Benefits Of Henna For The Hair

What’s Henna?

Henna is a plant that is known botanically with the name Lawsonia inermis. Henna has been used on most products like hair dyes and other hair products.

Among all the plants known to work for your hair, this plant is one of the oldest ones we know of.

The leaves from the Henna plant have also been popular in ancient times in North Africa and the Asian continent for medical purposes. It was also used sometimes as an ornament.

Is henna good for your hair?

Human hair has a lot of features that make it strong, for instance, the Martin protein in a person’s hair keeps it strong.

These proteins face a lot of risks when it is being exposed to any source of UV rays, especially the sun.

Other things that could affect the proteins are things like oxidative stress, chemicals, heating tools, and pollution.

Does henna make your hair thicker?

A hair pack which is also called a hair mask can be of help if you decide to repair hour hair or divide to wake the dead hair strands.

The hair packs in the market work out very well, the ones that are known to have henna as part of their ingredients, are also they are very beneficial. We will talk about the benefits of henna to the hair.

Benefits Of Henna To The Hair

As a traditional medicine, henna is also very effective and is used to treat a lot of illnesses. Hair treatment is also part of its many features.

Henna is packed with antifungal features that make it good for those who have dandruff and people experiencing hair loss. It also has an antimicrobial feature.

Henna is also good for decreasing the chances of you getting gray hair when you are not supposed to.

The fact that it prevents hair graying is due to the fact that it has tannins.

Tannin is a plant that is found mainly in teas and is good because it is part of the things that make tea have that coloring.

Should you shampoo after henna?

Henna has enough vitamin E inside it which makes it good for those who want to soften their hair. The natural leaves that are in the plant are packed with a lot of protein nutrients and a component that makes it good for hair growth. This component is called an antioxidant that promotes hair health.

For a very long time in history, a lot of people have been known to use henna as part of hair dye.

Can I sleep with henna in my hair?

For those who must have decided to get their hair colored, most of the products you get are packed with henna. Aside from coloring your hair, the ingredient is also known to maintain the health of your hair.

It helps to repair, condition, and balance the PH levels. There are many benefits from using henna as part of your hair treatment routine.

  1. It Helps To Enhance The Health Of The Scalp

Henna is good for your scalp because it has cooling, antifungal, and antimicrobial features.

It helps in the aspect of making the scalp less itchy and also it is good to help you treat people who suffer from dandruff.

  1. Helps Improve The Hair Color

Henna is a very popular natural hair dye but it is also capable of enhancing the hair’s natural layer and then helping you not to face hair graying at a young age.

  1. Helps You Avoid Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress in your hair is a result of unevenness in the generation of radicals.

The oxidative stress in your hair results in loss of hair, hair breakage, and graying at a young age.

Henna is good to solve this issue because it has antioxidants features that make it reduce oxidative stress.

  1. It Helps To Condition Your Hair

This is based on a study that has been able to tie the components of henna to that of the ingredients that are needed to keep your hair moisturized.

The hair conditioning properties are able to seal your hair cuticle and help your hair keep its moisture.

Although for things like this, you might have to mix the henna with something else to enhance the ability. You can mix it with more protein like egg.

  1. It Rejuvenates Damaged Strands And Keeps Your Hair Strengthened

Henna is very nourishing and so the nourishing components help you to repair your damaged hair.

It helps to keep your hair elastic, this is a good thing because this way your hair hardly breaks or fall off. All of these things make your hair a lot stronger.

  1. Balances Your PH And Oil Creation

Henna is a very good ingredient for people who have very oily hair and so they need to balance things out.

Its components can balance the production of oil from the scalp and the hair.

Apart from keeping your hair oil production standard, this ingredient also works well to balance out the PH of your scalp. It keeps it at a standard acid-alkaline level. This is good to keep your hair strands strong.

  1. It Helps Enhance Hair Growth And Eradicates Any Chance Of Hair Loss

Henna works very well for the scalp by enhancing the health of each strand.

This is what makes your hair grow and doesn’t fall out. With strong strands of hair on your head, you hardly experience any issues like hair loss. Your hair grows faster when your strands are strong.

Ways To Apply Henna And Enjoy These Benefits

These are the different ways you can enjoy some of the benefits of using henna. You can decide to just buy a product made with henna or make your henna-based hair treatment and enjoy it.

  1. Mixing Henna And Amla

Amla is a protein-based ingredient used to nourish your hair and eradicate hair fall but improves hair growth.

Eggs normally are filled with protein to keep your hair healthy, Fenugreek is known for reducing the chances of hair loss and clears out the scalp.

