Benefits Of Avocado For The Hair

A lot of people don’t think of their hair so much so that they spend time taking care of it. Some others just follow proper hygiene and that is all they use to make their hair look clean and sparkling.

We are here to tell you that it isn’t just about hygiene, a lot of things can help improve hair health for a person. For instance, there are particular oils that could be used on the hair to help you get the benefits of having your hair grow strong and smooth.

One of the oils that we are going to be focusing on here is avocado and how it is able to help improve hair growth. The avocado oil is good for this because of the properties that it possesses, avocado is filled with vitamins, antioxidants, and monounsaturated fats.

Let us go on and look at the benefits of avocado on the hair. Firstly, let us talk about the things that make avocado good for the hair.

Why Does Avocado Help For Hair Growth And Provide Some Benefits To The Hair

Firstly one major reason is that as a fruit, avocado is moisturizing and has a lot of natural oils that make it nourishing. Avocado contains good fat, talking about the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

All of these oils have proven to be good when applied to every hair type but it is mainly useful for hair that has been dehydrated or dry. Avocado is the first fruit before an oil, most people know the avocado as a fruit, not as an oil. The oil is known to very few people.

It is common only among people that take care of their hair. The fruit itself consists of vitamins that improve the scalp and help the hair look very healthy and shiny.

The fruit also has biotin, which is a substance that is known to help the nails and hair of a person grow fast. Some people have a biotin deficiency, a rare disease. Avocados can help in this situation.

With the biotin that avocado possesses, alongside the vitamin, you can get a diet that could help your hair grow healthier. Scientists have also said that after studying avocado oil, they have noticed minerals like potassium and magnesium.

Both of these minerals can help you lock cuticle cells in your scalp to help you get smooth and shiny hair. It also makes sure your hair doesn’t break. It is not a clinically accepted hair treatment but with its components and what studies have shown, avocado is good for your hair.

Firstly, vegetable oil helps you avoid getting damaged hair and the fatty acids are there to reduce the oil and enhance hair quality automatically.

We have heard from a lot of sources that when you use the avocado mask, your hair becomes silkier and stronger than usual.

Avocado Oil Benefits On The Hair

The major role of oil on your hair is to help you not experience breakage in your hair. As we all know, your scalp produces oil on its own but sometimes it doesn’t meet up to the standard, and then there is an uneven oil balance in the hair.

Aside from the imbalance in the hair, some environmental factors can also cause the hair to be dry, and then it becomes brittle.

Also, based on research, there is a paper that was published that gave us the information that using vegetable oils near the scalp can help to protect your hair strands from any damage.

The roots of all your hair strands become stronger and then your hair doesn’t break as they grow out of your scalp. Just as expected for things like this, some oil would work better than the others in this aspect.

The saturated and monounsaturated oils work better for hair penetration than the polyunsaturated. Avocado oils are filled mainly with monounsaturated oil, this is what makes it a better choice than any other oil.

Avocado oil also has things like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that have been proven to help keep your hair strong and completely healthy. Avocado would help to:

  1. Decrease Dandruff

The skin on the scalp is always better and healthier when it is moisturized or properly hydrated. If for instance, you have dry or flaky skin on your scalp, you can easily use avocado oil to massage the scalp before you use any shampoo to wash or condition the hair.

When you use avocado oil on your scalp, you see the difference because then dandruff no longer appears on your head. Using these oils to moisturize and massage the scalp could help you avoid getting dry or flaky skin.

  1. Avoid Breakage

When your scalp skin is dry and brittle, the chances of it falling off are high, and so, using this oil to coat the hair would get it to be more flexible.

Flexible in the sense that it doesn’t break over a small stretch, some people have their hair fall out when they comb or brush it. Using this oil would help to avoid that issue.

You don’t have to treat your hair like is not a part of you just because it is a form of waste coming out of the body. It is also used to make an appearance. Or instance, a lot of people don’t even mind the way they use the brush on their hair, they just put it through and then let it fall off.

It is best to brush or take care of the sides first before taking it all the way inside so it doesn’t fall off as it does. Also, some people tie their hair too tight, this isn’t good because most times the roots can’t take the stress it causes on them.

Don’t use rubber bands to pack the hair, you don’t have to do this because your hair could get damaged when you do this. Using bleach on your hair and relaxers are all intoxicating to the hair. This causes your hair to be unhealthy.

