband was a successful musician who earned millions from his career, so she received a decent divorce settlement.

Rikkie Leigh Robertson’s Current Whereabouts

After her divorce from A. B, Rikkie found solace in an old friend of hers from middle school — they were best friends at Louisianna before their feud in high school. At the time she didn’t think she’d ever spoken to him again… but as they say, you never know who you might run into again.

She was friends with her future husband, David Gonzales, for three years before they started dating.

Body Measurements

Besides her physical features, she has a great personality. You’ll notice her constant smile and enthusiasm for humanity as you begin to understand her more. Her bubbly personality, however, can sometimes be a double-edged sword — it can make you feel insecure when you’re around her; but in reality, she makes everyone feel like they’re the best version of themselves.

She is 5 feet 9 inches tall, with a 68-inch bust, 38-inch waist, and 30-inch hips. Her brows and tresses are both browns. She is active on popular social media websites like Twitter and Instagram where she has a lot of followers who are always curious to know more about her. She loves to post pictures on Instagram and tweets on Twitter concerning her daily life and important events. Her followers can also watch videos of her on YouTube.

When Rikkie and David decided to tie the knot, they had no idea that they were going to end up doing it with all of their family and friends in one room. The couple, who met through their exes (who are brothers), didn’t want to wait too long to get married, so they immediately went ahead with the proposal. “We’ve been together for like six months now, and we’re already engaged.

The two have been very open about their relationship and have shared multiple photos on social media.

David Gonzales, Her Fiancé

Ascending Photography has been a torch-bearer for wedding photography in Anchorage, Alaska. A renowned and trusted brand, Ascending is the first and only choice of thousands of couples who want nothing but the best for their special day.

 David Gonzales, a professional photographer at Ascending Photography, captured the happiness of Rikkie and David on their day together.

With his keen eye for detail and focus on the couple, Gonzales is responsible for the beautiful photos of husk cherries cascading down the ceremony aisle, close-ups of Rikkie’s delicate lace gown, and all the fun moments with the guests.

“This has been a hard while in the making,” he captioned the photo. “I’ve worked hard to make this day possible and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Rikkie and I were married yesterday and it was one of those perfect days you dream of as a kid.”

In any case, a year after their wedding Rikkie and Quintanilla separated and headed out in a different direction. Quintanilla, in an elite meeting with PeopleEnEspanol, uncovered that his marriage with Rikkie was finished.

The marriage of Rikkie and Quintanilla was not honored with a kid, so it was simple for them to continue on. Prior to getting hitched to Rikkie, Quintanilla had been hitched twice to Heather Grein and Brenda Ramirez.

As per the reports, Quintanilla is currently hitched to Anjelah Orellano, his fourth spouse; they wedded in Sept 2019 in Las Vegas; the artist is a dad to eight kids from various connections.

The image speaks volumes about the couple’s love for each other as well as their faithfulness and commitment to each other. They kept posting the same picture even after they got married and didn’t change anything in their posts. The couple also confirmed that they’re ready to start a family together.

Besides, Rikkie Robins has modeled on the runway, in print publications, and filmed commercial ads. She’s also a receptionist for a law firm, works as a freelance creative consultant, and is currently represented by The Blanco Agency.

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