Henna and amla powder mixed helps to curb hair loss.

Things Needed For The Preparation

A cup filled with Amla powder

3 spoons filled with henna powder

2 tablespoons with Fenugreek powder

1 egg white

1 lemon

How To Use

Make a paste with all the ingredients. You can achieve this by mixing all of them and adding a little water to the mixture so it has a liquid form.

Add an egg white to the mixture. The lemon there should be juiced and poured into your mixture.

Allow the mixture to soak in for one hour or more.

After this, the mixture should be applied to your hair, majorly your scalp, and then to the top of your hair. Allow the whole thing to blend in, leaving it for one hour.

Wash your hair with shampoo. Make sure the water you use is cold because hot water might cook the egg you added to the mixture.

Do this once a week according to your wash routine.

  1. Mix Henna, Egg, And Curd Hair Pack

The hair pack is goods for your hair because it makes your hair sparkle. Your hair becomes manageable also.

The pack also has a lot of proteins in it with features that make it act as a conditioner.

It also is seen as a cleanser because it is able to clean out your hair by removing the impurities from your hair strands. It doesn’t dry your scalp too much.

Things Needed For Preparation

2 spoons filled with henna powder

One spoon filled with Shikakai powder

One spoon of curd

One egg

How To Use

The first step is to make a paste by mixing the henna powder and the Shikakai powder and then adding a little water to the mixture.

After mixing, allow the mixture to mix and soak over the night. When you wake up in the morning, put in one egg and a spoon filled with curd.

This mixture should be applied to your hair starting from your scalp and then rubbing through the whole hair. After applying, leave it for at least 45 minutes.

Wash off the mixture using shampoo and cold water. Make sure the water is cold and not hot. Hot water will cook the egg.

  1. Henna And Banana Hair Pack

Banana is part of the hair conditioning ingredients that we know of. The hair pack is used to make your hair a lot shinier. Also, the banana helps to reduce the chance of getting hair breakage.

Things You Need For Preparation

One ripe banana

2 spoons filled with henna

How To Use

Two spoons filled with henna and water should be used to create a paste.

This mixture has to stay for at least one night to soak properly in the water.

In the morning when you wake up to prepare the hair treatment, mash a ripe banana in a separate bowl, and add this to the henna that has been soaked. Keep it somewhere else.

Wash your hair using the shampoo that you have been using before. After the wash, take the banana mix and use it to condition your hair and scalp.

Apply the whole mixture to the damp hair and then keep it on your hair for 10 to 15 minutes.

After the mixture and the application on your hair, make sure that you use cold or cool water to wash your hair.

  1. Mix Henna And Multani Mitti Hair Pack

The ingredient you are mixing with the Henna is good for cleansing scalps with oil and grease on them.

It is also good for cleaning out the dirt and impurities that are found in a person’s hair.

What You Need For Preparation

2 spoons filled with henna

2 spoons filled with Multani Mitti

How To Use

Mix the tablespoons of henna and Multani Mitti that you have. Put them in a bowl, mix it with water go make it turn into a paste.

Rub the mixture in your hair as you go to bed, make sure you tie your hair with a cloth so the mixture doesn’t stain your bed.

Leave it till in the morning before you move out for work, wash the whole thing with shampoo.

  1. Henna And Coffee Hair Color Pack

Henna on its own gives your hair a certain color, the color it gives to your hair is orange. When you mix both of them, you get a properly dark brunette-looking hair.

What You Need For Preparation

5 tablespoons of henna

One tablespoon of instant block coffee

One cup filled with water


How To Use

Put the cup of water in a pot and a spoon filled with instant block coffee powder. Boil them together.

The mixture should boil for some time before you go on to switch off the flame.

As the coffee is still very warm, you should pour all of it into a bowl with five tablespoons of henna powder.

This mixture should be done properly so there isn’t any lump in the mixture.

Separate your hair into different parts, apply the coffee and henna mixture to the hair. Make sure that the mixture gets to the roots of your hair.

As soon as you get your hair covered with the whole mixture, make sure you leave it there for some hours.

You can get a shower cap and then cover your hair, maybe even a hot towel would be good in this instance.

After this whole trouble, when the time is right, wash it off with shampoo and cold water. Afterward, you can condition your hair.


Henna as we have mentioned before is an ancient remedy that has been used for medicinal purposes over the years.

It has an antifungal and antimicrobial property that works well for your scalp and your hair.

This ingredient has proven to work well with hair issues like early hair graying and dandruff.

Henna needs special care during the application, the ingredient might dry your hair if it isn’t applied properly. Always remember that when using henna and want to benefit from it properly, use it in its natural form.

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