Doing all of this cannot be taken back by the avocado oil but it could help to prevent future problems by moisturizing the hair problems.

  1. Untangle The Hair

Putting avocado oil on your head could be good for the hair because it helps you Untangle it. To help your brushing experience get better, you can use your fingertips to rub the edge of your hair, this helps your brushing to be a lot simpler.

After using this oil, you can now get a big comb to help you untangle the air properly. It will move smoothly into the hair and then it will make sure your hair knots properly. After you use the bigger comb to untangle your hair, you can get your normal size comb so you can use it to make the hair look better.

  1. Keep The Hair From Damage

Some environmental problems can also join in the cause of your hair being dry.

Pollution in the air, excess sunlight, seawater, and chlorine can cause your hair to dry out.

The environmental damages to the hair can all be prevented when you use the oil on your hair.

For those who go to the beach, it is best to use avocado oil on your hair before going in to swim.

Just a little avocado oil for the thin layer to get your hair strong and healthy for the dive.

For those with long hair, it is tough to say you will rub avocado oil on your hair and some wouldn’t spill on your skin. To avoid this, use something to tie your hair after using the oil.

During the summertime, you can use avocado oil as your hair sunscreen because it helps to protect the hair. A hat can also work for protection here. After swimming with your friends, use this oil so your hair doesn’t dry off and become flaky.

How To Apply Avocado Oil On Your Hair

There are a lot of methods used to apply this oil to a person’s hair or scalp. Here are the different ways In which people use avocado oil on their hair.

  1. Massaging The Scalp

According to so many researches and a lot of observations, oils being massaged into the scalp is the best way to help your hair be moisturized.

For those who do this regularly, the oil can help you avoid getting dandruff on your scalp.

When massaging your hair, you just need to get a little amount of oil enough for your hair. Either mix with hot water or microwave the oil so it is hot.

Separate your hair into different portions and make sure you are applying the oil directly to the scalp. This should be easy when using your fingertips.

If there are any affected areas on your scalp, the oil should also be applied there. It is also best to leave the oil on the hair so it can sink into the scalp before it is washed out with shampoo.

  1. Hair Mask

The hair mask is made by mashing avocados. When it is being mashed, it lets out oil and so that oil is what is used to massage the oil that makes it look shinier and also become healthy.

The avocado hair mask is best made following this process

  • The stone in the avocado and the back have to be removed and peeled off.
  • After removing and peeling out the back, you have to mash at least half of what is left inside a bowl.
  • Mix one egg York and a spoon filled with honey.
  • Mix all the ingredients and then apply it to your head and leave for some time.
  • Rinse off your hair completely and then dry it out.

This procedure doesn’t have to be done on a daily basis, twice a month should do the trick.

  1. Conditioner

You have managed to follow your routine and use shampoo on your hair. The shampoo sometimes can cause your hair to be dry and flaky most time.

This happens to most people who have damaged hair. They can use avocado oil as a conditioner for it. What we are driving here is that it is good to use avocado oil after using shampoo on your hair. Make sure the oil goes around your head.

After applying the oil on your hair as conditioner, leave it for some time and then rinse off with warm water.

Can Avocado Make Your Hair Thicker?

Yes. Avocados are blessed with two vitamins that are able to enhance the hair growth. According to what we know, avocados have both vitamin B and E. Both vitamins work hand in hand for hair growth.

Does avocado grow hair faster?

Vitamin B is known as Biotin which is used to enhance hair growth. The latter which is vitamin E helps to repair the damages on the scalp that stops your hair from growing.

How Fast Does Avocado Enhance Hair Growth?

Well, avocados work very fast. It works as fast as two weeks as long as you manage to eat two avocados a day. Your hair starts shining more than it used to.

Which oil is best for hair growth?

The hair health starts from the scalp which is the source of the hair on your head. Avocado doesn’t just work on your hair, it also works on your scalp so that the area can be prepared for the growth of the hair.

Does The Avocado Hair Mask Work As They Say It Does?

Well, this cannot be denied because the avocado hair mask works perfectly well mostly on dreads. It helps to smoother the dreads and make them silk.

The nutrients and the fats can aid the strength of the strands and enhance hair growth. So for sure, just like they say it does work.

Final Words

For the hair mask made with avocado, no scientist has been able to study and prove that it works fine but everything that has been said are reviews from different people. They say it has helped them a lot to get shinier hair.

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