How to Choose an Ideal Foot and Heel Balm for Sensitive Skin?

Are you looking for a way to get velvety heels and smooth feet, but a regular moisturizer keeps failing you because of your sensitive skin? If what we just described touches a sore spot for you because you struggle to find a suitable product for your feet, we have the best solution for you; a foot balm. A good quality foot and heel balm is excellent at keeping the feet plumped up, safe from cracking. That said, choosing the right product may seem too puzzling because of the wide variety of options to choose from available in the market.

From online product lines to in-store ranges, there are so many choices of creams for the feet that anyone is bound to get woozy. Well, not anymore because we will share some pro-tips on choosing an ideal foot and heel balm with you and make life so much easier.

Look For Karanja or Pongamia Oil

Like all moisturizing serums, foot creams need to have specific compounds that target common foot issues, such as cracking and flaking. And Pongamia oil is one such component. It is a popular ingredient in the dermatological world to deal with dry heels. It provides the withering cells in the feet with much-needed water to heal the dryness.

Therefore, when you go looking for a suitable foot and heel balm for your sensitive skin, check the ingredient list and be sure the item has Karanja/ Pongamia oil.

Neem Oil Is a Must

Neem is a commonly used herb in South Asia and is known for its therapeutic properties, which is why it’s used in many tonics and herbal cures.

One of the most notable qualities of neem is its ability to tackle inflammation. It is a famous anti-inflammatory agent; therefore, it’s used in many skin creams.

As you must have guessed by now, neem needs to be in your foot balm! Neem oil, also known as margosa oil, should be one of the primary components of your foot cream. So, when you are looking for a product to keep your feet glowing, keep an eye out for neem oil on the ingredient list.

It’s Good to Have Peppermint

 Peppermint is a common element in most foot and heel balms for sensitive skin, as it offers a cooling effect and calms down worn-out skin. It is also an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent, so it cleanses the skin and removes harmful microorganisms that may be breeding in the cells. Eliminating acne-causing microbes is another remarkable effect of using peppermint.

Since you have sensitive skin, you should make sure the serum you choose for your feet has peppermint.

Shea Butter Should Be There Too

When talking about skin moisturizing, shea butter always becomes part of the conversation and rightly so! It is one of the most beneficial ingredients in a skin product as it is an excellent emollient. Aside from softening the skin, shea butter is known for reducing swelling and eczema.

Long story short, check the ingredient list for shea butter when you go to get yourself an effective foot and heel balm. 

A Caveat to Remember

Always go for a foot product that contains natural constituents and those are less likely to cause an allergic reaction than synthetic compounds. Therefore, if you come across an unknown name on an item’s ingredient list, look it up and make sure that it’s a natural element.

Ending Note

If you put in the effort to find the right foot and heel balm for yourself, you can have soft and glowing skin just like on the TV. So, the next time you see celebs with smooth crack-free heels on the telly, don’t feel envious because you can have it too if you invest in a good quality foot cream to soothe your dull and dry skin. 

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